Installation checklist

Checklist for Relution on-premise installations

Use the checklist below as an easy way to verify that you are ready for an on-premise installation of Relution. Refer to the installation guide for more details.

Please fill out the document and send the completed version back to us via fax or email.


Please consult the installation guide for more details about individual items. See the appendix for a graphical representation of Relution’s network infrastructure.

Item Requirement Comment

Server network

Direct Internet access (no proxy)

Incoming HTTP access (80, 443)

Outgoing HTTP access (80, 443)

Outgoing APNS access (2195, 2196)

Incoming/Outgoing Cluster communication (7800)

Incoming Health monitoring (8099)


SMTP server

Database server

LDAP (optional)

MongoDB 4.4 or above (optional)

Mobile network

Internet access (via Wi-Fi)

APNS access (443, 5223)

FCM/GCM access (443, 5228, 5229, 5230)

Relution server hardware and software

Item Requirement Comment


min. for up to 100 users

2 CPU cores


10 GiB of free HDD/SSD space

1 network interface

Operating system

select one

CentOS 7 or newer

Recommended: CentOS 8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or newer

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 or newer

Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer


Java 11 or 13

Recommended: AdoptOpenJDK 11 (JRE)

NGINX 1.8 or newer

MongoDB 4.4 or above (optional)


Public IP address

DNS name (e.g.

Valid SSL certificate for host name

Other servers

Item Requirement Comment

Database server

select one

MariaDB 10.3 or newer

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer

MySQL 8.0 or newer


For HTTPS a valid SSL certificate from a well-known Certificate Authority (CA) is needed. Self signed certificates will not work, because mobile devices generally do not trust them. Certificates from Let’s Encrypt have been known to work. Be aware that older devices may not trust these certificates, as they were established as a CA fairly recently.

You can check W3Techs for a list of well-known certificate authorities based on market share and usage.

Requirement Comment

Valid SSL certificate and key

Signed APNS certificate(only needed for iOS MDM)

Support information

Please provide us with additional information about your Relution installation. This is used for support purposes only.

Public IP address of the server (e.g.


External host name of the server (e.g.


Remote access possible (Yes/No)

Yes / No

Remote access via (RDP, SSH, TeamViewer, …)



This graph shows an overview of Relution’s network infrastructure for on-premise installations.

On premise network architecture