Relution – Changelog

This document shows the latest changes to the Relution software. The most recent version of this document can be found at - latest changelog.

Important Information


  • 5.14 database migration: Database migration when updating to 5.14 can take longer than usual, progress is shown in the log. Relution should not be terminated during the migration process

  • Bug in MariaDB: MariaDB can run into a caching issue when creating database views on older versions. Please make sure you use the latest patch version of your respective minor version. (MariaDB MDEV-17124)

  • Exchange Online (Office 365) with Secure Mail Gateway: Microsoft will start disabling basic authentication for EWS on Exchange Online (Office 365) starting October 1st, 2022. Since the Relution SMG uses basic authentication, the connection will no longer work. Please migrate your configuration to a direct connection to Exchange Online (Office 365) before this date (more information by Microsoft)

Changelog 5.16.6 (2023-03-08)

Minor Fixes

  • Work around an issue where the Android Management SDK fails to serialize a device returned by itself when disabling devices [REL-908]

Changelog 5.16.5 (2023-03-06)


  • Generate device certificates based on a given CA or intermediate certificate with key without using an external certificate authority [REL-559]

Minor Fixes

  • Attach device to new enrollment on re-activation to ensure lookups work as expected [REL-902]

Changelog 5.16.4 (2023-03-02)


  • Ensure all Android Enteprise device models enrolled with COPE are not non-compliant due to keyguard restrictions [REL-874]

  • Ensure Android Enterprise devices running old Android versions do not get non-compliant due to unsupported app permissions [REL-876]

Changelog 5.16.3 (2023-03-01)


  • Acknowledge incoming Android Enterprise enrollment requests when trying to enroll devices with deleted enrollments to prevent Google from sending the message again [REL-867]

  • Optimize rare case where Android Enterprise compliance violation detail status updates where not acknowledged to prevent Google from sending the message again [REL-867]

Changelog 5.16.2 (2023-02-27)


  • Reintroduce Android Enterprise status handling for expired enrollments or confirmed deleted devices disabled in 5.16.1 without triggering any device deletion [REL-845]

Important Fixes

  • Ensure Android devices with work profile are not subject to enforcement rules they cannot comply with [REL-845]

Minor Fixes

  • Ensure the update OS action is shown in all device action lists [REL-861]

Changelog 5.16.1 (2023-02-24)

Important Fixes

  • Do not delete Android Enterprise devices when Google sends enrollment messages for existing but no longer valid enrollments [REL-603]

Changelog 5.16.0 (2023-02-20)


  • Support for MFA with TOTP or email on user login in Relution Portal. Can be enabled in settings and required for users having specific roles. Support in the Relution clients will be added with one of their next releases [REL-127] [REL-317] [REL-318] [REL-477] [REL-480] [REL-481] [REL-517] [REL-516] [REL-518] [REL-519] [REL-696]

  • Support reboot and shutdown action on macOS devices [REL-186] [REL-188]

  • Add 802.1X Global Ethernet configuration for macOS [REL-197]

  • Add support for viewing and managing all lessons. With the upcoming release of Relution Teacher, users with the required permissions will be able to see an overview of all lessons, including a history of each lesson, and to modify or finish still running lessons [MDM-25182] [REL-336] [REL-337]

  • Allow managing PowerShell scripts in Relution and executing them on Windows devices [REL-405] [REL-410] [REL-412] [REL-413] [REL-414] [REL-428] [REL-578]

  • Add refresh cellular plans action for iOS (eSIM) [REL-454]

  • Show and allow editing course membership in user edit form [REL-424] [REL-502]

  • Add Windows SharedPC configuration [REL-393]

  • Added getting started guide [REL-81] [REL-82]

  • Support PKCS12 certificates by Windows WiFi and VPN [REL-504]

  • Use database view for device base info endpoint to enable sorting for additional columns in device inventory and improve its performance [REL-275] [REL-616]


  • Add Freeform to known iOS System Apps [REL-528]

  • Allow declaring required permissions in a more streamlined way [REL-580]

  • Remove legacy Windows device reactivation [REL-352]

  • Use organization’s default language as fallback to search public app store [REL-196]

  • Support forgot-password feature in clustered installations by sharing state using the database [REL-220]

  • Remove implementation and database entities concerning legacy disabled app signing and publishing feature [REL-364]

  • Report additional database, operating system and Relution configuration parameters when requesting license information [REL-390]

  • Add support for formatting 22H2 Windows versions for display [REL-452]

  • Add Preserve Data Plan option to wipe action for iOS [REL-455]

  • Download native client apps, e.g. Windows companion, earlier after system start by default [REL-521]

  • Prevent that the user filter for push notifications is persisted since for customers with many users it could grow pretty huge [REL-532]

  • Do not set login date for impersonated users [REL-631]

  • Enhance Secure Mail Gateway preparing for future Java updates and offering better performance [REL-77]

  • Improve cluster performance with JGroups version 5.2.11.Final. Also upgrade stack protocols and switch to asynchronous I/O transport [REL-78]

  • Set default values for block delay to 20 days and wipe delay to 30 days for Android Enterprise instead of Google’s implicit default of 3 and 10 days [REL-644]

  • Support configuring auto-deployments in the details of web link apps [REL-305]

Important Fixes

  • Relution properly handles Android Enterprise communication when Enrollment is no longer valid [REL-603]

  • Properly handle character sequences applying XML-output escaping when creating property lists for iOS device configurations. This corrects an issue when using ampersand in passwords, for example. [REL-308] [REL#224075]

  • Always set the scope of imported policies to non-public [REL-556] [REL#224716]

  • Do not remove client app from Relution Shared Device when lesson is finished [REL-713] [REL#224805]

  • Use commandline arguments on MSI installment via app compliance [REL-715] [REL#224953]

  • Fix execution of automated background actions for iOS System Updates configuration [REL-602] [REL#224694] [REL#224523]

Minor Fixes

  • Add support for 'Message' action on iOS user enrolled devices [REl-482] [REL#224514]

  • Do not log premature client-side connection aborts, incl. any I/O errors caused by the client disconnecting while the response was partly transfered already. Both cases indicate normal webserver operation [REL-219]

  • Ensure LDAP users can log in again after being unlocked and emit additional diagnostic when authentication magic value is missing [REL-221]

  • Fix calculation of MD5 checksum for resources stored in Azure Blob Storage [REL-592]

  • Fix count of migratable Android devices when using a branded agent [REL-636]

  • Fix disable state of "Password for outgoing email server" in iOS Email configuration [REL-486]

  • Fix and unify stepper icons [REL-557]

Changelog 5.15.2 (2023-01-31)

Important Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that a large number of devices were stored in RAM, resulting in an OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space [BR-10270] [BR-10462]

Changelog 5.15.1 (2023-01-27)

Important Fixes

  • Fix issues with Shared iPad caused by a possible bug in iPadOS on devices running iPadOS 16+ [REL-537] [REL#224195] [REL#224310]

  • Fix PostgreSQL reporting the error "Cannot change transaction isolation level in the middle of a transaction" in some cases [REL-473]

Changelog 5.15.0 (2022-12-23)


  • Deploy the Windows Companion on enrolled devices and support tasks like installing apps, executing scripts and more [MDM-23016]

  • Allow teachers to logout shared devices participating in their lesson. The feature will be available in Relution Teacher app soon [MDM-24909] [REL-141]


  • Change OS version filter in device inventory to allow selecting multiple versions [MDM-24990]

  • Start polling device actions if the device user has changed via device header box [MDM-25485]

  • Extend wipe action for macOS devices [REL-128]

  • Adjust action state after successful withdraw action on apple devices [REL-128]

  • Remove DISABLE_JWT_AUTHENTICATION feature toggle and unused session handling logic [MDM-25436]

  • Adjust iOS agent migration when specific feature toggles are enabled [REL-191]

  • Ensure to always send education updates [REL-200]

  • Remove redundant compliance history entries for remote logout of shared devices and adjust the text of the entries. [REL-228]

  • Discontinue query parameter versionNameLocaleFallback of api/v1/content/apps/baseInfo [REL-256]

  • Improved the UI feedback of the policy deletion process [MDM-25190]

  • Add option to refresh the device history [MDM-25418]

  • Ignore work profile passcode configuration on fully managed devices [REL-222] [REL#223727]

Important Fixes

  • Avoid adding the supervision host certificate to remote profiles more than once to ensure robustness when multiple DEP accounts are used [MDM-25497]

  • Handle SQL server delivering query results as integer instead of long for action metrics [REL-340]

Minor Fixes

  • Trigger Companion refresh info action on Windows app installation, and skip unnecessary queries [MDM-25337]

  • Fix exception when Android classic clients confirm the default app compliance configuration [REL-255]

  • Fix clearing of app version mappings in the store organization [MDM-25357] [REL#223978]

  • Fix App permission mapping view showing bug reporter when users are removed [MDM-25358] [REL#223978]

  • Fix UTF-8 encoding of uploaded .mobileconfig files in the Apple Configurator 2 configuration [REL-247] [REL#224168]

  • Fix possible rendering crash of tabs under Safari 16.1 on macOS Ventura [REL-292] [REL-224]

Changelog 5.14.1 (2022-12-16)


  • Adjust username field to be case insensitive on PostgreSQL during login [REL-269]

  • Improve robustness of health check [REL-296]

  • Extend logging of progress when migrating details JSON data [REL-297]

  • Optimize details JSON column data migration to run once per device and table only [REL-299]

Minor Fixes

  • Handle publisher names with more than 255 characters for installed apps on Windows devices [REL-301]

  • Exclude expired Android Enterprise enrollments having an account identifier from the one-time migration process [REL-300]

  • Fix exception that can occur during health checks when formatter is re-used by multiple threads [REL-306]

Changelog 5.14.0 (2022-12-02)


  • Add macOS update configuration [MDM-24376]

  • Add monitoring metrics regarding Relution database operations, device actions, web requests, DEP, VPP, Autopilot and Azure AD [MDM-24583] [MDM-24585] [MDM-24589] [MDM-24590] [MDM-24591] [MDM-24828]

  • Add configuration for scheduled logout to Relution Shared Device policy [MDM-24621] [MDM-24619]

  • Allow teachers to logout students on shared device in the active lesson when deactivating them or finishing the lesson [MDM-24622]

  • Add support for Relution Shared Device login via access token based QR codes [MDM-24739] [MDM-24736]

  • Automatically retry to subscribe for VPP notifications in background if the subscription state is failed [MDM-24882]

  • Provide case-insensitive search and login using the proprietary ILIKE operator on PostgreSQL databases [MDM-25318]


  • Validate passwords also in Portal during password reset [MDM-24806]

  • Reduce the response time for VPP test notifications sent during the subscription process [MDM-24882]

  • Add android classic policy for additional interactive whiteboard devices [MDM-25071]

  • Ensure showing the app name in action details when the Relution Agent is deployed during enrollment [MDM-24106]

  • Add EAP option to inner authentication for iOS and tvOS Wi-Fi configuration [MDM-25199]

  • Support sorting additional device inventory columns, e.g. Wi-Fi MAC, lost mode status or Shared iPad [MDM-24732]

  • Adjust and clean up log messages according to log level definition [MDM-24899]

  • Add again automatic refresh of the status of installing apps after triggering an installation on Apple devices. Feature was disabled with 5.13.1 due to performance issues on some databases [MDM-25078] [MDM-25076] [MDM-24122]

  • Add human-readable product names of new Apple devices [MDM-25109]

  • Improve error responses for cases where no error code was present [MDM-25110]

  • Always ping devices in ping interval regardless of last connection date so that device details are updated at least once per ping interval [MDM-25319]

  • Redesign history views [MDM-22891] [MDM-22892]

  • Set initial zoom level of maps to a more sensible value when a location is known [MDM-24778]

  • Adjust tooltip position of action menu in lists to not block another element with which a user can interact [MDM-25176]

  • Change order of uninstall parameters and path for .exe files [MDM-25202]

  • Make version code read-only in most cases [MDM-25202]

  • Automatically focus the input field for the username or password on the login page [MDM-24952]

Important Fixes

  • Fix duplicate key errors when fetching VPP entity details for inconsistend VPP data [MDM-25159]

  • Fix automated fetching of metadata for existing public store apps [MDM-25326] [REL#223899]

  • Fix possible race condition when enrolling Windows devices and directly assigning a policy caused by not yet available push token [MDM-25449] [REL#223974]

  • Allow teachers to access VPP license base info so the legacy iOS teacher console can still be used with default permissions [MDM-25455]

Minor Fixes

  • Ensure at least the Settings app is always whitelisted for devices in an active lesson [MDM-25018] [REL#223426]

  • Generate form-data bodies in OpenAPI [MDM-25050]

  • Fix the certificate field extractor for long values [MDM-25145]

  • Ensure not yet managed apps are updated correctly for iOS devices [MDM-25227] [REL#223434]

  • Handle case when Apple device reports installed app without name, fallback to identifier [MDM-25372]

  • Fix the automatic reset of the encryption type when the SSID is changed in the Windows Wi-Fi configuration [MDM-24934]

  • Fix Windows Wi-Fi configuration layout in case any 'Personal' encryption type is selected [MDM-24935]

  • Fix tvOS Wi-Fi configuration layout and add option to toggle the password visibility [MDM-25022]

  • Adjust icon in menu updates when side navigation opens/collapses [MDM-25048]

  • Fix possible null reference error when accessing iOS/macOS device details [MDM-25129]

  • Remove duplicate toast message, when the deletion of an enrollment fails [MDM-25175]

  • Ensure selecting or removing certificates in the iOS exchange configuration always opens certificate modal [MDM-25234]

  • Fix display of some compliance violations in rule-sets [MDM-25303]

  • Fix highlighting of the current active main menu entry [MDM-25305]

  • Disable save button until the required apps are fully loaded in iOS and macOS app compliance views [MDM-25317] [REL#223909]

  • Fix login via "organization\username" format in Portal [MDM-25368]

  • Skip invalid accounts during DEP sync [MDM-25498]

  • Polices applied to Windows devices during enrollment no longer cause invalid noncompliance state [REL-177]

  • Avoid adding the supervisioning host certificate to remote profiles more than once to ensure robustness when multiple DEP accounts are used [MDM-25497]

Changelog 5.13.5 (2022-11-09)

Minor Fixes

  • Deploy the custom galneoscreen Relution agent also for galneoscreen 9 devices during migration instead of the default agent [MDM-25112]

Changelog 5.13.4 (2022-11-03)

Important Fixes

  • Fix DEP profile lookup for auto-enrollments in store organization using authorization and default profile device name and distributing to other organizations [MDM-25128] [REL#223539]

Minor Fixes

  • Speed up home screen layout editor for Android Enterprise devices by querying installed apps by platform of specific organization only [MDM-25173]

  • Avoid periodically logging failures when repeatedly trying to reach Android devices having outstanding ping actions [MDM-25177]

  • Fix visibility of location tab for iOS devices which are in the new lost mode states [MDM-25178] [REL#223665]

Changelog 5.13.3 (2022-10-26)

Important Fixes

  • Ensure a value is set for lost mode in auto-enrollments, to avoid entries not to be shown in Portal due to filtering [MDM-25105] [REL#223539]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix downloading supervision certificates with tenant users belonging to a different organization [MDM-25118] [REL#223594]

  • Fix display of device details when OS update information is not up-to-date [MDM-25129] [REL#223611]

Changelog 5.13.2 (2022-10-20)

Important fixes

  • Fix an issue preventing iOS/iPadOS devices from receiving new policy versions when they have an enabled iOS update configuration as part of the policy [MDM-25083]

Changelog 5.13.1 (2022-10-19)


  • Even though the version used by Relution was not affected, update Apache Commons Text to 1.10 due to CVE-2022-42889 [MDM-25077]

Important fixes

  • Disable automatic refresh of the status of installing apps after triggering an installation on Apple devices due to performance implications on some databases, which has been added with 5.13.0. Will be re-introduced once they are resolved [MDM-25076]

Changelog 5.13.0 (2022-10-14)


  • Enable the new permission system. Custom sets of permissions can now be defined via Relution Portal and assigned to groups and users [MDM-20013]

  • Support multiple DEP accounts per organization [MDM-23979]

  • Support per-user certificates for S/MIME signing and/or encryption in iOS Email and Exchange configuration [MDM-22832]

  • Automatically trigger MDM profile update to update the signer certificate of Apple devices to avoid showing a warning on the device [MDM-22899]

  • Automatically enable lost mode after DEP device reset if enabled before [MDM-24118]

  • Automatically refresh the status of installing apps after triggering an installation on Apple devices [MDM-24122]

  • Generate and configure an MDM supervision identity when enrolling new DEP devices. The identity can be downloaded from Relution and imported into Apple Configurator to allow connecting to devices even if pairing is disabled [MDM-24173]

  • Dynamically adjust the Apple education configuration on devices when starting a lesson with an ad hoc class [MDM-24247]

  • Add macOS OS Update action and configuration [MDM-24374] [MDM-24376]

  • Add macOS System Policy Control configuration [MDM-24513]


  • Renew Apple push certificates, valid until October 12th, 2023. The previous ones will expire on May 1st, 2023 [MDM-22876]

  • Validate the state of BitLocker configurations on "Refresh device info" and add compliance violations if necessary. [MDM-24230] [REL#222393]

  • Prevent timeout when publishing a ruleset version [MDM-23759]

  • Prohibit updating a DEP token with a token from a different MDM server [MDM-23959]

  • Handle duplicate VPP notifications [MDM-24406]

  • Optimize performance when updating information about installed apps on Windows devices [MDM-24804]

  • Extended macOS accounts configuration with mobile account configuration [MDM-24512]

  • Omit auto-enrollment synchronization for DEP accounts that are not linked to an Apple Business or School manager account [MDM-24762]

  • Migrate storage configuration properties in application.yml to a new human-readable structure. The legacy format and environment variables are still supported [MDM-22557]

  • Prevent selecting teachers as students of ad hoc lessons [MDM-24925]

  • Update Apple education configuration also on inactive or non-compliant devices since the restriction preventing this is no longer necessary [MDM-24989] [REL#223386]

