Upload a New App Version

You are in the group “Administrator”, “Appstore Manager” or “Device Manager”.
  1. Navigate to Apps > App Store and select the app which should receive a new version. You will be forwarded to the app’s detail page.

  2. Click the Information tab and press the Add new version button in the left-hand menu.

  3. Upload a new version of your app by selecting it via the file chooser or by using drag & drop.


  1. If necessary, you can edit your app version’s detail data on the upcoming page or skip this step if no changes are required.

    By default there can only be one version of an app in each status. Only the “Archive” state is capable of holding multiple app versions.

    If the status of the new app version already contains an app version, the previous version will be automatically moved to the “Archive” state.


  1. Press Save.

  2. The new version of your application is now visible under the tab for the configured release state.