Important Fixes

  • Restore the certificate resource reference of the iOS certificate configuration [MDM-24764]

  • Ensure metadata of remaining certificates is updated even when a certificate in store is expired or cannot be processed [MDM-24761]

  • Fix authentication problem with Relution-Agent and Teacher-Console app for Android-Enterprise if more than one Manage Apps Configuration is present [MDM-24984] [REL#223280]

  • Allow saving users without email imported by LDAP in Portal [MDM-25016] [REL#223280]

Minor Fixes

  • Adjust links to Relution documentation to point to for native packages [MDM-24763]

  • Fix updating the domain or password of a Windows Exchange policy leading to an unintended compliance violation [MDM-24418]

  • Disable chips delete if configuration is disabled [MDM-24298]

  • Fix modal validation when creating lost mode actions for iOS devices [MDM-24572]

  • Fix enabling the personal hotspot on iOS devices when the action is triggered via Portal [MDM-24665] [REL#222900]

  • Fix 'No policy' filter option in device inventory [MDM-24780] [REL#223087]

  • Fix and enhance organization search in store organization [MDM-24819] [REL#223162]

  • Fix an issue preventing users with few permissions from installing Play Store apps through the Relution agent on Android Enterprise devices [MDM-24982]

Changelog 5.12.2 (2022-09-14)


  • Support compression when setting application.yml via environment variables in cloud scenarios [MDM-24705]

Important Fixes

  • Fix display of license views when using system organization based licensing [MDM-24706]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix database migration failing when encountering unexpected invalid references in database [MDM-24704]

Changelog 5.12.1 (2022-09-07)

Important Fixes

  • Fix issue preventing import of Windows Store Apps due to breaking changes in the Windows Store API [MDM-24597]

  • Fix issue preventing a login via a SSO provider during a DEP enrollment on macOS [MDM-24613]

  • Fix database schema migration on PostgreSQL [MDM-24605]

  • Fix issue which caused duplicate group creations during a LDAP synchronization [MDM-24617]

  • Fix issue when a new LDAP user tries to login, that not all group memberships are resolved [MDM-24639]

Changelog 5.12.0 (2022-08-26)


  • Deploy Relution Agent for Android Enterprise devices [MDM-23697]

  • Allow enrolling Autopilot auto enrollments from the store organisation into other organisations [MDM-23356] [MDM-23906]

  • Add Android Enterprise home screen layout configuration to configure Relution Home Screen app [MDM-23415]

  • Provide active branding to client apps over managed configuration [MDM-23898]

  • VPP tokens uploaded to the store-organisation will be publicly available in all other organisations [MDM-23827]

  • Show an error in the notification center if Android Enterprise communication has issues [MDM-23838]

  • Make it possible for Android and Windows devices to download native apps assigned via policies without the explicit need for general app store access [MDM-23970]

  • Use built-in APNS push credentials to handle push notifications for the Relution Agent [MDM-24049]

  • Use web views supporting single-sign on accounts for DEP authentication and shared device login [MDM-24240] [MDM-24241]

  • Add new field to the Android Enterprise Work profile passcode configuration to define if a separate passcode for the work profile is required [MDM-24324]

  • Add new restriction flags for iOS 16 and macOS 13 devices [MDM-24476]


  • Automatically try to reassign VPP licenses whenever deployment actions get retried [MDM-24454]

  • Add the count of open actions and last connection date to lesson device information [MDM-24209]

  • Persist additional meta data when parsing certificates [MDM-22995]

  • Optimize education updates and removals for Apple devices [MDM-23478]

  • Make DEP accounts in store organization global by default [MDM-23725]

  • Allow customizing the external VPP notification URL via relution.vpp.notificationUrl [MDM-23974]

  • Separate roles from authorities to comply with new permission schema in current authorization response [MDM-24032]

  • Set actions to error when no push notification could be sent for Windows devices [MDM-24258]

  • Consider action priorities when processing Windows actions [MDM-24258]

  • Use Gigabyte instead of Gibibyte based conversion for cache limit in macOS content caching configuration [MDM-24269]

  • Always activate users synchronized through LDAP even when deactivated on Relution side; users that should not be able to sign in need to be disabled in LDAP instead [MDM-24467]

  • Enable reset password action on android enterprise devices with personal profile [MDM-22661]

  • Adjust colors of enrollment page for Windows devices [MDM-23595]

  • Require the name field of an app version only for the default language [MDM-23619]

  • Add more filter options to the device history [MDM-24348]

  • Hide Windows paid apps from search results [MDM-23622]

  • Change styles of enrollment landing page dynamically, if needed [MDM-23595] [REL#221602]

Important Fixes

  • Fix creation of organizations when administrator password does not conform to password policy [MDM-23127]

  • Apple education configuration updates no longer fail if a user is configured as both teacher and student in different courses [MDM-23790]

Minor Fixes

  • Updating a course as Content Manager updates the education configuration on the devices of the users involved. [MDM-23760]

  • Fix the first Relution Agent deploy action failing with LicenseNotFound error when enrolling a device with DEP [MDM-23954] [REL#222092] [REL#222025]

  • Fix error responses not providing an error code in some rare cases [MDM-24107]

  • Ensure license restrictions for servers where the system organization has an education or enterprise license are checked correctly [MDM-24128]

  • Ensure next synchronization date no longer incorrectly shows 'never' after manual AzureAD device synchronization [MDM-24163]

  • Update Windows UpdatePush action to error, if it fails several times, with confurable retry count [MDM-24196] [MDM-24196]

  • Fix sample app import for new organizations created via a tenant user [MDM-24473]

  • Allow Windows platform to download file for action [MDM-24009]

  • Fix deletion of rule actions [MDM-23758] [REL#221630]

  • Fix unintended clearing of policies when extending enrollments [MDM-23811]

  • Fix unintended duplication of version constraints, when switching between app versions [MDM-24100]

  • Fix license information menu entry ignoring permission when the user switches between tenants [MDM-24249] [REL#222392]

Changelog 5.11.4 (2022-07-14)


  • Allow disabling Clustering support on network or even service layer via configuration for restricted network environments [MDM-24131]

Important Fixes

  • Fix issue preventing apps to be installed with VPP via Relution iOS agent and legacy client [MDM-23960] [REL#222264]

  • Avoid a possible issue in cluster channel initialization when also having a lot of LDAP connections [MDM-24145]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix issue in the smart board configuration preventing to configure lock screen on specific boards [MDM-24144]

  • Fix handling of pagination for requests currently preventing CSV export in some scenarios [MDM-24149] [REL#222294]

Changelog 5.11.3 (2022-07-05)


  • Assign VPP license to devices early when creating a deploy app action [MDM-23960] [REL#222264]

  • Retry deploy app actions automatically after a short period of time when they fail with a LicenseNotFound error [MDM-23961] [REL#222033]

Important Fixes

  • Include new authorities in well-known system permissions to improve performance when loading groups [MDM-24016]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix Relution Agent deploy action possibly failing once when enrolling an iOS device [MDM-23954] [REL#222092] [REL#222025]

  • Do not perform unnecessary multiple re-installations in rare case when an app appears to be stuck in installation [MDM-24025]

  • Add vertical scrolling for confirmation step in 'Apply action' modal for multiple devices [MDM-23939]

Changelog 5.11.2 (2022-06-08)


  • Display a message that explains that installation of the new Relution Teacher App after iOS client migration must happen manually. This can also be done with an App Compliance configuration [MDM-23849]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix SSO login button, when single sign on is active for a specific tenant [MDM-23858]

  • Fix default value of client migration on Microsoft SQL Server [MDM-23856]

Changelog 5.11.1 (2022-06-03)


  • Optimize descriptions and translations for iOS client app migration wizard [MDM-22700]

  • Optimize handling of client migration on devices with a Relution shared device configuration [MDM-23791]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix display of organization push certificates in Portal after migrating to Relution Agent for iOS [MDM-23700]

  • Fix logout on shared devices for users which do not have any permissions [MDM-23798]

Changelog 5.11.0 (2022-05-20)


  • Use the new Relution iOS apps for new organizations as a default and allow existing organizations using the public Relution app to migrate to them via the settings view [MDM-22700] [MDM-22705] [MDM-23118]

  • Allow making DEP configuration public in the store organization, so auto-enrollments can be assigned to other organizations [MDM-23332]

  • Use Json Web Tokens for session handling [MDM-23578]

  • Add user impersonation for system administrators using Json Web Tokens [MDM-20138]

  • Save and show the most recent synchronization result of Azure AD device sync, user sync and group sync [MDM-22818]

  • Add scheduled automated synchronization of Windows Autopilot devices [MDM-22929]


  • Renew Apple push certificates, valid until May 1st, 2023. The previous ones will expire on November 30th, 2022 [MDM-22876]

  • Automatically renew the Apple device SCEP CA and device certificates issued by it before it expires, default starting 180 days before expiration [MDM-22742]

  • Extend the Azure AD configuration wizard and allow checking the azure ad configuration on the fly while configuring it [MDM-22819] [MDM-22817]

  • Provide information about the most recent logged in Azure AD user on Autopilot devices [MDM-22936]

  • Make parsing of PKG files for macOS distribution more permissive to support more PKG formats [MDM-22288]

  • Automatically clean-up app history and device compliance history entries, per default after two years [MDM-22711] [MDM-22713]

  • Save Apple education configuration per device, no longer per action [MDM-22769]

  • Assign default groups to teachers & students imported from LDAP even when no courses can be created [MDM-22802] [REL#22820]

  • Even if Relution is not affected, add mitigation for Spring4Shell as suggested by the Spring team as an additional safeguard [MDM-23193]

  • Disable app signing by default unless the feature toggle APP_SIGNING is set since it is due to be removed [MDM-23458]

  • Use the Azure AD User Principle Name field for the Relution user email when importing users [MDM-23552]

  • Show the SSID for tvOS Wi-Fi configurations as name in tables [MDM-22814]

  • Use unified field names for user and groups and device CSV import and export [MDM-23061] [MDM-23060]

  • Show additional information in the VPP user and VPP license assignment views [MDM-23143] [MDM-23187]

Important Fixes

  • Synchronization errors no longer trigger post-sync actions, which could incorrectly delete users [MDM-22991][REL#221066]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix manual LDAP sync in cluster environments not running when connected to a secondary node [MDM-23125]

  • Fix applying a policy in a tenant organization, when the policy contains a Relution Shared Device configuration [MDM-23249] [REL#221342]

  • Fix being stuck on login page because of missing permissions after page redirect [MDM-22783]

  • Fix organization icon in the portal header not refreshing after switching the organization [MDM-23530] [REL#221485]

  • Fix background transparency of information box in the DEP settings [MDM-23551]

  • Fix device custom fields only being displayed when the settings were loaded before [MDM-23130] [MDM-23721] [REL#221759]

  • Fix print view in Portal [MDM-23247]

Changelog 5.10.1 (2022-05-13)


  • Use new Microsoft Store endpoints to fetch meta data of Windows public apps [MDM-23642]

Changelog 5.10 (2022-03-31)


  • Use Apple VPP v2 API including real-time notifications for updated data [MDM-22114]

  • Execute high priority actions (e.g. enable lost mode, reset passcode, locate device) before regular actions for Apple Devices [MDM-22708]

  • Add support for Windows Autopilot enrollment [MDM-21897]

  • Add properties to Windows Antivirus configuration to improve scheduling defender scans [MDM-22563]

  • Make helpdesk link configurable via [MDM-22915]

  • Make imprint link configurable via [MDM-22917]

  • Add configurable privacy policy and EULA links which will be used instead of the previous privacy policy setting [MDM-22586] [MDM-23126]

  • Support user-defined custom device properties names as column header names in the CSV import for auto-enrollments and devices [MDM-22916]

  • Add full S/MIME support for iOS Mail configuration [MDM-22602]

  • Add custom JSON code for Android Enterprise to enroll a device via a Zero Touch profile. [MDM-23040] [REL#22979]


  • Add MDM-initiated auto-renewal of Apple device identity certificates [MDM-22656]

  • Disallow spotlight internet results for students in exams [MDM-22812]

  • Prevent starting on Oracle databases with a human-readable error message since Oracle is no longer supported [MDM-22099]

  • Extend ping action clean-up [MDM-22268]

  • Allow Relution client in iOS App Compliance under required apps and allowed apps [MDM-22390]

  • Refine API usage and permissions for listing groups and users [MDM-22808] [MDM-22804]

  • Reduce log output when SMG is configured [MDM-22810]

  • Optimize SQL queries used when checking for pending app or webclip installations [MDM-22908]

  • Remove the extra enabled state for categories [MDM-22986]

  • Remove supporting for deploying apps onto devices enrolled in other MDMs [MDM-23013]

  • Remove URL shortener setting which is no longer used [MDM-22677]

  • Allow updating the Apple MDM profile on devices with a legacy MDM server URL when triggered from the devices [MDM-22895]

  • Allow entering multiple search values into search bar [MDM-21477]

  • Adjust default values for new Windows Firewall configurations [MDM-22575]

  • Include original language name in profile language selector [MDM-22657]

  • Reduce network traffic when publishing a policy version [MDM-22734]

  • Adjust icon style of the state column in the sub action list [MDM-22752]

  • Allow uploading user certificates on profile page [MDM-22813]

  • Adjust email validation when updating existing user [MDM-22947]

  • Show Windows version name instead of build number in the device header box [MDM-22934]

  • Add managed app configuration to Relution Teacher when is deployed to iOS devices [MDM-22704]

  • Add new setting to deploy Relution Agent for iOS instead of legacy client [MDM-22706]

  • Force HTTPS for configured external URL [MDM-22710]

Important Fixes

  • Fix education being removed from a device prematurely when the user only had indirect class memberships left [MDM-23132] [REL#221150]

  • Fix issue with installation of required apps in tvOS App Compliance configuration [MDM-22840] [REL#22914]

  • Fix deletion of users with user certificates [MDM-22883]

  • Fix "Elevation prompt for standard users" option for Windows Local Device Security confguration [MDM-23072] [REL#221192]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix device filter when searching for devices without a policy [MDM-22945] [REL#221055]

  • Handle the update case of Windows Exchange configuration [MDM-22177]

  • Remove existing compliance violations for Windows configurations that are deleted but not applied on the device [MDM-22568]

  • Set name, description and custom properties for a Windows device from enrollment, unless reactivation is enabled [MDM-22573]

  • Fix server startup when the system administrator was removed [MDM-22811]

  • On Relution Shared Devices, when a user is logged in, enable only the Relution client and Settings if no apps are whitelisted [MDM-22898]

  • Abbreviate long name and artist name for VPP publications to avoid errors when these values are excessively long [MDM-22941] [REL#221043]

  • Do not add Windows store apps without an internal name [MDM-23173]

  • Distinguish between Windows 11 and Windows 10 in the version name [MDM-22850]

  • Fix template for Apple User Enrollment configuration shown in settings [MDM-22111]

  • Adjust DEP profile status filter to avoid receiving false positive results [MDM-22803]

  • Make sure selecting configuration types in the configuration list now always navigates to configuration details [MDM-22827]

  • Clearing the position field in the user profile raises an exception [MDM-22992]

  • Allow resizing the columns in the VPP synchronization history view [MDM-23010]

  • Optimize initial performance and fix pagination counts of app selectors [MDM-22997]

  • Access of content manager permission to user and group view [MDM-23105] [REL#221228]

Changelog 5.9.2 (2022-03-16)

Important Fixes

  • Fix pub/sub not working as expected in cluster environments after registration for Android Enterprise in some cases [MDM-22690] [REL#22750]

  • Fixed an issue with handling no longer valid VPP tokens that could lead to VPP synchronisations being blocked [MDM-23000] [REL#221095]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix device filter when searching for devices without a policy [MDM-22945] [REL#221055]

  • Abbreviate long name and artist name for VPP publications to avoid errors when these values are excessively long [MDM-22941] [REL#221043]

Changelog 5.9.1 (2022-02-22)


  • Assign public policies of store organisation DEP auto-enrollments to enrolled devices [MDM-22823] [REL#22813]


  • Extend logging of LDAP services [MDM-22824]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix display of "location" tab for locatable devices [MDM-22503] [MDM-22776] [REL#22603] [REL#22801]

  • Fix basic auth login, e.g. during DEP authentication, when the password starts with the basic auth separator character (colon) [MDM-22824]

  • Fix navigation bar entries [MDM-22800]

Changelog 5.9 (2022-02-08)


  • Support for user enrollment of macOS devices [MDM-21927]

  • Support account-driven user enrollment for Apple devices [MDM-22343] [MDM-22111] [MDM-22529] [MDM-21749]

  • Add VPN type "Custom SSL" to iOS/macOS VPN configuration [MDM-22183]

  • Synchronize users, groups and their members from Azure AD [MDM-21382]

  • Synchronize Windows Autopilot devices [MDM-21896]

  • Manage auto enrollments for Windows Autopilot devices [MDM-22508]

  • Reactivate Windows devices [MDM-22419]

  • Use local short URLs for manual enrollments instead of external URL shortening [MDM-22641]

  • Add Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish as supported languages to the enrollment landing page [MDM-22556]

  • Allow managing pre-installed apps not available in Play Store in Android Enterprise configurations by entering their package name [MDM-21686] [RS-4549] [RS-7101]

  • Prioritize "Lost Mode", "Reset Passcode", "Wipe" and "Withdraw" actions for Apple devices. [MDM-22370] [REL#22235] [REL#22517]


  • Recreate Android Enterprise enrollments that still use a user account identifier automatically [MDM-22595]

  • Use name of a category’s default language as fallback for other languages [MDM-22387]

  • Search devices by UDID [MDM-22519]

  • Add Android Enterprise managed configuration for Relution Agent [MDM-22250]

  • Automatically install Relution Teacher Console alongside SCM on Android Enterprise devices of teachers with a Samsung Classroom Management configuration [MDM-21406]

  • Ignore policies specified in a DEP auto-enrollment when the device is enrolled in a different organization (system-wide DEP) [MDM-22166] [RS-7858]

  • Allow specifying ownership for auto-enrollments [MDM-22295] [RS-5709]

  • Base docker images on AlmaLinux 8 instead of CentOS 8, since CentOS Linux 8 has reached End Of Life (EOL) on December 31st, 2021 [MDM-22385]

  • Do not send push notifications to Apple devices when they are detected as being in-active [MDM-22388]

  • Ensure MDM profile of devices with disabled signature validation is also renewed [MDM-22534]

  • The education certificates will be checked and, if need be, fixed automatically if the last education deployment action failed with a specific certificate error [MDM-22660]

  • The enrollment validation date for Android Enterprise can only be chosen up to 89 days in the future since Google does not allow a longer period of time [MDM-22208]

  • Add missing Windows edition badges in the Restriction policy configuration [MDM-22276]

  • Remove deprecated calendar domains, contact domains and mail domains from Apple VPN configuration [MDM-22381]

  • Optimize the filter query in iOS app compliance configuration [MDM-22481] [REL#22337]

  • Hide remove app action for windows until device and user scope is fully supported [MDM-22571]

  • Persist how a policy was assigned to a device (auto-assignment, enrollment, manual) [MDM-21786]

  • Adjust S3 Connector to handle partial downloads correctly which improves the performance [MDM-22554]

Important Fixes

  • Prevent additional automated re-install actions for devices when another action is already pending [MDM-22394] [REL#22257]

  • Create an app history entry when the version number of a public app changes [MDM-22482] [REL#22376]

  • Fix rendering of Android Enterprise managed configuration editor in various cases [MDM-22511]

  • Fix activation of URL blocklist setting in Samsung Classroom management app configuration [MDM-22392]

  • Fix exporting and importing policies as multi tenant user [MDM-22536] [REL#22346]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix update behaviour of Windows certificate configuration [MDM-22170]

  • Fix update behaviour of Windows update configuration [MDM-22179]

  • Hide details of persistence exceptions and show generic message instead regardless of user permissions [MDM-22269]

  • Add missing checks for Windows versions and editions to Windows restriction configuration [MDM-22310]

  • Manually created add/remove shortcut actions for Shared iPads and macOS [MDM-22528] [REL#22404]

  • Fix installation of missing apps on iOS devices when being triggered by a PING action [MDM-22560] [REL#22478]

  • Do not pre-fill user phone number when editing enrollments [MDM-22322]

  • Hide empty entry for device serial number in device header box [MDM-22371]

  • Inviting VPP users again after having removed them once already [MDM-22375]

  • Prevent showing an empty three dots menu if the user selects an item on the VPP synchronization history page [MDM-22431]

  • Truncate x-axis label of charts to avoid flickering [MDM-22533] [REL#22437]

  • Fix disappearing of multi tenant switcher after switching tenant with a text search active [MDM-22562] [REL#22483]

  • Fix unintended removal of multiple policies when assigning DEP profile in auto enrollment list via the short action [MDM-22601] [REL#22464]

  • Allow editing the ownership state of a device with ownership state unknown [MDM-22644]

Changelog 5.8.1 (2021-12-20)


  • Even though Relution does not use Log4j for logging, update log4j-api again to the newly released 2.17.0 with respect to CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-44228 [MDM-22301]

Changelog 5.8 (2021-12-16)


  • Automatically register managed AppleIDs with VPP when enrolling devices with Apple User Enrollment [MDM-22017]

  • Automatically associate VPP licenses to assigned users of Apple User Enrollment devices when apps are installed [MDM-22018]

  • Display if Apple devices are currently in "Not now" state [MDM-22252]

  • Enable public policies for Android Classic [MDM-21732]

  • Show all available network adapters on Windows devices in device details [MDM-21962]

  • Add Spanish, French and Italian translations [MDM-22149]

  • Support managing associated apps in the details of app categories [MDM-21902] [RS-6802] [RS-6848]

  • Show all supported app platforms for newly added or refreshed public apps for Apple platforms [MDM-21721]

  • Remove 'Beta' badge for iOS User-Enrollment [MDM-22018]


  • Even though Relution does not use Log4j for logging, update log4j-api to 2.15.0 and always enable formatMsgNoLookups as a default with respect to CVE-2021-44228. Also update the Splunk logging dependency so it no longer bundles log4j-core [MDM-22301]

  • Show user assigned VPP licenses in details of user enrolled devices [MDM-22193]

  • Allow filtering apps and app requests by categories [MDM-21901]

  • Add iOS system apps "Magnifier" and "Translate" for selection in app compliance and home screen layout [MDM-22104]

  • Extend known Apple product names for new devices [MDM-22155]

  • Register VPP users with managed Apple IDs without inviting them via mail [MDM-22156]

  • Optimize retrieval of installed and managed apps of Android Enterprise devices [MDM-22207] [RS-7940]

  • Enable Per-App-VPN configurations for iOS User Enrollment [MDM-22241]

  • Optimize installed app list in device details [MDM-21353]

  • Remove the option to create unsupervised devices via DEP enrollment since it is no longer supported in iOS 13+ [MDM-21985]

  • Remove no longer available app download count from apps list and app version details and remove most downloaded apps widget from dashboard [MDM-22041]

  • Hide already selected apps from multiple app selection lists [MDM-22052]

  • Adapt Windows email configuration [MDM-22110]

  • Hide private Android Enterprise apps when adding apps from Google Play [MDM-22137]

  • Display VPP licenses also for newly added apps in required apps list [MDM-18978]

Important Fixes

  • Fix upload of files in specific multi tenant environments [MDM-22303] [RS-7980] [REL#22050]

Minor Fixes

  • Fix Windows Email configuration [MDM-21849]

  • Fix icon retrieval and display for Microsoft Store apps [MDM-21854] [MDM-22004]

  • Fix handling of compliance violations for Windows configurations in general and especially for the Windows app compliance [MDM-21960]

  • Fix sending notification mails concerning keystore expiration [MDM-22012]

  • Prevent adding Microsoft Store apps multiple times by using different country stores [MDM-22057]

  • Remove support of Windows 10 Home Edition in Windows update configuration [MDM-22154]

  • Do not set the app package name in Windows app compliance policy configuration for public apps from the Windows store [MDM-22047]

  • Fix upload button alignment when creating apps [MDM-22077]

  • Fix importing policies [MDM-22157]

  • Fix saving of certificates in tvOS Wi-Fi config [MDM-22164]

  • Allow changing device ownership according to organization settings [MDM-22180]

  • Fix translation of iOS restriction 'Allow USB connection while locked' [MDM-22253]

  • Fix using user’s phone number as a default when creating new enrollments [MDM-22254] [RS-7991]

  • Add redirect for link format used in app request mail notification [MDM-22277] [RS-7966]

Changelog 5.7.3 (2021-12-08)


  • Display the most recently used communication channel with a Windows device in device details [MDM-22261]

  • Show if Windows deploy app and remove app actions belong to user or device scope [MDM-22261]

Important Fixes

  • Avoid blocking windows actions on device scope due to user scope being blocked [MDM-22206] [RS-7938]

Changelog 5.7.2 (2021-11-30)


  • Optimize performance of Android Enterprise status report processing and exclude Android system apps from installed app list [MDM-22214]

Important Fixes

  • Make Android Enterprise status report handling more robust [MDM-22171]

Changelog 5.7.1 (2021-11-26)

Important Fixes

  • Clean up duplicate entries from the device lending settings table automatically [MDM-22165]

  • Fix importing of policies from exported files [MDM-22157]

  • Remove invalid search results from Microsoft Store search instead of throwing an error [MDM-22108]

  • Fix an issue with Android Enterprise status reports when the Relution store contains the same app twice (public and native) [MDM-22171]

Changelog 5.7 (2021-11-16)


  • NEW: Allow making policies public in the store organisation, so all organisations on the server can use them. Currently Android Enterprise, iOS/iPadOS, tvOS and macOS policies are supported. [MDM-21503]

  • NEW: Make it possible to install Play Store apps on Android Enterprise with an action by dynamically adjusting a device’s policy [MDM-21119]

  • NEW: Make it possible to hide notifications from the notification center [MDM-21484]

  • NEW: Add support for cron schedules in LDAP synchronization [MDM-21636]

  • NEW: Enable configuration of cross profile communication for managed apps on Android Enterprise devices [MDM-21718]

  • NEW: Make it possible to enforce iOS app uninstallation on MDM profile removal in server properties [MDM-21892] [RS-7290]

  • NEW: Enabled customized icon arrangement for Android Kiosk mode [MDM-21893]

  • NEW: Don’t allow the user of a user enrolled device to be changed [MDM-21910]

  • NEW: Add support for starting an ASM SFTP sync manually in the settings page [MDM-21925] [RS-6868]

  • NEW: Add a Windows local device security options configuration [MDM-21471]

  • NEW: Add settings for setup assistant account creation for macOS devices to DEP profile support, which allows creating MDM-controlled local administrators [MDM-21490]

  • NEW: Allow changing the password of MDM-controlled local administrator accounts on macOS via an action [MDM-21496]

  • NEW: Allow powering off interactive whiteboards via the reboot action [MDM-21923]

  • NEW: Activate device lending system [MDM-22058]


  • UPDATE: Add filter for hiding none existing apps to VPP apps list [MDM-21634]

  • UPDATE: Add new iOS 15.1 restriction allowMailPrivacyProtection to iOS restrictions configuration [MDM-22002]

  • UPDATE: Show sub actions of actions in device details [MDM-21872]

  • UPDATE: Make assigning of modified DEP profiles run asynchronously to make updates faster for profiles assigned to a large number of devices [MDM-21510]

  • UPDATE: Support multiple access tokens per device [MDM-21541]

  • UPDATE: Extend the lesson schedule settings to include configuring days on which lessons are held [MDM-21632]

  • UPDATE: Replace deprecated black and white list with deny and allow list for devices with iOS 15 or above [MDM-21670]

  • UPDATE: Display more details for Android Enterprise app policy compliance violations [MDM-21728] [RS-7106]

  • UPDATE: Optimize performance when saving education courses [MDM-21857]

  • UPDATE: Always show the store organization in the tenant organization switcher [MDM-21935]

  • UPDATE: Extend tooltip for allow simple password checkbox in Windows passcode configuration [MDM-21955]

  • UPDATE: Display policy export report [MDM-19798]

  • UPDATE: Improve handling of database exceptions [MDM-21432]

  • UPDATE: Remove "Screen resolution", "Phone" and "IMEI" and "Wi-Fi MAC" information from Windows device details since they are not available for Windows devices [MDM-21729] [MDM-21865] [MDM-21886]

  • UPDATE: Extend hint shown in the Windows global proxies configuration [MDM-21832]

  • UPDATE: Add label and url of "Add Shortcut" actions to tooltip in device action list [MDM-21870]

  • UPDATE: Allow cancelling actions in "push sent" state for Apple devices [MDM-21873]

  • UPDATE: Display day of week selection as a toggle button group [MDM-21903]

  • UPDATE: Make sure the profile name of Windows VPN configurations is unique inside a single policy [MDM-21926]

  • UPDATE: Make sure the SSID of Windows Wi-Fi configurations is unique in a policy [MDM-21926]

  • UPDATE: Ensure that in case of multiple Windows Wi-Fi or VPN configurations with the same identifier only the one with the highest priority is applied on the device [MDM-21954] [MDM-21956] [MDM-21984]

  • UPDATE: Improve display of battery level values [MDM-21931]

  • UPDATE: Improve Windows BitLocker configuration and set additional fields validators [MDM-21939]

  • UPDATE: Extend hint for iOS home screen layout configuration [MDM-21951] [RS-7503]

  • UPDATE: Allow using the user’s email address as a placeholder in Windows email configuration [MDM-22009]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Avoid prematurely verifying the MDM signature certificate as a side effect when retrieving it for the Apple MDM signature verification [MDM-22101]

  • FIX: Make handling of challenge passwords cluster save even in scenarios without IP tables [MDM-22010]

  • FIX: Truncate action comment field to ensure that the comment does not exceed the database limits [MDM-21924] [RS-7476]

  • FIX: Fix VPP synchronization error on servers with more than 2,100 licenses when using Microsoft SQL Server [MDM-22027]

  • FIX: Prevent deploying multiple Wi-Fi configurations with the same SSID on Apple devices [MDM-21743] [RS-7150]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Prevent duplicated mails for rules when Relution runs as cluster [MDM-18737] [RS-4744]

  • FIX: Prevent web-links from being added as required apps in Android app compliance configuration [MDM-20352] [RS-4523]

  • FIX: Use the lesson schedule time zone when checking if a lesson can be started [MDM-21632]

  • FIX: Handle delivery confirmed not as finished state for actions [MDM-21817]

  • FIX: Prevent that Windows Wi-Fi configurations are applied on devices that do not have a Wi-Fi adapter attached [MDM-21834]

  • FIX: Change app management on Windows 10 devices by using the user scope instead of the device scope [MDM-21841]

  • FIX: Prevent deploying Windows apps that do not have a package family name [MDM-21847]

  • FIX: Retrieving public app icons from Microsoft Store [MDM-21854]

  • FIX: Fix copying of Apple Configurator 2 configuration from store organization to other organizations [MDM-21930]

  • FIX: Remove password enabled checkbox from Windows passcode configuration [MDM-21955]

  • FIX: Add missing validations for Windows passcode configuration [MDM-21955]

  • FIX: Support all locales for Windows app store [MDM-22006]

  • FIX: Prevent the cross-profile communication setting from being applied on Android Enterprise devices with an incompatible enrollment type [MDM-22016]

  • FIX: Prevent uploading files that are not images in the app details screenshots and icon sections [MDM-21845]

  • FIX: Display per app vpn section even if configuration is not editable [MDM-21862] [RS-7352]

  • FIX: Fix checkbox states not being displayed correctly when removing policy from auto enrollments [MDM-21881] [RS-7389]

  • FIX: Add enabled option for status bar handling in Android Enterprise Kiosk Mode configuration [MDM-21942]

  • FIX: Fix a race condition that might lead into browsers default language being selected over the one selected in the user profile [MDM-21961]

  • FIX: Remove emojis that are not processable for Windows configurations or actions [MDM-21838]

Changelog 5.6.5 (2021-11-09)

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix race condition on Shared Device sign in, causing the Relution app to incorrectly detect no user and ask for credentials again [MDM-22039] [RS-7561]

Changelog 5.6.4 (2021-11-05)


  • UPDATE: Make the dynamic delay used in the MDM push queue configurable via relution.push.queue properties and adjust default values [MDM-22029]

Changelog 5.6.3 (2021-11-03)


  • UPDATE: Optimize handling of events in various additional services in cluster environments [MDM-21947]

Changelog 5.6.2 (2021-10-29)


  • UPDATE: Optimize handling of events in education service in cluster environments [MDM-21947]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix possible error in Apple MDM signature validation when multiple concurrent requests arrive at the same time [MDM-21958] [RS-7521]

Changelog 5.6.1 (2021-10-27)

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix broken Android Enterprise Work Profile enrollment which used an erroneous setting for personal usage since 5.6 [MDM-21944]

Changelog 5.6 (2021-10-19)


  • NEW: Add enrollment setting to allow creating personal profiles on fully managed Android Enterprise devices [MDM-21800]

  • NEW: Add Windows local device security policy [MDM-21284]

  • NEW: Add 'allow personal usage' setting for Android Enterprise enrollments [MDM-21716]

  • NEW: Allow removal of teachers, when they are referenced in a lesson or lesson template [MDM-20712] [RS-5508] [RS-6810] [RS-5421]

  • NEW: Allow custom separator for CSV files [MDM-21547] [RS-6781]

  • NEW: Extend MDM signature validation for Apple devices [MDM-21639] [MDM-15205] [MDM-21212]

  • NEW: Add support for Windows 10 to Secure Mail Gateway [MDM-20142] [MDM-20137] [MDM-21654] [MDM-21676]

  • NEW: Allow configuring when to send push notifications to devices on compliance state changes [MDM-21542]


  • UPDATE: Show cancel button always in the VPP token dialog [MDM-20732]

  • UPDATE: Do not report Android Enterprise devices as non-compliant when a device reports an app as not installed with the reason in-progress [MDM-21607] [RS-6040]

  • UPDATE: Recreate APNS client periodically to ensure a stuck client does not block push messages indefinitely [MDM-21612]

  • UPDATE: Update APNS client to the latest version which fixes channel clean-up after exceptions [MDM-21612] [RS-6882]

  • UPDATE: Update APK file parser to allow parsing of additional Android app configurations [MDM-21679] [RS-7102]

  • UPDATE: Display a hint if the old password is not correct during password change request [MDM-21474]

  • UPDATE: Optimize UI of Android Enterprise Kiosk Mode configuration [MDM-21646] [RS-7017] [RS-7018] [RS-7019] [RS-7020]

  • UPDATE: Update text for Android Enterprise Wi-Fi restrictions to better describe what is being disabled [RS-7192]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix updating devices via CSV [MDM-21652] [RS-7046]

  • FIX: Never enforce Relution client single app mode for Apple Shared iPad devices since it is not supported [MDM-21672] [RS-7055]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Do not block server startup until could be reached [MDM-21475]

  • FIX: Prevent that devices which are no longer matching the Secure Mail Gateway restrictions are sending additional requests to synchronize emails, contacts etc. [MDM-21668]

  • FIX: Rename SMTP parameter TTLS to STARTTLS, but allow incorrect spelling for backwards compatibility [MDM-21674]

  • FIX: Fixed a rare deadlock in pub/sub that could result in subscriptions no longer being polled [MDM-21717]

  • FIX: Fix app upload with two different apps if the first upload was aborted [MDM-20916]

  • FIX: Fix column alignments in several modals [MDM-21454]

  • FIX: Do not ask for the old password of a user, when the system administrator or the organization administrator tries to override the password [MDM-21474]

  • FIX: Clear all selected elements on all pages on hitting "clear selection" [MDM-21476]

  • FIX: Set current start page explicitly to dashboard for the user when he accepts terms and conditions for the first time [MDM-21605]

  • FIX: Set correct OS version filters in device inventory [MDM-21660]

  • FIX: Deactivate prohibited actions on public policies in standard organizations [MDM-21693]

  • FIX: Show a confirmation for successfully triggered deploy app actions [MDM-21706]

  • FIX: Fix deploying Windows apps via the "Installed Apps" tab in device details [MDM-21706]

  • FIX: Remove phone number validation in the user details [MDM-21735] [RS-7253]

  • FIX: Do not affect the search result when clearing search values [MDM-21737]

  • FIX: Fix saving of LDAP users without email address [MDM-21779] [RS-7164]

  • FIX: Remove required validator on server proxy PAC URL field in tvOS WiFi [MDM-21858] [RS-7412]

Changelog 5.5.5 (2021-10-11)

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Prevent a possible race condition for Shared iPads in guest mode leading to their action queue waiting until the next login [MDM-21804]

Changelog 5.5.4 (2021-10-06)


  • UPDATE: Disable automatic update of iOS/iPadOS/tvOS managed apps for outdated management flags setting as a default. Can be enabled again by setting to true [MDM-21487]

Changelog 5.5.3 (2021-09-30)


  • UPDATE: Always use device based Google accounts instead of user accounts when enrolling Android Enterprise devices to avoid the 10 devices per user limit [MDM-21733] [RS-6041]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix slow requests on systems with many Apple devices and profiles due to a missing database index [MDM-21739] [RS-7242]

Changelog 5.5.2 (2021-09-24)

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Fix processing error if full sensor data or position estimate batches are completely outdated [BR-2416]

Changelog 5.5.1 (2021-09-10)

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix an issue with Deploy and Remove App actions on Windows devices which are setting the action state to 'Error' although the (de-)installation is still in progress [MDM-21610]

Changelog 5.5 (2021-09-08)


  • NEW: Add support for certificate templates and user specific certificates to Android Enterprise Wi-Fi configuration [MDM-21304]

  • NEW: Add kiosk mode configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-19518] [MDM-19519]

  • NEW: Add DNS settings configuration for iOS and macOS [MDM-21489] [RS-6167]

  • NEW: Add macOS content caching configuration [MDM-21488]

  • NEW: Add Windows wallpaper configuration [MDM-21273]

  • NEW: Display known Apple product names in a readable format (e.g. iPhone 12 instead of iPhone13,2) [MDM-21231]

  • NEW: Add new iOS 15 restrictions to iOS restrictions configuration [MDM-21431]

  • NEW: Extend iOS and macOS device details with information about active user accounts [MDM-21495]


  • UPDATE: Use already existing Android Enterprise device if it matches the device identifier of a newly enrolled device [MDM-21434]

  • UPDATE: Do not prevent data migration of managed apps on iOS and tvOS to new devices via device backup by disabling automated uninstallation on MDM profile removal [MDM-21487]

  • UPDATE: Count delivered actions as open actions for devices [MDM-21527]

  • UPDATE: Allow requested apps in released status in teacher console [MDM-21531] [RS-6744]

  • UPDATE: Reduce logged warnings when fetching files on Microsoft SQL Server [MDM-21537]

  • UPDATE: Clear device location data when lost mode is disabled [MDM-21561] [RS-6831]

  • UPDATE: Extend list of known Windows editions [MDM-21608]

  • UPDATE: Add filter for devices without a policy [MDM-21361]

  • UPDATE: Show tooltip for Android Enterprise enrollment type if Android Enterprise is not set up [MDM-21478]

  • UPDATE: Display homescreen layout editor by default [MDM-21519]

  • UPDATE: Allow editing search field badges [MDM-21577]

  • UPDATE: Add missing iOS 14.5 restrictions tooltips [MDM-21535]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Allow every user to access their home organization, even when not member of the "User" group [MDM-21153] [MDM-21385] [RS-6518] [RS-6650]

  • FIX: Fix duplicate and missing history entries for Android Enterprise devices [MDM-21417]

  • FIX: Fix app compliance configurations on Windows 10 devices which prevented other configuration within the same policy to be applied [MDM-21601]

  • FIX: Fix deploying and removing certain apps on Windows 10 devices [MDM-21610]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Fix pagination and sorting in the list "Devices with this app" [MDM-21536] [MDM-21552]

  • FIX: Fix error when LDAP server does not return a group member attribute (e.g. Novell eDirectory) [RS-6874] [MDM-21571]

  • FIX: Fix persisting pinning state of navigation bar [MDM-21352] [RS-6253] [RS-6424]

  • FIX: Fix saving of Android Enterprise managed app configuration after filtering [MDM-21526]

Changelog 5.4.2 (2021-08-26)

  • FIX: Generated Wi-Fi payload for apple devices with type enterprise WPA2 and enterprise WPA3 [MDM-21562] [RS-6728]

Changelog 5.4.1 (2021-08-11)

  • UPDATE: Exclude empty bundles and arrays from managed app configurations for Android Enterprise [MDM-21473] [RS-6682]

  • UPDATE: Improve rendering of Android Enterprise Managed App Configurations which do not follow Google’s specification [MDM-21472]

Changelog 5.4 (2021-08-06)


  • NEW: Support bulk enrollments with provisioning packages for Windows devices [MDM-21110]

  • NEW: Restrict allowed lesson time frame to lesson schedule when enabled in organisation settings [MDM-18332]

  • NEW: Managed app configurations for Android Enterprise are now merged when multiple policies are applied [MDM-20962]

  • NEW: Add 3 new fields to the iOS restriction configuration for iOS 14.5+ devices [MDM-21298]

  • NEW: Verify whether iOS device has published policy versions applied when device refresh completes and update if needed [MDM-21302]

  • NEW: Update device name and user via CSV upload in device inventory [MDM-21326] [RS-3906] [RS-4726] [RS-4870] [RS-6137] [RS-6363]

  • NEW: Add Windows Antivirus configuration [MDM-20792]

  • NEW: Add Windows Licensing configuration [MDM-21054] [MDM-21044]

  • NEW: Add Windows version/edition badges for all actions and configurations [MDM-21182] [MDM-21291]

  • NEW: Add iTunes ID and bundle identifier columns to purchased apps list [MDM-21296]

  • NEW: Add filter in user list to filter by direct group memberships [MDM-21297]

  • NEW: Add "created by" column in enrollment list [MDM-21354] [RS-6431]


  • UPDATE: Reduce log messages on WARN level when fetching file content fails because of stream abortion [MDM-21263] [RS-5859]

  • UPDATE: Allow update of MDM profile if device certificate is expired [MDM-21349]

  • UPDATE: Extend "devices with this app" list in app details with columns containing general device information [MDM-21396]

  • UPDATE: Display device serial number in basic device information [MDM-21362] [RS-6159]

  • UPDATE: Adjust error code message to clarify that the action can not be cancelled any more as the device is already performing it [MDM-19686] [RS-4208]

  • UPDATE: Merge first column and context menu in all table views [MDM-21305]

  • UPDATE: Display the configuration name in the policy list of a device [MDM-21346] [RS-6425]

  • UPDATE: Adjust color of app history comments to black instead of light grey [MDM-21370]

  • UPDATE: Display restricted Play Store mode hint for Android Enterprise restrictions configuration [MDM-21416]

  • UPDATE: Remove duplicate translation files from i18n folder [MDM-21436]

  • UPDATE: Always re-apply policies on log in on Apple Shared iPad [MDM-21325] [RS-6375]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fixed a race condition for rules that could prevent scheduled actions from being canceled when a previously inactive device became active again [MDM-21113] [RS-6091]

  • FIX: Creation of new policy versions no longer fails completely if a single configuration is invalid [MDM-21265] [RS-6268]

  • FIX: Fixed an error that could leave a VPP sync in a zombie state when an error with a message too large to be logged occurred [MDM-21429] [RS-6597]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Assigned user is now correctly cleared when an iOS device is enrolled as a shared device [MDM-21257]

  • FIX: Ensure the latest published policy versions are assigned to device when re-apply policy is used [MDM-21302]

  • FIX: Resolve performance issues when retrieving auto enrollments [MDM-21347] [RS-6396]

  • FIX: Fix prefilling of password field in the web portal, when a password manager was used [MDM-21162]

  • FIX: Pressing enter on username field during login did not perform a login attempt, when password is already filled [MDM-21163]

  • FIX: Password reset view was still visible after being logged in [MDM-21248] [RS-6604]

  • FIX: Re-add the option to create a policy version, if the current version is already published [MDM-21274]

  • FIX: Disable all fields in Windows Wi-Fi configuration if it was published previously [MDM-21333]

  • FIX: Set android enterprise fully managed device mode as default for Android Enterprise enrollments [MDM-21379]

  • FIX: Display issues on information page of an Android Enterprise device [MDM-21415]

Changelog 5.3.3 (2021-08-06)

  • UPDATE: Add support for JMX based analysis of cluster environments [MDM-21462]

  • FIX: Fix transaction borders when handling user saved events, and skip some handlers not necessary for newly created users [MDM-21458]

Changelog 5.3.2 (2021-07-27)

  • FIX: Adjust configuration of PKCS 12 key store generation on OpenJDK version 11.0.12 and above. The default settings have been changed in this OpenJDK version and the new defaults currently result in broken PKCS 12 archives which are not accepted by Apple devices [MDM-21410] [RS-6567]

  • FIX: Make Google Cloud Pub/Sub use the system proxy again [MDM-21405] [RS-6489]

Changelog 5.3.1 (2021-07-22)

  • FIX: Fix Android Enterprise devices having no assigned policies any more after being inactive [MDM-20628] [RS-6512] [RS-6208] [RS-6074] [RS-5332] [RS-5296]

Changelog 5.3 (2021-07-09)


  • NEW: Allow resizing table columns and save them in user’s preferences [MDM-21047] [MDM-21052] [MDM-21126]

  • NEW: Display list of devices on which a specific app is installed [MDM-18611] [MDM-21142] [RS-5851]

  • NEW: Support combining multiple app compliance configurations on Apple device [MDM-20551]

  • NEW: Add app compliance configuration for Windows devices [MDM-20407]

  • NEW: Add Samsung Classroom Management configuration [MDM-21118]

  • NEW: Support app installation for lessons on Android Enterprise devices [MDM-21124] [MDM-21267]

  • NEW: Add Shared iPad settings configuration [MDM-21232]

  • NEW: Display a custom JSON which can be used to enroll KME devices via Android Enterprise in the QR code view and enrollment details [MDM-21258] [RS-6005]

  • NEW: Ensure that policies are only applied on devices which are using the supported Windows edition and version [MDM-21237]

  • NEW: Extend app selection options for remove app action [MDM-20971]

  • NEW: Add Windows BitLocker configuration, which allows controlling disk encryption [MDM-21012]

  • NEW: Allow to define the certificate store in Windows certificate configuration [MDM-21089]

  • NEW: Add Windows Hello configuration [MDM-21136]

  • NEW: Apply actions on multiple devices with a single bulk request [MDM-21046]


  • UPDATE: Add wipe action for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-20955]

  • UPDATE: Add VPP licensed information to apps list and app details [MDM-21227]

  • UPDATE: Show available placeholders in certificate templates view [MDM-21228]

  • UPDATE: Support groups in CSV import for classes [MDM-20633] [RS-3586] [RS-5009] [RS-5884]

  • UPDATE: Add support to deploy and remove Windows public apps [MDM-21100]

  • UPDATE: Check MariaDB version requirement for 10.3 or newer during startup [MDM-21112]

  • UPDATE: Require to explicitly set a password for exiting the Android Kiosk mode [MDM-21211]

  • UPDATE: Fail VPP sync immediately when token expired, send no network requests [MDM-21229]

  • UPDATE: Extend model of lesson device with information about its platform and enrollment type [MDM-21320]

  • UPDATE: Add new properties on Windows Start Menu configuration - start layout and edge assets [MDM-20873]

  • UPDATE: Make Windows Update Auto-Update time a dropdown selection field [MDM-21058]

  • UPDATE: Add context menu actions "Use default device name from DEP profile" and "Use auto-assigned policies" to auto enrollment list [MDM-21067] [RS-5966]

  • UPDATE: Rename whitelist and blacklist to allow list and block list [MDM-21121]

  • UPDATE: Add CSV export to Windows account action and improve user interface [MDM-21125]

  • UPDATE: Update Windows Update Configuration to use the list of available Windows versions [MDM-21221]

  • UPDATE: Ensure Relution iOS client is always allowed if Relution Shared Device Configuration is active, especially when conflicting app compliance settings are present [MDM-21268] [RS-6261]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Android Enterprise devices no longer stay non-compliant when all violations have been resolved [MDM-20944] [RS-5943] [RS-6034] [RS-5771]

  • FIX: Fix issue with per app VPN connections not being associated correctly [MDM-21111]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: The CORS preflight request (OPTIONS) now also responds with a HTTP 200 message for clients that do not provide credentials [BR-1710]

  • FIX: Deleting apps and weblinks referenced in a lesson or lesson template [MDM-21135] [RS-6084]

  • FIX: Fix enable state for new remote desktop service configurations [MDM-21180]

  • FIX: Show the missing icon for new device action state DELIVERY_CONFIRMED [MDM-21189]

  • FIX: Fix Windows Wi-Fi Configuration Open authentication type creation [MDM-21217]

  • FIX: Fix add app modal not closing after uploading a new app using drag and drop [MDM-21218]

  • FIX: Fix device name change validation in device inventory list and edit device page error messages [MDM-21235]

  • FIX: Fix multi tenant file upload for non file endpoints [MDM-21276] [RS-6305]

  • FIX: Fix Android Enterprise Work Profile device deletion [MDM-21286]

  • FIX: Fix formatting of battery level in device inventory [MDM-21327] [RS-6397]

  • FIX: Fix incorrect active task count shown in health indicator after deleting a VPP token [MDM-21301]

  • FIX: Fix potential endless recursion in VPP sync when multiple pending requests fail to send [MDM-21301]

Changelog 5.2.4 (2021-06-30)

  • UPDATE: Change policy publishing mechanism to run in its own thread pool instead of the global one [MDM-21285]

  • FIX: Extend REST endpoint to reactivate Windows devices by changing the Device ID for active devices as well [MDM-21247] [RS-6231]

  • FIX: Add missing Android Enterprise platform option to policy prioritisation [MDM-21272]

Changelog 5.2.3 (2021-06-24)

  • FIX: Add a new REST endpoint to reactivate Windows devices which were marked as deleted due to Device IDs used by multiple devices [MDM-21247] [RS-6231]

Changelog 5.2.2 (2021-06-18)

  • FIX: Fix Android Enterprise platform migration for no longer needed policy configurations linked to violations [MDM-21239]

Changelog 5.2.1 (2021-06-16)

  • UPDATE: Add defining initial Android Enterprise policies to enrollments [MDM-21222]

  • FIX: Allow soft deletion also for expired certificates [MDM-21219]

Changelog 5.2 (2021-06-11)


  • NEW: Make Android Enterprise a separate device platform. Devices and policies including configurations are migrated to the new platform automatically [MDM-20819]

  • NEW: Add managed app configuration editor for Android Enterprise [MDM-20724]

  • NEW: Add Android Enterprise system update policy [MDM-19756]

  • NEW: Add custom device variables [MDM-19888] [MDM-20970] [RS-2838] [RS-3662] [RS-4242] [RS-5019]

  • NEW: Add configuration to persist enrollment user in device’s custom property on enrollment [MDM-20556]

  • NEW: Allow deleting certificates [MDM-20695] [RS-5915]

  • NEW: Delete device actions automatically after a configurable period, default two years (730 days) [MDM-20907]

  • NEW: Add client widget for desktop browsers [MDM-20959]

  • NEW: Add information box to policy details [MDM-19940]

  • NEW: Add information card to device details [MDM-20160]

  • NEW: Add Windows Defender scan action [MDM-20405] [MDM-20422]

  • NEW: Show Windows Defender Antivirus health data in device details [MDM-20798]

  • NEW: Add Action to add local accounts on Windows devices [MDM-21056]


  • UPDATE: Renew iOS App Store push certificate, the previous one will expire on December, 13th 2021 [MDM-20704]

  • UPDATE: Renew iOS MDM push certificate, the previous one will expire on November, 17th 2021 [MDM-20704]

  • UPDATE: Give all users "User" and "Device User" permissions regardless of group membership [MDM-18356]

  • UPDATE: Required apps, which refer to non-installable system apps, are not taken into account during compliance status detection [MDM-20714] [RS-5441]

  • UPDATE: Adjust off-time mode for iOS devices: Allow Settings app only for devices during off-time instead of activating lost mode as this allows to change Wi-Fi even during off-time. [MDM-20818] [RS-4630]

  • UPDATE: Enable remove app action for tvOS and macOS devices [MDM-20956] [RS-5852]

  • UPDATE: Allow triggering supervised device actions only on supervised devices [MDM-16290]

  • UPDATE: Adjust translation and information for DEP profile allow pairing setting [MDM-20884]

  • UPDATE: Display hint if selected VPN type does not support per app and account VPN connections [MDM-20957]

  • UPDATE: Add auto-scroll to column selector drop list [MDM-20958]

  • UPDATE: Hide unneeded checkboxes in Android app compliance [MDM-20966]

  • UPDATE: Removed contacts and calendar from Windows Email configuration [MDM-20979]

  • UPDATE: Change password field in the Windows Exchange configuration to no longer be required [MDM-20998]

  • UPDATE: Update validation of Windows Update configuration [MDM-21058]

  • UPDATE: Extend device state filter with the option to filter devices in status "withdraw pending" in device inventory [MDM-21070]

  • UPDATE: Extend add app options to allow selecting from both standard Google Play and the Android Enterprise managed Play Store [MDM-21076]

  • UPDATE: Optimize IOT license metric gathering [MDM-21186] [RS-5695]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix installation of .pkg files [MDM-20845] [RS-5571] [RS-5380]

  • FIX: Remove non-optimal JPQL to query parent groups when native SQL is not available and use legacy implementation instead [MDM-21057]

  • FIX: Fix adding of new members to existing courses during CSV import [MDM-21104] [RS-5974]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Hide the option to enable Secure Mail Gateway in Exchange configuration for Windows [MDM-21093]

  • FIX: Prevent error log message occurring in rare cases on system shutdown [BR-1417]

  • FIX: Hide confusing warning on startup when LDAP is not configured [MDM-20692]

  • FIX: Prevent education content synchronisation for manually triggered LDAP synchronisation if LDAP education synchronisation is not configured. [MDM-20896]

  • FIX: Fix saving the user profile with an empty phone number [MDM-21033]

  • FIX: Improve performance of user and device inventory when performing select or deselect actions [MDM-19991] [MDM-19992]

  • FIX: Fix overlapping device name pattern for Windows 10 devices [MDM-20908]

  • FIX: Ignore deprecated user preferences for dashboard [MDM-20918]

  • FIX: Disable autofocus on auto deployment search field in users and groups edit view [MDM-20934]

  • FIX: Display the collected ethernet MAC address on macOS [MDM-21006] [RS-5874]

  • FIX: Fix deploy action name shown for Microsoft Store application [MDM-21013]

  • FIX: Fix disabled next button in app selectors [MDM-21027]

  • FIX: Fix row selection with single click on tablet size screens [MDM-21065] [RS-5968]

  • FIX: Add missing translations in auto enrollment inventory [MDM-21066] [RS-5964]

Changelog 5.1.4 (2021-05-31)

  • UPDATE: Add network rate-limiter to pub/sub and increase stability on large instances [MDM-21083]

  • UPDATE: Add ability to restore pub/sub subscriptions that were deleted (due to inactivity) [MDM-21071] [RS-5527]

Changelog 5.1.3 (2021-05-26)

  • UPDATE: Support meta data update of public macOS apps [MDM-21084]

  • FIX: Meta data update of public apps not working in some cases [MDM-21084]

Changelog 5.1.2 (2021-05-25)

  • UPDATE: Optimize pub/sub poll for large instances with support for parallel poll requests [MDM-21078]

Changelog 5.1.1 (2021-05-19)

  • UPDATE: Replace CTE and native SQL resource files with string constants to avoid issues on some Windows installations [MDM-21035]

  • FIX: Fix initial state of checkbox in Android Enterprise Play Store management configuration [MDM-21038]

  • FIX: Fix update script that removes duplicate Content Manager groups, which could produce a contraint violation in rare cases [MDM-20936]

  • FIX: Fix saving organization administrator group, which incorrectly reported the administrator member as missing, preventing modifications such as adding new administrators [MDM-21034] [RS-5916]

  • FIX: Fix configuration of authentication types in Windows Wi-Fi configuration [MDM-21025] [RS-5893]

  • FIX: Fix persisting the automatic assignment of policies when being edited [MDM-21030] [RS-5898]

  • FIX: Add missing indicator for already used email addresses when editing the user profile of users created before Relution 5 [MDM-21031]

Changelog 5.1 (2021-05-12)


  • NEW: Add support for uploading modern Windows apps [MDM-20953] [MDM-20739] [MDM-20790] [MDM-20917]

  • NEW: Add deploying modern Windows apps to devices [MDM-20952] [MDM-20759] [MDM-19789]

  • NEW: Add removing modern Windows apps from devices [MDM-20954] [MDM-20760] [MDM-19790]

  • NEW: Add selecting public applications from Windows App Store [MDM-20145]

  • NEW: Add Windows Update policy [MDM-20401]

  • NEW: Automatically renew education CA certificates when they will expire in the next 180 days [MDM-19930]

  • NEW: Add global proxy configuration for Android Enterprise [MDM-20080]

  • NEW: Allow multiple restriction configurations on Apple devices [MDM-20162]

  • NEW: Prevent modification of LDAP groups and system groups [MDM-20384]

  • NEW: Optimize new native client version notifications in notification center [MDM-20510]

  • NEW: Add Android Enterprise Play Store management configuration [MDM-20394]


  • UPDATE: Add full support for installation of .pkg files on macOS devices [MDM-20845] [RS-5571] [RS-5380]

  • UPDATE: Allow ignoring auto-assigned policies also for auto-enrollment [MDM-20717]

  • UPDATE: Add automatic refresh of notification center [MDM-20555]

  • UPDATE: Make all failing permission checks respond with a 401 (Unauthorized) instead of 403 (Forbidden) status when no valid authentication is provided [BR-996]

  • UPDATE: Update connection date of Apple devices only on MDM communication [MDM-17936]

  • UPDATE: Add possibility to perform partial downloads of resources [MDM-20380]

  • UPDATE: Add support for custom client names to SAML2 registrations and support additional attribute value formats [MDM-20691]

  • UPDATE: Prohibit changing the password of a user, when the user is managed by a 3rd party user management system [MDM-20719]

  • UPDATE: Add optional configuration for automatic removal of completed VPP tasks older than a defined period of time [MDM-20795]

  • UPDATE: Do not include hidden ping actions in open action count [MDM-20871] [RS-5611] [RS-5669]

  • UPDATE: Replace several dropdown filters in device inventory with a list of selectable options [MDM-20509]

  • UPDATE: Optimize translations in app compliance configurations [MDM-20543]

  • UPDATE: Add installed apps selection list for remove app action [MDM-20550]

  • UPDATE: Update certificate lists to the standard list style [MDM-20711]

  • UPDATE: Add Windows platform in app release workflow [MDM-20713]

  • UPDATE: Show user’s groups and group members for content manager [MDM-20718]

  • UPDATE: Update compliance violation views to the standard list style [MDM-20726]

  • UPDATE: Check if email is available when editing user details on the profile page [MDM-20774]

  • UPDATE: Remove Windows Update configuration from Windows restrictions policy configuration as it will be available as a standalone configuration [MDM-20825]

  • UPDATE: Improve performance when loading auto deployments [MDM-20705]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix VPP sanity check in cluster environments on server startup and optimize its performance [MDM-20795]

  • FIX: Fix removal of organizations with VPP publications [MDM-19989]

  • FIX: Fix extracting bundle identifier of .pkg files with a different format [MDM-20666] [RS-5571] [RS-5380]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Retry on VPP token upload when Apple responds with a temporary error, to avoid a 422 HTTP status [MDM-19826] [RS-5145] [RS-4388]

  • FIX: Fix refresh device info actions being marked as an error on Shared iPads, even if all available information could be retrieved successfully [MDM-20639] [RS-5520]

  • FIX: Fix calculation of file sizes and hashes when using MongoDB based GridFS [MDM-20927]

  • FIX: Ensure that Windows devices can be enrolled by using the Device User group instead of a specific user [MDM-20941]

  • FIX: Do not enable the update OS button for tvOS devices if no update is available [MDM-20226]

  • FIX: Move selection labels into search field in app selector modals [MDM-20706]

  • FIX: Prevent issues with translations using the same property name from a translation file, e.g. 'apps' [MDM-20755]

  • FIX: Fix policy export when using special characters in the passcode [MDM-20786] [RS-5519]

  • FIX: Show correct available storage space units for a Windows device [MDM-20789]

  • FIX: Showing line breaks in reason why action buttons are disabled [MDM-20860]

  • FIX: Fix enrolling Windows 10 devices again after they have already been enrolled on the server before [MDM-20975]

Changelog 5.0.3 (2021-04-27)

  • FIX: Fix handling of illegal characters in certificate file names on Windows platform [MDM-20877] [RS-5619]

Changelog 5.0.2 (2021-04-13)

  • FIX: Fix important security issue, same as 4.79.4 [MDM-20765]

  • FIX: Fix database update on Microsoft SQL Server [MDM-20771]

Changelog 5.0.1 (2021-04-12)


  • NEW: Serve the new Relution portal directly in / and fully replace the legacy portal [MDM-19864] [MDM-20563]

  • NEW: Add support for assigning multiple policies to a device [MDM-19741] [MDM-19742] [MDM-19743] [MDM-20440] [MDM-20449] [MDM-20440] [MDM-20507] [MDM-20450]

  • NEW: Add support for managing Windows 10 devices [MDM-19781] [MDM-19782] [MDM-19784] [MDM-19785] [MDM-19789] [MDM-19790] [MDM-19871] [MDM-19874] [MDM-19875] [MDM-19876] [MDM-19877] [MDM-19878] [MDM-19879] [MDM-19883] [MDM-19884] [MDM-20063] [MDM-20383]

  • NEW: Show all configurations of applied policies in device details, not only those with a compliance status [MDM-20507]

  • NEW: Replace default policy with more versatile automatic assignment to all devices or specific users or groups[MDM-20446]

  • NEW: Use the managed Google Play Store to select apps to add into the Relution app store when Android Enterprise is configured in the organization [MDM-20079]

  • NEW: Add a setting to make enrollments reusable which allows enrolling multiple devices with a single enrollment [MDM-20087]

  • NEW: Add configuring managed accounts to use a specific VPN on Apple devices [MDM-20128] [MDM-20128]

  • NEW: Add configuring managed apps to use a specific VPN on iOS and tvOS devices [MDM-20136]

  • NEW: Require email addresses of users to be unique on the system [MDM-20564]

  • NEW: Add device name configuration for supervised Apple devices [MDM-20447]

  • NEW: Add time zone configuration for supervised iOS and tvOS devices [MDM-20582]

  • NEW: Add the "Skip passcode" option also to Android Enterprise Work Profile enrollments [MDM-20526]


  • UPDATE: Require Java version 11 or higher and, when using MySQL, version 8.0 or higher [MDM-20564]

  • UPDATE: Reset the database baseline for version 5. Version 4.79 is required before updating to version 5 [MDM-19865]

  • UPDATE: Migrate Spring Boot to 2.4.2 which also supports running with Java 15 [MDM-19894]

  • UPDATE: Move all API endpoints to the unified /api/ path, the previous endpoints are redirected [MDM-19950] [MDM-19951]

  • UPDATE: Make table list headers sticky [MDM-20679]

  • UPDATE: Remove Development Hub [MDM-19868]

  • UPDATE: Remove App Store Ratings [MDM-19870]

  • UPDATE: Add "untrusted apps policy" to Android Enterprise restrictions, replacing deprecated unknown sources setting [MDM-19997] [RS-5029] [RS-4596] [RS-5230]

  • UPDATE: Optimize retrieval of devices with many installed apps [MDM-20635]

  • UPDATE: Reorder dashboard widgets [MDM-19565]

  • UPDATE: Add logging in as organization admin context menu action to system organization list [MDM-20445]

  • UPDATE: Change default visibility of the platform and enrollment type column in the device list as all devices now have an enrollment type [MDM-20557]

  • UPDATE: The members of a course are now sorted alphabetically [MDM-20596]

  • UPDATE: Replace legacy icons [MDM-20640]

  • UPDATE: Adjusted app compliance configurations to new list design [MDM-20543]

  • UPDATE: Adjusted auto deployment list to new list design [MDM-20644]

  • UPDATE: Automatically disassociate VPP licenses on device deletion also for tvOS and macOS [MDM-20553]

  • UPDATE: Hide the link into the device in VPP license details when the current user does not have the permissions to access it [MDM-20549]

  • UPDATE: Clean Up Windows Mobile implementation [MDM-19979]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Fix persisting LDAP referenced fields in user preferences that could accidently be removed [MDM-20399] [RS-4960]

  • FIX: Fix a problem causing Relution to forget the policy assigned to Android Enterprise devices [MDM-20628] [RS-5296] [RS-5332]

  • FIX: Fix cloning policies on systems with MS SQL Server [MDM-20579] [RS-4993]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Add missing translations to paginator [MDM-20665]

  • FIX: Remove the words 'in progress' from app history titles [MDM-20654]

  • FIX: Sort VPP apps by name in the device VPP license list [MDM-20175]

  • FIX: Hide issued certificates in the certificate view as there is a separate view for them [MDM-20597]

  • FIX: Link from app settings to app categories [MDM-20600]

  • FIX: Fix various elements where the default font size was not honored [MDM-20641]

  • FIX: Fix header in VPP lists breaking the table layout [MDM-20642]

  • FIX: Fix VPP association modal layout [MDM-20646]

  • FIX: Fix empty state when no version was found in the current release state [MDM-20647]

Changelog 4.79.9 (2021-12-18)

  • UPDATE: Remove the log4j-core library from relution package and updates log4j-api to version 2.17.0 due to important security issues CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-44228 [MDM-22301]

Changelog 4.79.8 (2021-11-16)

  • UPDATE: Renew Apple certificates [MDM-22096]

Changelog 4.79.7 (2021-08-18)

  • UPDATE: Suppress unnecessary error log for BWM DAS 2.0 [RELP-137]

  • UPDATE: Solve analysis task [RELP-106]

Changelog 4.79.6 (2021-05-05)

  • FIX: Additional REST API redirection required for backwards compatibility with IoT gateway software 1.172.0 of Feb. 2020 and below. Please keep your gateways up to date. [BR-1289]

Changelog 4.79.5 (2021-04-29)

  • UPDATE: Update CentOS base image for Docker installations to patch security issue CVE-2021-20305, no changes in Relution [MDM-20844]

Changelog 4.79.4 (2021-04-13)

  • FIX: Fix important security issue [MDM-20765]

Changelog 4.79.2 (2021-03-18)

  • NEW: When native clients are configured in organisation settings, updates are downloaded and put into review automatically once detected [MDM-20442]

Changelog 4.79.1 (2021-03-16)

  • UPDATE: Policy migration will finish successfully even when the database contains invalid data [MDM-20580]

  • FIX: Problem cloning policies in new portal on systems with Microsoft SQL Server [MDM-20579] [RS-4993]

Changelog 4.79 (2021-03-12)


  • NEW: Automatically try to re-install iOS/tvOS/macOS apps which are stuck in installation process [MDM-20480]

  • NEW: Setting passwords on Android and Android Enterprise devices with an action (Only works on Android 10 or older for legacy enrollments) [MDM-19455]

  • NEW: Add Play Store management configuration for Android Enterprise [MDM-20394]

  • NEW: Add Relution client app notifications for notification center [MDM-20164]

  • NEW: Introduce JSON Web Tokens as an alternative authentication mechanism [MDM-19884]

  • NEW: Apply performance improvements when loading user permissions also on Cockroach 20.1 or newer and PostgreSQL 9.6 or newer [MDM-20420]


  • UPDATE: Prepare requiring email addresses of users to be unique on the system (currently disabled, preparation for Relution 5) [MDM-19872]

  • UPDATE: Attempt sign in for ad-hoc LDAP users even when a group can not be imported [MDM-20385]

  • UPDATE: Android Enterprise system radio management is merged into the restrictions configuration [MDM-20400]

  • UPDATE: Make filters ready for multiple policies [MDM-19739]

  • UPDATE: Prepare and additionally add new, unified path /api/ for all API endpoints to be used with Relution 5 [MDM-19950]

  • UPDATE: Change column selector style in new portal [MDM-19725]

  • UPDATE: Optimize filter selection for list views in new portal [MDM-19726]

  • UPDATE: Update icons used in the new portal [MDM-20156]

  • UPDATE: Optimizie display of name, icon and context menu column in list view in new portal [MDM-20175]

  • UPDATE: Optimize list search bar for mobile devices in new portal [MDM-20159]

  • UPDATE: Disable sticky columns and column shadow on mobile devices in new portal [MDM-20158]

  • UPDATE: Added fixed first columns for list views in new portal [MDM-20154]

  • UPDATE: Only display table context menu on hover [MDM-20153]

  • UPDATE: Extend login screen for a customer branding [MDM-20149]

  • UPDATE: Make definition of passcode configurations for Android Enterprise and Classic devices more understandable in new portal [MDM-20400]

  • UPDATE: Improve display of Android Enterprise device details in new portal [MDM-20438]

  • UPDATE: Optimize Safari auto completion on login page in new portal [MDM-20386]

Important Fixes

  • FIX: Possible deadlock on APNS certificate update that caused some organizations to not update as expected until the next service restart [MDM-20119]

  • FIX: iOS/macOS Global HTTP Proxy configuration for automatic proxy [MDM-20454] [RS-5008]

  • FIX: Loading of "allow simple password" setting in iOS passcode configuration in new portal [MDM-20508] [RS-5102]

  • FIX: Fix unwanted loading of Liquibase xsd schema files [MDM-20362] [RS-4925]

  • FIX: Graceful server shutdown is no longer blocked indefinitely when Android Enterprise is enabled [MDM-20511]

  • FIX: Fix import of users via CSV when uploading files using UTF-8 with BOM encoding [MDM-20227]

Minor Fixes

  • FIX: Policy version placeholder showing last version instead of current when used in a policy [MDM-20483] [RS-5115]

  • FIX: Number of pending actions reported in device summary list now matches actions displayed in device details view. Notice, there are actions hidden from the UI by default that serve purely infrastructural purposes. These actions are not counted as pending [BR-568]

  • FIX: Improve error handling for course deletion, if there exist Relution Homework challenges associated with it [MDM-20167]

  • FIX: Prevent issues with ShedLock on PostgreSQL and cockroach databases

  • FIX: Fix glitching of dashboard tiles in new portal [MDM-20228]

  • FIX: Fix deploy app action dialog for iOS devices in new portal when quickly navigating back and forth between different options [MDM-20234]

  • FIX: Fix app and device history view in new portal [MDM-20428]

  • FIX: Fix device assigned licenses view for tvOS devices in new portal[MDM-20444]

  • FIX: Respond with generic failure message, if sending an enrollment mail fails [MDM-20218]

  • FIX: Prevent creation of duplicate Relution App Store apps when copying policies to organizations [MDM-19056]

  • FIX: Restore message-action functionality for Android platform [MDM-20373]

  • FIX: Do not show a toast message when saving a category in new portal [MDM-20095]

  • FIX: Fixed header styling for client app selector in new portal [MDM-20100]

  • FIX: Fixed list icons and column centering in new portal [MDM-20108]

  • FIX: Disable buttons of app deletion modal while deletion is processing in new portal [MDM-20356]

  • FIX: Fix style issues of copy policies to organizations modal in new portal [MDM-20355]

  • FIX: Add missing paginator to policy device selection modal in new portal [MDM-20098]

  • FIX: Adjust styling of VPP user invitation modal in new portal [MDM-20099]

  • FIX: Fixed expired enrollments styling in new portal [MDM-20097]

  • FIX: Fix spacing in app compliance required apps lists in new portal [MDM-20354]

  • FIX: Add missing required marking and error messages on several input fields in new portal [MDM-20398]

Changelog 4.78.3 (2021-03-04)

  • FIX: Prevent nightly VPP synchronization from being triggered multiple times in cluster environments [MDM-20494] [RS-5042]

Changelog 4.78.2 (2021-02-25)

  • NEW: Add additional customer portal branding [MDM-20441]

Changelog 4.78.1 (2021-02-23)

  • FIX: Retrieving notifications for notification center in new portal could return a 401 if the user does not have the necessary permissions, which leads to portal sending the user back to the login page [MDM-20415] [RS-4990]

Changelog 4.78 (2021-02-17)

  • NEW: Add new system group "Content Manager" which can manage apps, lessons and VPP licenses [MDM-19643]

  • NEW: Add notification center showing notifications for expiring tokens and certificates and new Relution server versions [MDM-19528] [MDM-20016]

  • NEW: Make enrollment passcode length configurable [MDM-20074]

  • NEW: Sending push messages to the Relution app on enrolled iOS devices [MDM-19608]

  • NEW: iOS apps installed by a user are redeployed when app management is transferred to Relution. Any missing VPP licenses are also assigned [MDM-17671]

  • UPDATE: Always disable wallpaper modification for students in exam lessons [MDM-19925]

  • UPDATE: Add an option to define which app should open the link in the iOS webclip configuration [MDM-19753]

  • UPDATE: Improve error message for invalid release status query parameter on app upload [MDM-18082]

  • UPDATE: Improve error message if mail server is not available [MDM-20028]

  • UPDATE: If an iOS device cannot perform a profile installation at the moment, the updated policy version will always explicitly be installed again at a later time [MDM-20051] [RS-4272]

  • UPDATE: During lessons, selected iOS system apps will also be installed if they have available VPP licences, e.g. Pages or Numbers [MDM-19320]

  • UPDATE: Validate custom permission grant names for Android Enterprise when a policy is saved [MDM-20076]

  • UPDATE: The Update OS action can be applied on multiple selected iOS and/or tvOS devices in new portal [MDM-19055] [RS-3467]

  • UPDATE: Update dashboard design in new portal [MDM-19565]

  • UPDATE: Web API view now uses OpenAPI v3 [MDM-20052]

  • UPDATE: Restrict selectable user groups when creating a new user in the system organization to ensure the user has the permission to log in via the system organization [MDM-19988]

  • UPDATE: Show the serial number of Android Enterprise devices on the details page in new portal [MDM-20092]

  • UPDATE: When cloning an Android Enterprise application policy, omit cloning the managed app configuration to avoid crosschanging policies [MDM-19859]

  • UPDATE: Improve organization unique name creation when self-service-registration is enabled, especially when the designated unique name is already taken [MDM-19238]

  • UPDATE: System groups can no longer be deleted [MDM-20058] [RS-4644]

  • FIX: Mark an update-policy action for Android Enterprise as failed when the management API complains about invalid values [MDM-20076]

  • FIX: Fix deletion of certificate authorities and templates when certificates created based on them exit [MDM-19590]

  • FIX: Fix update of auto enrollment names via CSV upload [MDM-20059] [RS-4621]

  • FIX: Fix user deletion failure due to existing homework-related data [MDM-19317]

  • FIX: Avoid unnecessary pushes to devices with open actions [MDM-20075]

  • FIX: Use schema version 3.3 instead of 4.2 for Liquibase’s database changelog to prevent XML schema downloads which might be blocked due to restrictive proxies [MDM-20086]

  • FIX: Duplicate app release workflows preventing working with apps or changing the workflow settings [MDM-20116] [RS-4844] [RS-4691] [RS-4699] [RS-4816]

  • FIX: Resolve small display issues in table headers in new portal [MDM-20107] [MDM-20096]

  • FIX: No extra toast message is shown when saving settings in new portal [MDM-20104] [MDM-20103] [MDM-20101]

  • FIX: Selection in the device inventory in new portal [MDM-20082]

  • FIX: Uploading of files, e.g. VPP tokens, with multi tenant users in new portal [MDM-20052]

  • FIX: Configurations of old policy versions are no longer shown to be editable in new portal [MDM-20056]

  • FIX: In enrollments, the policy selection can be cleared in new portal [MDM-20093]

  • FIX: A erroneous check on public app details page leading to an error popup in new portal [MDM-20146]

  • FIX: Custimizing the column order of the VPP purchased apps list [MDM-20077] [RS-4706]

  • FIX: Saving of the setting "Request permission when leaving Classroom class" in iOS restrictions in new portal [MDM-20173]

  • FIX: Reload VPP tasks list after a sanity check was executed in new portal [MDM-20173] [RS-4725]

Changelog 4.77 (2021-01-19)

  • NEW: Deploy macOS apps as managed apps for macOS 11+ [MDM-19535]

  • NEW: Add managed app configuration for macOS 11+ [MDM-19536]

  • NEW: Extend Wi-Fi configuration management for fully managed Android Enterprise devices by supporting configuration of EAP and proxy settings [MDM-19769]

  • NEW: Add Android Enterprise Enrollment setting to skip password/pattern setup [MDM-19466] [RS-3963]

  • NEW: Add OS update action for tvOS. Display tvOS Wi-Fi MAC address in the device inventory [MDM-19563] [RS-4016] [RS-4360]

  • NEW: Extend user CSV import to include custom properties [MDM-19165] [RS-3601]

  • NEW: For newly created Relution Shared Device configurations, the Relution App is no longer set to Single App mode by default after logging off, but is whitelisted with the Settings App. This behaviour can be configured with a new setting in the configuration [MDM-19747] [RS-3746]

  • NEW: Add setting to configure sync of educational data to Apple School Manager [MDM-19251]

  • UPDATE: Improve workflow when importing users via a CSV file [MDM-19770]

  • UPDATE: Update instructions in enrollment mail [MDM-19692]

  • UPDATE: Only create a notice for an unbound Relution app. This no longer marks the device as non-compliant [MDM-19642]

  • UPDATE: Add additional uncommon iOS classroom restrictions [MDM-18861]

  • UPDATE: Optimize verification of payload signatures for newly enrolled Apple devices [MDM-19641]

  • UPDATE: Increase frequency of periodic pushes to Apple devices to optimize action delivery [MDM-19797]

  • UPDATE: Remove all Windows Phone apps, devices, enrollments and policies since Windows Phone 8 is no longer supported [MDM-19869]

  • UPDATE: Prevent deletion of system groups and permissions [MDM-20057]

  • FIX: Remove orphaned KME certificate database entries on organization clean-up [MDM-15951]

  • FIX: Problem that caused Apple devices being marked as inactive in some cases [MDM-19856]

  • FIX: Incorrect handling of VPP apps if multiple tokens reference the same app and all of its licenses are removed from a token [MDM-19835]

  • FIX: Fix error messages during organization cleanup [MDM-19484]

  • FIX: Remove auto enrollments on organization cleanup [MDM-15850]

  • FIX: Automatic renewal of PKI certificates [MDM-19854] [RS-4462]

  • FIX: Server no longer tries to synchronize groups when LDAP connection is broken [MDM-19923]

  • FIX: Fix native SQL scripts used by login users under Windows platform [MDM-19934]

  • FIX: Saving an auto enrollment multiple times causes unwanted data changes [MDM-19954] [RS-4520]

  • FIX: Querying VPP asset information with teacher permissions [MDM-19640]

Changelog 4.76.2 (2020-12-23)

  • NEW: Change to MZStorePlatform API to retrieve public Apple apps. This especially allows to retrieve custom apps from Apple Business/School Manager [MDM-19829]

Changelog 4.76.1 (2020-12-17)

  • UPDATE: Do not stop polling the Google Cloud Pub/Sub service based on error count, stop if errors continue for more than one day [MDM-19817]

  • FIX: Fix possible error when VPP sync is started in cluster environments because server loses organization context when sync runs on a different node [MDM-19681]

Changelog 4.76 (2020-12-15)

  • NEW: Add factory reset protection management in Android Enterprise fully managed devices restriction configuration [MDM-18673]

  • NEW: Add advanced location sharing management configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18674]

  • NEW: Add advanced keyguard feature management configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18663]

  • NEW: Add Wi-Fi configuration management for fully managed Android Enterprise devices [MDM-19364]

  • NEW: Enable auto-deployments for macOS and tvOS [MDM-19451]

  • NEW: Automatically trigger full VPP synchronization when license assignment fails due to unavailable licenses [MDM-19420]

  • NEW: Make it possible to specify a template configuration for LDAP to reduce number of lines in application.yml when configuring a large number of LDAP servers [MDM-18429]

  • NEW: Introduce ShedLock to ensure that scheduled tasks run on one node of the cluster only without requiring the nodes to be able to connect to each other [MDM-19601]

  • NEW: The general login page now supports single sign on login providers [MDM-19434]

  • UPDATE: Allow the QR code reader within the camera application for iPadOS 14 devices automatically if camera is allowed [MDM-19611] [RS-4094]

  • UPDATE: Report a validation error when a managed app configuration contains duplicate apps [MDM-19483]

  • UPDATE: New versions of web links now also automatically try to fetch an icon [MDM-19498]

  • UPDATE: Remove unnecessary AppStore lookup during public app installations [MDM-19602]

  • UPDATE: Remove legacy Android passcode configuration for Android Enterprise devices [MDM-19624]

  • UPDATE: Improve behavior when the same Google account is used for multiple organizations with Android Enterprise [MDM-19615]

  • UPDATE: Remove Windows Phone Application Enrollment Token and Windows Phone Client App from settings [MDM-19869]

  • UPDATE: Apple restrictions: Only send the software update delay days if the delay is enforced [MDM-19678]

  • UPDATE: Immediately mark Android Enterprise policy updates that contain no changes as executed, since Google does not deliver them to the device [MDM-19616]

  • UPDATE: Optimize performance of automated device information refreshing [MDM-19164]

  • FIX: Fix handling of Google Cloud Pub/Sub messages in cluster environment for Android Enterprise [MDM-19615]

  • FIX: Fix navigation to DEP device in multi-tenancy environment [MDM-19325]

  • FIX: Fix problem with whitelisting of app auto-deployments in case the option to whitelist all auto-deployments is set in the iOS/tvOS app compliance configuration [MDM-19632]

  • FIX: Fix problem after enabling lost mode on shared iPads [MDM-19631]

  • FIX: Allow additional characters in the URL field of the iOS weblink configuration [MDM-19680] [RS-4187]

Changelog 4.75 (2020-11-30)

  • NEW: Add macOS 11 restrictions to the restriction configuration [MDM-19539]

  • NEW: Add macOS desktop configuration [MDM-18743]

  • NEW: Allow assigning web links to other organizations in store organization [MDM-19234]

  • NEW: Monitoring of server health status using a watchdog when running the server natively on systemd-based Linuxes. [IOT-4626]

  • NEW: Add configurable on-demand user creation for federated login via OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 [MDM-18767]

  • NEW: Shared iPad and Relution Shared Device Mode interaction: Keep apps on logout as the separation of user-related data is handled by the different user contexts of the shared iPad. [MDM-19453]

  • NEW: VPP Book support: purchased VPP books can now be assigned to users [MDM-19329]

  • UPDATE: Homescreen Layout configuration for iOS now available in the new Relution web portal with updated iPad layout [MDM-18574]

  • UPDATE: Renew iOS App Store push certificate, which expires as soon as March, 6th 2021 [MDM-18195]

  • UPDATE: Renew iOS MDM push certificate, which expires as soon as February, 4th 2021 [MDM-18195]

  • UPDATE: Better and more reliable reconnecting behavior of MQTT client. Also improved error messages in case of connectivity issues. The client library was updated to the latest stable version. [IOT-4564]

  • UPDATE: Weblink URLs can now be as long as 4000 characters [MDM-19310]

  • UPDATE: Add placeholder support to tvOS conference room configuration [MDM-19421] [RS-3841]

  • UPDATE: Remove deprecated java option UseConcMarkSweepGC from startup scripts [MDM-15348]

  • UPDATE: Automatically remove invalid content type headers containing an empty string from requests to resolve issues with newer Samsung devices using Secure Mail Gateway [MDM-19676] [RS-3954]

  • FIX: Problem with iOS/macOS/tvOS policies containing multiple configurations of the same type with the same identifying properties (i.e. multiple Wi-Fi configurations for the same SSID) [MDM-19503]

  • FIX: The display names of time zones now include city names if the zone name alone is ambiguous [IOT-4686]

  • FIX: Fix persisting of changed values in a DEP profile [MDM-19398]

  • FIX: User changes in Relution Shared Device mode incorrectly mark the policy update as faulty [MDM-18837] [RS-3174]

  • FIX: Make policy updates more robust against failures to aquire device or user certificates [MDM-19297]

Changelog 4.74.2 (2020-11-13)

  • FIX: Problem with automatic DEP sync [MDM-19573]

Changelog 4.74.1 (2020-11-11)

  • UPDATE: Secure mail gateway long polling requests timed out after 30 seconds [MDM-19523] [RS-3945]

Changelog 4.74 (2020-11-06)

  • NEW: Allow manually triggering LDAP synchronization in the users, groups and classes views in new portal [MDM-17857]

  • NEW: Automatically reinstall or update the Relution client app on devices if necessary after device details have been refreshed [MDM-19322]

  • NEW: Add searching to the organization switcher in new portal [MDM-19166]

  • UPDATE: Make required, auto-installed apps and the Relution client app non-removable on iOS 14+ [MDM-19237]

  • UPDATE: If available, display the organization logo in the header of the preview portal [MDM-19429] [RS-3819]

  • UPDATE: Add support for <OneTimeUse> condition in SAML 2.0 Assertions, which previously prevented sign in [MDM-19315]

  • UPDATE: Allow colons or backslashes in passwords [MDM-19239]

  • UPDATE: Delete unnecessary education and OS update actions [MDM-19186]

  • UPDATE: Optimize automatic DEP sync: do not try to sync if no valid token is available [MDM-19475]

  • FIX: Fix a problem that caused lesson apps to not be deleted, when students log out from Relution Shared Device mode during a lesson [MDM-19173]

  • FIX: Empty device details for Android devices when the device reports an unknown SIM card state [MDM-19411]

  • FIX: Fix an issue where VPP synchronization errors did not mark the task as failed, incorrectly showing sync as running when it was not [MDM-19420]

  • FIX: Rare issue with scheduled OS updates on iOS devices with Relution shared device modus when no user is logged in [MDM-19485]

  • FIX: Fix problem storing installed certificates caused by incomplete certificate data from Apple devices [MDM-19476]

  • FIX: Fix upload issues on certain endpoints when OpenID Connect or SAML is enabled [MDM-19493]

  • FIX: Fix automatic issuing of new certificates for teacher or student devices [MDM-19488]

Changelog 4.73.1 (2020-10-20)

  • NEW: Extend Shared iPad support: assign Relution user to the device based on managed Apple ID used during Shared iPad login [MDM-19160]

  • NEW: Enable copy to organization operation for tvOS policies [MDM-18912]

  • NEW: Add macOS screensaver configuration [MDM-19103]

  • NEW: Enable deployment of VPP apps for macOS [MDM-19168]

  • NEW: Add app compliance configuration for macOS [MDM-19068]

  • NEW: Add app compliance configuration for tvOS [MDM-19152]

  • NEW: Allow customizing the user property to match against the user name attribute on SAML login [MDM-19248]

  • NEW: Allow customizing the user property to match against the user name attribute on OpenID Connect login [MDM-19248]

  • NEW: Add Google account configuration for iOS [MDM-18285] [RS-2909]

  • NEW: Additional settings in iOS restrictions [MDM-19045] [RS-3450] [RS-3455]

  • NEW: Add support for user specific certificates and support them in Exchange, VPN and Wi-Fi configurations [MDM-19062]

  • NEW: Add properties HIDDEN_NETWORK, TLSMaximumVersion, TLSMinimumVersion, TLSCertificateRequired to tvOS Wi-Fi configuration [MDM-19240] [RS-3714]

  • UPDATE: Change VPP fallback URL to current one, the previous fallback is no longer supported by Apple [MDM-19276] [RS-3745] [RS-3729]

  • UPDATE: Reduce verbosity of log message when user can not sign in with LDAP and include more useful information [MDM-19241]

  • UPDATE: Include more useful information in log message when DEP enrollment with authentication fails [MDM-19241]

  • UPDATE: Make OpenID Connect proxy aware [MDM-19154]

  • UPDATE: Optimize log messages in iOS MDM communication [MDM-19242]

  • FIX: Ensure using the most recent version of certificates when deploying iOS configuration on devices [MDM-19070] [RS-3692]

  • FIX: Enable using custom Relution mail properties for sending mails [MDM-19149] [RS-3573]

  • FIX: Fix problem with organization deletion caused by remaining lesson / lesson template data [MDM-19301]

  • FIX: Fix error on Microsoft SQL Server in LDAP post-sync cleanup when a large number (2100+) of users, groups or courses was synchronized [MDM-19246]

  • FIX: Creating new organization as multitenant user [MDM-19208] [RS-3608] [RS-3653] [RS-3701]

  • FIX: Ensure automatic DEP synchronization for an organization does not run on multiple cluster nodes [MDM-19282] [RS-3697] [RS-3767]

  • FIX: Remove duplicate auto-enrollments for the same serial number on next DEP synchronization - Keep last modified [MDM-19282] [RS-3697] [RS-3767]

Changelog 4.72.4 (2020-10-06)

  • FIX: Resolve an issue with installing configurations which support both macOS and iOS [MDM-19274] [RS-3750] [RS-3753]

Changelog 4.72.2 (2020-10-02)

  • UPDATE: Improve support for some older database versions when using native queries for sign-in process [MDM-19174]

Changelog 4.72.1 (2020-09-28)

  • FIX: Reduce log output during education course updates [MDM-19174]

Changelog 4.72 (2020-09-25)

  • NEW: Enable deploy app action for tvOS [MDM-18959]

  • NEW: Enable public app installation action for macOS [MDM-19069]

  • NEW: Add iOS offtime configuration allowing to configure time frames during which supervised devices are locked by MDM automatically [MDM-19046]

  • NEW: Add macOS global preferences configuration [MDM-18747]

  • NEW: Redeploy education config when performing a device policy refresh [MDM-18860]

  • NEW: Support user channel configurations (i.e. exchange, contacts, calendar) for macOS [MDM-18756]

  • NEW: Support education configuration for macOS, enabling teachers to use the Classroom app on their macs [MDM-18756]

  • NEW: Update education config on device policy refresh [MDM-18860]

  • NEW: Add setting to disable device MAC address randomization on iOS 14 in iOS Wi-Fi configuration [MDM-19187] [RS-3654]

  • UPDATE: Require setting the initial system admin password for new instances via "relution.system.admin.password" to create a system admin [MDM-18804]

  • UPDATE: Migrate course details to new database tables and further education stack performance optimizations [MDM-17412]

  • UPDATE: Add possibility to send the QR-Code and the DPC-Identifier via mail for Android Enterprise fully managed device enrollments [MDM-18769]

  • UPDATE: Make basic auth conform to RFC7617, i.e allow basic auth login for users who have a colon in their password [MDM-19128] [RS-3569]

  • UPDATE: Sort Apple system apps into categories when generating a home screen layout [MDM-18851] [RS-3264]

  • UPDATE: Improve handling of app compliance required apps information so e.g. VPP licenses can always be shown [MDM-18851]

  • FIX: Using proxies for VPP synchronization [MDM-19153]

  • FIX: Deleting an education class triggered unnecessary deploy education actions [MDM-17412]

  • FIX: Saving large user preferences as the new Relution portal requires [MDM-18845] [RS-3256] [RS-3387] [RS-3508]

Changelog 4.71.4 (2020-09-15)

  • UPDATE: Add fallback for Common Table Expressions on databases that do not properly support it [MDM-19133]

Changelog 4.71.3 (2020-09-11)

  • FIX: Use a shared event loop pool for APNS connections [MDM-19127] [RS-3489]

  • FIX: Fix minor issue rarely causing partial update of Apple device information [MDM-19130]

  • UPDATE: Optimize lookup of group members with Common Table Expressions, if supported (MariaDB 10.2.1, MySQL 8.0.1, SQL Server 2014) [MDM-19129]

Changelog 4.71.2 (2020-09-08)

  • UPDATE: Change LDAP sync interval from fixed rate to fixed delay to avoid multiple syncs running in quick succession if duration exceeds the interval [MDM-19042]

  • UPDATE: Add additional log messages for LDAP sync to make it easier to analyze the cause of potential performance issues [MDM-19042]

Changelog 4.71.1 (2020-09-07)

  • FIX: Error handling when VPP requests fail with a temporary network or API error [MDM-19116] [RS-3317] [RS-3398] [RS-3480] [RS-3501] [RS-3514]

  • FIX: Incorrect handling of VPP requests that need to be retried due to intermittent network issues, which caused a subsequent database error [MDM-19116] [RS-3317] [RS-3398] [RS-3480] [RS-3501] [RS-3514]

  • FIX: Handling of VPP requests in case of database errors which could cause synchronization to become stuck indefinitely, requiring a service restart [MDM-19116] [RS-3317] [RS-3398] [RS-3480] [RS-3501] [RS-3514]

Changelog 4.71 (2020-09-04)

  • NEW: Enable navigation to auto enrolled device in correct tenant organization [MDM-18859]

  • NEW: Add macOS passcode configuration property "minutesUntilFailedLoginReset". Force the user to enter a PIN by default. [MDM-19028]

  • NEW: Add personal hotspot action [MDM-18868]

  • NEW: Add macOS app store configuration [MDM-18741]

  • NEW: Add macOS domains configuration [MDM-18745]

  • NEW: Add license allocation csv export [MDM-19016]

  • NEW: Support VPN type "AnyConnect Modern" for iOS and macOS VPN configurations [MDM-19029] [RS-3385]

  • NEW: Add auto enrollment device name serial number placeholder ${autoEnrollment.serialnumber} [MDM-19006]

  • NEW: tvOS policies can now be exported [MDM-18913]

  • NEW: Add support for SAML2 login providers on organization login pages [MDM-19004]

  • NEW: Include a preview version of Relution Homework – please contact us if you are interested [MDM-18703]

  • UPDATE: Add compatibility with additional OpenID Connect (OIDC) services [MDM-17914]

  • UPDATE: Remove mime type check for CSV uploads to avoid issues on Windows systems [RS-3465] [RS-3471]

  • UPDATE: No longer uninstall apps when a lesson on a shared device ends, uninstall on logout instead [MDM-18857]

  • UPDATE: When making use of the optionally installed MongoDB the minimum required version is 4.4 [IOT-3829]

  • FIX: Whitelist lesson apps for teachers when an app compliance configuration is applied [MDM-18857]

  • FIX: In some cases App auto-deployments were installed on shared device despite disabling it in the Relution Shared Device configuration [MDM-19094] [RS-3347]

  • FIX: Sorting by name in purchased apps list [MDM-19054] [RS-3466]

  • FIX: Handling of policies containing UUID only when saving auto enrollments [MDM-18873] [RS-3297] [RS-3386]

  • FIX: On user deletion reset auto enrollment user assignments [MDM-18960]

  • FIX: App auto-deployments were not whitelisted in shared device mode despite activating it in the App Compliance configuration [MDM-19097] [RS-3173]

Changelog 4.70.4 (2020-09-02)

  • UPDATE: Use native query to improve performance when loading nested groups, if CTE is unavailable, e.g. on MySQL instances below 8.0 [MDM-19087]

Changelog 4.70.3 (2020-09-01)

  • UPDATE: Optimize lookup of organizations, which have no lesson subjects or templates, on server startup [MDM-19087]

  • UPDATE: Add missing indexes for group members to optimize lookup speed [MDM-19087]

  • FIX: Re-enable legacy compatibility for JSON serialization [MDM-19090]

Changelog 4.70.2 (2020-08-28)

  • UPDATE: Disable caching of the legacy portal download per session as Chromium released a version no longer supporting it (e.g. Google Chrome 85+, Microsoft Edge) [MDM-18325]

Changelog 4.70.1 (2020-08-27)

  • UPDATE: Optimize recursive group retrieval by reducing number of queries, improving performance [MDM-18999]

  • UPDATE: Use Common Table Expressions to further improve performance when loading nested groups, if supported (MariaDB 10.2.1, MySQL 8.0.1, SQL Server 2014) [MDM-18999]

Changelog 4.70 (2020-08-18)

  • NEW: Add option to update the name of an auto enrollment identified by the serial number via CSV [MDM-18942]

  • NEW: Add CSV import for education classes [MDM-16394]

  • NEW: Add UI to import users via csv [MDM-16394]

  • NEW: Support multiple VPP tokens [MDM-18854]

  • UPDATE: Optimized retrieval of organization for the current authorization [MDM-18534]

  • UPDATE: Enable supported Android Enterprise work profile configurations also for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18935]

  • UPDATE: Publishing a policy version will automatically create a new unpublished version [MDM-18943]

  • UPDATE: Optimize calculation of pending actions for device inventory [MDM-18556]

  • UPDATE: Prevent users from adding Feedback-Assistant to App-Compliance-Blacklist since the app cannot be blacklisted [MDM-18902]

  • UPDATE: Use the HTTP/2-based APNs provider API to send push notifications [MDM-18844]

  • UPDATE: Improve duplicate user detection and error handling during LDAP synchronization [MDM-18992]

  • FIX: Shared device disable auto deployment setting is now also applied if deleting and reinstalling all managed apps is enabled [MDM-18946] [RS-3347]

  • FIX: Internal limits rendered the NGINX large_client_header_buffers setting useless. As the server operates behind a reverse proxy the limits have been relaxed by default. [IOT-4134]

  • FIX: Upload of a VPP token can fail if the previous system stored unconventional metadata. Accept and correct malformed metadata. [RS-3397] [MDM-19022]

  • FIX: VPP license disassociation when deleting devices belonging to users with limited permissions [MDM-19034]

Changelog 4.69.3 (2020-08-10)

  • FIX: Mitigate issues occuring during Univention UCS update checks because of the test configuration [MDM-19009]

Changelog 4.69.2 (2020-08-06)

  • UPDATE: Improve handling of Apple MDM token updates [MDM-18993]

  • FIX: Problem caused by invalid characters in payloads sent by Apple devices [MDM-18993] [RS-3283]

  • FIX: Use an explicit connection from the pool for education import. This fixes "paged results cookie is invalid" when the pool automatically manages the connection [MDM-18788]

Changelog 4.69.1 (2020-07-29)

  • FIX: Fix reactivation of inactive IoT devices [IOT-4075]

Changelog 4.69 (2020-07-27)

  • NEW: Add initial support for SAML2 authentication, which can be used to sign in existing users based on user name and organization [MDM-18770]

  • NEW: Add option to disable automatic decompression of ZIP archives in Android action [RS-3289]

  • NEW: Add system radio management configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18669]

  • NEW: AirPlay security configuration for tvOS [MDM-18730] [MDM-18732]

  • NEW: Add DNS proxy configuration for iOS [MDM-18796]

  • UPDATE: Possibility to use optional fallback locale, when filtering app base info by version names [MDM-18736]

  • UPDATE: Content of general HTML error pages, e.g. for 404 Not Found errors [MDM-18558]

  • UPDATE: Optimize performance of education payloads calculation [MDM-18833]

  • FIX: Fix setup process of Android Enterprise for multi-tenant users [MDM-18782] [RS-3164]

  • FIX: Fix possible race condition in VPP sync [MDM-18819] [RS-3202] [RS-3248]

  • FIX: App auto-deployments were not installed and whitelisted in some cases [MDM-18757] [RS-3173] [RS-3254]

Changelog 4.68.3 (2020-07-27)

  • FIX: Instances with system wide licenses were erroneously reported as unhealthy by the health endpoint [MDM-18938]

Changelog 4.68.1 (2020-07-15)

  • NEW: Add SSO support on the single tenant login page [MDM-18768]

  • NEW: Add disable cameras configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18670]

  • NEW: Add lock screen messages configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18666]

  • NEW: Add system clock management configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18667]

  • NEW: Add system audio management configuration for Android Enterprise fully managed devices [MDM-18668]

  • NEW: Allow full editing of DEP profiles [MDM-18333]

  • NEW: Log enabled, default and actual SSL protocol for LDAP connection

  • NEW: Add ability to partition paid system organization license, to allocate licenses to other organizations (sublicense) [MDM-18765]

  • UPDATE: Improve compatibility with advanced encrypted AWS S3 storage (customer oder KMS encryption) [MDM-18727]

  • UPDATE: When using home screen layouts grouped by category, iOS system apps are sorted into the category folders if they are assigned to categories [MDM-17224]

  • UPDATE: User specific automatic deployments can be disabled in Shared Device mode [MDM-18337]

Changelog 4.67.2 (2020-07-15)

  • FIX: Error parsing dates in plist responses from iOS devices on some operating system configurations, e.g. CentOS 8 on docker. This prevents successful communication between iOS devices and Relution [MDM-18901] [RS-3320] [RS-3281] [RS-3301] [RS-3311] [RS-3313] [RS-3294]

Changelog 4.67.1 (2020-07-14)

  • FIX: Fixed performance issue caused by device availability checker [MDM-18865]

Changelog 4.67 (2020-06-29)

  • NEW: Add clear restrictions password action for iOS. [MDM-18699]

  • NEW: Include Education features in Free license [MDM-18241]

  • NEW: Handling of app names when using multiple localizations [MDM-18736]

  • NEW: Automatically update iOS device’s policy if outdated when the device information is refreshed [MDM-18385]

  • NEW: Unpublished policy versions can now be deleted [MDM-18371] [MDM-18528]

  • UPDATE: Add placeholders for device policy name and policy version name [MDM-18369]

  • UPDATE: Add placeholder support for iOS lock screen message configuration [MDM-18369]

  • UPDATE: Update policy modification date and modified by also when a version of the policy is modified [MDM-18763]

  • UPDATE: During a lesson show only the lesson apps in shared device mode [MDM-17918]

  • FIX: Removal of app auto-deployments on Relution shared device logout if the user logging in has specific permissions [MDM-18759] [RS-3178]

  • FIX: Fix incorrect display of license counts in app compliance configuration for VPP apps [MDM-18781]

  • FIX: Updating of specific public app store apps could run into issues [MDM-18688]

Changelog 4.66.1 (2020-06-19)

  • FIX: Having many DEP devices (> 2100) caused problems with DEP synchronization on MS SQL server [MDM-18799]

Changelog 4.66 (2020-06-03)

  • NEW: Synchronize VPP assets (license counts per app) to speed up purchased apps view [MDM-18555] [MDM-18690]

  • UPDATE: Prevent adding iOS Relution Client app as required app or app auto-deployment [MDM-18348]

  • FIX: Installed apps endpoint behaviour when handling mismatching limit and offset parameters [MDM-17460]

  • FIX: Sorting of the action type column in a rule set leads to an exception [MDM-18654] [RS-3132]

  • FIX: Apple Configurator 2 Configurations (.mobileconfig) which contain the "data" type [MDM-18587] [RS-3101]

Changelog 4.65.3 (2020-05-27)

  • FIX: Web clients now respect Java proxy settings, e.g. for URL shortening and VPP [MDM-18685]

Changelog 4.65.2 (2020-05-26)

  • FIX: Sorting of the action type column in a rule set leads to an exception (Fix was missing in 4.65.1) [MDM-18654] [RS-3132]

Changelog 4.65.1 (2020-05-22)

  • FIX: Country selection when creating new users [MDM-18652]

  • FIX: Disable portal preview for BlueRange instances by default

  • FIX: Fixed an issue that could cause imported apps to not save correctly in some cases [MDM-18653]

  • FIX: Fixed an issue that could cause devices to incorrectly request an app store sign in for VPP apps previously assigned to the same device [MDM-18653]

  • FIX: Fixed an issue that could incorrectly prevented previously imported VPP apps from being deleted [MDM-18653]

Changelog 4.65 (2020-05-19)

  • NEW: The preview of the new Relution portal is now available

  • NEW: Add IMEI to DeviceBaseInfo [MDM-18502]

  • NEW: Track installed certificates on iOS devices [MDM-18336]

  • UPDATE: For security reasons suppress version info headers when servicing anonymous HTTP requests [IOT-3618]

  • UPDATE: Whether and what roles are allowed to change passwords of users without knowledge of the current password can now be configured using relution.common.passwordAdminRoles [IOT-3620]

  • UPDATE: Enforce indistinguishable server responses when trying to log in with invalid user name or incorrect password [IOT-3619]

  • UPDATE: Return JSON from createPasswordResetRequest endpoint [MDM-18493]

  • UPDATE: Extend logging for DEP sync [MDM-18488]

  • UPDATE: Use Liquibase to create the JGROUPSPING table instead of RELUTION_PING class [MDM-18629]

  • FIX: Publishing a new version to Microsoft Intune will now update the existing app [MDM-18448]

  • FIX: Fix deleting auto enrollments linked to an existing enrollment [MDM-18488]

Changelog 4.64.4 (2020-05-14)

  • FIX: VPP Syncs can get stuck on servers having a large number of organizations using VPP [MDM-18613] [RS-3108] [RS-3123]

Changelog 4.64.3 (2020-05-14)

  • FIX: Automatically assigning VPP licenses on install actions for new VPP licenses [MDM-18608] [RS-3113] [RS-3119]

Changelog 4.64.2 (2020-05-08)

  • FIX: Issue with event handling when running on Java 11 [MDM-18591]

Changelog 4.64.1 (2020-04-30)

  • FIX: Increased default timeout for some VPP requests, which previously caused the Purchased Apps view to fail with a large number of apps [MDM-18551]

  • NEW: Made the timeout for VPP request configurable in application.yml [MDM-18551]

Changelog 4.64 (2020-04-27)

  • NEW: Add support to dynamically configure the market mapping security provider [MDM-18402]

  • NEW: Automatically determine region and email of VPP account, add location [MDM-16980]

  • NEW: Use delta synchronization for VPP to improve performance [MDM-17829]

  • NEW: Only synchronize assigned VPP licenses [MDM-17829]

  • NEW: Support changing device name for Apple TVs and Macs [MDM-18439]

  • NEW: Support for server-side cloning of policies [MDM-18416]

  • NEW: Deleting KME auto enrollments [MDM-17678]

  • UPDATE: Updated handling of terms and conditions [MDM-18303]

  • UPDATE: Use a CentOS 8 based image with openJDK 11 LTS for docker images

  • FIX: Ensure only lesson apps are whitelisted [MDM-18544]

  • FIX: Fixed label for accepting the license agreement [MDM-18303]

  • FIX: Creating organisations via environment variables with names containing "forbidden" characters [MDM-18201]

  • FIX: Extend permission checks when uploading a new resource [MDM-18436]

  • FIX: Add missing serial number field for tvOS devices when requested via device base info endpoint [MDM-18440]

  • FIX: The user of a KME autoenrollment is no longer marked as required in the web portal [MDM-18540] [RS-3076]

  • FIX: Import of policies in multi tenant setups [MDM-18542] [RS-3079]

Changelog 4.63.1 (2020-04-14)

  • NEW: Added support for a pre-run script in Docker environments [MDM-18463]

Changelog 4.63 (2020-04-01)

  • NEW: Possibility to store resources like apps in Microsoft® Azure Blob Storage instead of local database [MDM-16416]

  • NEW: Add support for new kiosk restrictions for Samsung devices, including status bar expansion [MDM-18381]

  • NEW: Add ability to mark a DEP profile as default, which automatically assigns it to new auto-enrollments [MDM-16424]

  • NEW: Allow to specify a default device name in DEP profiles, with placeholder support [MDM-16424]

  • NEW: Configure the visibility of weblinks in app compliance white lists [RS-2797] [MDM-18353] [MDM-18289] [MDM-18139]

  • UPDATE: Renew iOS app store push certificate, which expires as soon as April, 16th 2020 [MDM-18195]

  • UPDATE: Add allowing VPN creation setting to the iOS restriction configuration [MDM-18327]

  • UPDATE: Update of Spring libraries to latest versions corresponding to Spring Boot 2.2.2.RELEASE

  • UPDATE: License metrics of organizations on servers having a system-wide enterprise license are now also reported to the Relution license server [IOT-3494]

  • UPDATE: Add full documentation at [MDM-18397]

  • UPDATE: Change portal flavor of custom build [MDM-18306]

  • UPDATE: Changing device name in the portal will overrule Device-Name-Modification restriction for devices with iOS 13.3+ [MDM-18354]

  • UPDATE: Change the limit of enrolled devices for Free license model from 10 to 5 [MDM-18242]

  • UPDATE: Automatically create READY_TO_RELEASE workflow step, if it does not exist yet [MDM-18446]

  • FIX: Skip App Auto-Deployments of Device User when logging out of shared device mode [MDM-18355]

  • FIX: Skip app auto-deployments when logging out in shared device mode [MDM-18355]

  • FIX: LDAP synchronization no longer attempts to create the teacher group in the system organization when set up to sync users into it [MDM-18380]

Changelog 4.62.4 (2021-01-07)

  • UPDATE: Use standard JVM in all docker images [MDM-19507]

Changelog 4.62.3 (2020-09-18)

  • UPDATE: Disable caching of the legacy portal download per session as Chromium released a version no longer supporting it (e.g. Google Chrome 85+, Microsoft Edge) [MDM-18325]

Changelog 4.62.2 (2020-06-23)

  • UPDATE: Change encoding of market mapping security provider cookie [MDM-18810] [RS-3219]

Changelog 4.62.1 (2020-06-23)

  • UPDATE: Prepare change of encoding for market mapping security provider cookie [MDM-18810] [RS-3219]

Changelog 4.62 (2020-03-19)

  • NEW: The LDAP connection is now retried until the attempt succeeds, when LDAP is unavailable at startup (e.g. network error) [MDM-18279] [RS-2547]

  • NEW: KME enrollments based on user authentication. Required for KME on Samsung devices with Android 10+ due to the shutdown of Knox Cloud SDK by Samsung [MDM-18304]

  • NEW: iOS VPN configuration now supports using the PKI integration to generate certificates [MDM-17779]

  • UPDATE: Skip URL shortening and QR code creation for auto enrollments [MDM-18302]

  • UPDATE: Relution Shared Device Configuration no longer produces compliance violation [MDM-18130]

  • UPDATE: Improved error message for Change Policy Action [MDM-18130]

  • UPDATE: After a policy version is published triggering the policy updated to the corresponding devices now runs asynchronously [MDM-18364]

  • FIX: Issue when parsing LDAP configuration and pool size was not set [RS-2987]

  • FIX: Prevent cross-site scripting attack from injecting JavaScript via query parameters such as sortOrder [IOT-3440] [MWSRV-S6]

Changelog 4.61.4 (2020-03-19)

  • FIX: Scheduled vpp app update triggered updates for apps licensed but not installed on the device [MDM-18408]

Changelog 4.61.3 (2020-03-18)

  • FIX: Performance issue in immediate vpp app update mechanism on some databases [MDM-18393]

Changelog 4.61.2 (2020-03-10)

  • UPDATE: Handling of Univention pre-installation setup [MDM-17603]

  • FIX: Maria DB on-demand migration in docker images [MDM-17603]

Changelog 4.61.1 (2020-03-10)

  • FIX: Improves stability of MQTT service connectivity [IOT-3448]

Changelog 4.61 (2020-03-04)

  • NEW: Add PKI certificate support for TvOS Wi-Fi configuration [MDM-18227]

  • NEW: Support advanced configuration in Univention environment [MDM-17603]

  • UPDATE: Exclude locked or deactivated users from license metrics [MDM-18224]

  • UPDATE: Performance optimizations for iOS MDM and lesson mode [MDM-18216]

  • UPDATE: Prevent repeating install app actions for VPP apps falsely reporting they had an update available [MDM-18216]

  • UPDATE: Optimize device key rotation for iOS devices to ensure the managed configuration of the client is not invalidated too early [MDM-18216]

  • UPDATE: Shrink docker images by no longer bundling all documentation [MDM-18228]

  • UPDATE: Add possibility to include the node or pod name in log output [MDM-18324]

  • FIX: Duplicate Android Enterprise devices are created during enrollment when a default policy is set [MDM-18328] [RS-2858]

  • FIX: Fix export of policies containing default values [MDM-18204] [RS-2863]

  • FIX: Intermittent database issues when creating an iOS profile could result in devices no longer communicating with MDM [MDM-18310]

  • FIX: Fix login as functionality with multi tenancy [MDM-18222]

  • FIX: Setup of iOS Wi-Fi configuration for WPA2 Personal and WPA3 Personal [MDM-17781]

Changelog 4.60.1 (2020-02-25)

  • FIX: Problem causing multiple Remove Education actions on Relution Shared Device logout [MDM-18290] [RS-2932] [RS-2898] [RS-2748]

Changelog 4.60 (2020-02-19)

  • NEW: Add the ability to assign LDAP users and groups to organizations by a partial DN match [MDM-18245]

  • UPDATE: Update Relution to use Bitly’s API V4 to shorten URLs. [MDM-18202]

  • FIX: Fixed issue when enrolling Android Enterprise devices while checking auto-deployments [MDM-18210] [RS-2858]

  • FIX: When cloning the default policy, the cloned policy is no longer marked as default as well

  • FIX: Small issues with filtering and sorting of VPP purchased apps [MDM-17642]

Changelog 4.59.1 (2020-02-14)

  • FIX: Solve issue regarding saving devices [MDM-18250]

  • FIX: Support the latest Mosquitto MQTT broker release, required for update of relution-mosquitto docker container, not relevant for most Relution users but for M-Way internal [IOT-2804]

Changelog 4.59 (2020-02-07)

  • NEW: Teacher console now supports devices in Relution Shared Device [MDM-17918]

  • NEW: Limited support for OpenID Connect (OIDC), to sign in existing users [MDM-17914]

  • UPDATE: Renew iOS push certificate for MDM, which expires as soon as March, 19th 2020 [MDM-18195]

  • UPDATE: iOS-enrollment: Ensure relution client app is installed before other auto-deploy apps [MDM-18184]

  • UPDATE: Relution will now start, even if the configured LDAP server is unreachable [MDM-18099]

  • UPDATE: Can now exclude LDAP from health check [MDM-18099]

Changelog 4.58.1 (2020-02-05)

  • UPDATE: Performance optimizations with regard to iOS communication [MDM-18203]

  • FIX: Fixed VPP update for update mode "Immediately" [MDM-18203]

Changelog 4.58 (2020-01-24)

  • UPDATE: Extend list of known iOS system apps with some iOS 13 additions [MDM-18103] [RS-2631]

  • UPDATE: Sorting of iOS system apps now respects the organisation’s language [MDM-18103]

  • UPDATE: Optimized removal of education configurations [MDM-18043]

  • UPDATE: Checking device availability when running in a cluster [MDM-18109]

  • FIX: Ensure metadata of public apps are updated more frequently [MDM-18059] [RS-2741] [RS-2749]

  • FIX: Apps removed from active lesson will no longer be visible on student devices [MDM-18101] [RS-2717]

  • FIX: Remove education configuration when logging out in shared device mode [MDM-18062] [RS-2748]

  • FIX: Problem with repeated VPP app update actions [MDM-18144]

Changelog 4.57.2 (2019-12-19)

  • UPDATE: If memberUid is used in LDAP sync group configuration, make sure uid of users is always retrieved explicitly [MDM-18026]

  • UPDATE: Make all device and user placeholders available in mail templates [MDM-17547] [RS-2407]

  • FIX: Fix handling of iOS token update messages to handle unannounced changes Apple made with iOS 13. You can find more information about the issue in the knowledge base article on our website [MDM-18095] [RS-2681]

  • FIX: Fix "preferred" flag not being saved properly in Android APN configurations [RS-2773]

Changelog 4.57.1 (2019-12-18)

  • NEW: Enable macOS and tvOS support by default [MDM-17968]

Changelog 4.57 (2019-12-17)

  • NEW: Support for Splunk HEC integration [MDM-17943]

  • NEW: Add fullscreen support for iOS weblinks [MDM-17901] [MDM-17995] [MDM-17996]

  • NEW: Add new iOS 13 Wi-Fi configuration options [MDM-17428] [MDM-17429]

  • NEW: The iOS app compliance configuration now has a new setting to automatically whitelist all required apps and/or all user assigned auto deployed apps when a whitelist is used [MDM-17740] [RS-2551]

  • UPDATE: Filter out known false-positives from compliance issues reported by Google’s device management server [MDM-17945] [RS-2720] [RS-2643]

  • UPDATE: Show available placeholders in Android Enterprise work apps configuration [MDM-17994]

  • FIX: Android Enterprise violations are reported multiple times and are not resolved properly when the policy is removed or changed. [MDM-17945] [RS-2720] [RS-2643]

  • FIX: iOS MDM protocol "NotNow" answers were not handled correctly in all cases [MDM-17969]

  • FIX: Marking polices as deleted [MDM-17172] [RS-2233]

  • FIX: Display of operating system versions in secure mail gateway configuration [MDM-17631] [RS-2470]

Changelog 4.56.1 (2019-12-05)

  • NEW: Make the Teacher group a member of the Appstore User and Device User groups by default

  • UPDATE: No more unnecessary education profile removals

  • FIX: Bug when processing sub actions of education

  • FIX: Classroom app must no longer be restarted on education configuration update

Changelog 4.56 (2019-11-29)

  • NEW: APN configuration for Android devices

  • NEW: "Allow AirDrop" setting in lessons

  • UPDATE: Removed the columns "Installing" and "Last update" from the iOS installed apps list

  • FIX: Restriction changes during lessons are performed immediately

  • FIX: Refreshing iOS policies in Relution Shared Device mode

  • FIX: Deleting courses which are assigned to a lesson

  • FIX: LDAP connection issues

  • FIX: Redeployment of web clips via auto deployments

  • FIX: Multiple rule set notifications when in cluster mode

Changelog 4.55.1 (2019-11-21)

  • FIX: Education issue with multiple education certificate authorities

Changelog 4.55 (2019-11-14)

  • NEW: Rules can now be used to remove a policy from a device

  • NEW: Teachers now always have app store and device user permission

  • UPDATE: If a teacher starts or creates a new lesson, their previous lessons are automatically stopped

  • FIX: Custom permissions that exceed Google’s limit of 255 characters are automatically ignored to prevent errors

  • FIX: Duplicate Android Enterprise enrollments

  • FIX: Android Enterprise policy status not marked as executed

  • FIX: Automatically installed apps loop

  • FIX: App deployments now correctly update apps that are already installed

  • FIX: Automatic deployment of released Relution client app versions [MDM-17715] [RS-2545]

  • FIX: Automatic deployment for web clips without a default name failed

  • FIX: Users and apps which were once assigned to a lesson or a lesson template could not be deleted

  • FIX: Provisioning & deprovisioning of devices failed if deployment or removal of a weblink raised an exception

  • FIX: Weblinks which were auto-deployed were not shown in the Relution Shared Device Mode

  • FIX: Stopping a lesson did not clear restrictions (whitelist) in some cases

Changelog 4.54.3 (2019-11-08)

  • FIX: Change connection-request timeout for HTTP client to "0" to avoid an issue with Google Cloud pub/sub.

Changelog 4.54.2 (2019-10-25)

  • FIX: Fix upload size of JSON for sensor policy

Changelog 4.54.1 (2019-10-25)

  • NEW: Additional Relution package

Changelog 4.54 (2019-10-25)

  • NEW: Show Relution version in log file on startup

  • NEW: Automatically sync VPP licenses, default once a day at 4:00. The interval can be configured via the relution.vpp.syncInterval property, e.g. 1d or 12h

  • UPDATE: LDAP filter templates safeguard

  • UPDATE: Add multiple actions to rule sets

  • FIX: Database optimizations during DEP synchronization.

  • FIX: Students are shown as offline in the classroom app under iOS 13 / iPadOS 13.

    • It might be necessary to re-apply the latest configuration by saving the corresponding class under Devices > Education in the Relution portal

  • FIX: Several settings in the iOS passcode policy were marked as required, even though they were optional

  • FIX: App deployment now also considers the version, to decide whether an app needs to be deployed

  • FIX: Handling of courses without students or teachers

  • FIX: Android Enterprise sign up

  • FIX: Configuring support details for apps

Changelog 4.53.3 (2019-10-21)

  • FIX: Loop having a web clip as app auto deployment

Changelog 4.53.2 (2019-10-18)

  • FIX: The organizationGroupFilters configuration parameter for LDAP was not working as expected

  • FIX: Database optimizations fixing deadlocks for MS-SQL server

Changelog 4.53.1 (2019-10-16)

  • FIX: Android Enterprise Sign Up and cluster compatibility

  • FIX: Issues with database access when updating devices, especially on SQL server

  • FIX: Issues when creating multiple app auto deployments

Changelog 4.53 (2019-10-09)

  • NEW: Upload .mobilconfig files from the Apple Configurator 2 to create configurations in policies

  • NEW: Export & import policies to/from a file

    • Exported policies do not include configurations that reference resources like apps, images and certificates (e.g. App Compliance)

    • To protect potentially sensitive information, exported files require a user-defined encryption key

  • NEW: Create default lesson schedule hours in the timetable settings for the teacher console

  • NEW: Compliance violation settings in Settings - Device Management for required and auto-deployed apps that are missing

  • NEW: iOS 13 restriction configuration attributes

    • Can now prohibit to turn off Wi-Fi

    • Can now allow use of the QuickPath keyboard

  • NEW: iOS 13 Exchange configuration attributes

    • Enable/Disable mail, calendar, reminders, notes and contacts synchronization

    • Enable/Disable override mail, calendar, reminders, notes and contacts synchronization by the user

  • NEW: Enroll iPadOS devices

  • UPDATE: The teacher console no longer requires Device Manager & App Store Manager permissions (only Teacher)

  • UPDATE: Reduced redundant log output for supervised iOS device action changes

  • FIX: Education classes could not be deleted

  • FIX: Lesson apps were ignored when calculating required apps

  • FIX: Install of iOS updates

  • FIX: Action states of iOS update actions

  • FIX: Improved favicon retrieval for more use cases

  • FIX: Automatic removal of executed ping actions from the database

  • FIX: Server availability in certain combinations of Ubuntu and OpenJDK

  • FIX: Import of certain KNOX .csv files

Changelog 4.52.3 (2019-09-26)

  • FIX: Fix managed status display of installed apps

  • FIX: Deploying of web links

Changelog 4.52.2 (2019-09-25)

  • UPDATE: Add support for auto-deploying web links

Changelog 4.52.1 (2019-09-24)

  • UPDATE: Missing education certificates are recreated when needed

  • FIX: Handling of iOS MDM command error reports

  • FIX: Status display of iOS update actions

  • FIX: Adjust app publishing to Intune API changes

Changelog 4.52 (2019-09-09)

  • NEW: Publish native apps from Relution to Microsoft Intune

  • NEW: Automatic synchronization of Apple DEP devices (The frequency is configurable in the application.yml and daily by default)

  • NEW: The LDAP/AD education synchronization, which imports classes, teachers and students now adds all teachers to the teacher system group

  • NEW: New iOS 13 DEP steps can be skipped in the DEP profile configuration

  • NEW: Possibility to automatically renew certificates in the certificate template settings

    • The server now checks twice a day if there are certificates that are about to expire.

    • A certificate is about to expire, if its expiration date is within the auto-renewal period of the certificate template it is associated with.

    • The certificate is deleted and a policy refresh is sent to the device. When the device requests its policy, the policy service will auto-generate a new certificate.

  • NEW: New documentation layout for manual, installguide and changelog

  • NEW: Automatically add "https://" prefix for newly created weblinks

  • UPDATE: Reduced amount of education configuration changes

  • UPDATE: Relution Files configuration validation

  • UPDATE: Set defaults in the iOS restriction in shared device mode, when there is no user defined restrictions configuration

Changelog 4.51 (2019-08-20)

  • NEW: Relution Teacher console (Relution iOS app version 4.14 required)

  • NEW: Support for LDAP servers that use memberUid instead of member for group members (e.g. iServ)

  • NEW: Favicon retrieval when adding weblinks

  • FIX: It’s not possible to delete a device after changing its user

  • FIX: Auto update of VPP apps are not working

Changelog 4.50 (2019-08-08)

  • NEW: Relution Files - Connect your SMB or WebDav share with our new iOS configuration (Relution iOS app version 4.12+ required)

  • NEW: Support placeholders in auto-enrollment’s device name

  • UPDATE: Send configuration updates of iOS policies only if they really contain changes (Especially important for Exchange and Mail configurations to not require entering passwords again)

  • UPDATE: Education classes are no longer shown as editable when imported from LDAP

  • FIX: Android VPN L2TP/IPSec configuration

  • FIX: Disabled policy and rule set choice when enrolling a device via system-wide DEP

  • FIX: Sending duplicate emails in case of rule event notification

Changelog 4.49 (2019-07-23)

  • NEW: Automatically import education (classroom) classes with teachers and students via LDAP/AD

  • NEW: On every details refresh, missing required and auto-deployment apps are applied to the device

  • NEW: IKEv2 option for iOS VPN configurations

  • UPDATE: For iOS Home Screen configurations based on categories, apps are now ordered alphabetically inside the category folders

  • UPDATE: Relution ignores the Relution client when it is part of an app compliance’s required apps

  • FIX: Download of DEP server certificate and other resources in tenant organizations

  • FIX: Changing app icons of native apps

  • FIX: Tenant organization permissions when mapping a native app from the store to a client organization

  • FIX: Improved iOS screen shot and screen recording restriction descriptions and dependencies

Changelog 4.48 (2019-07-09)

  • NEW: System-wide DEP - The store organization can now enroll devices in other organizations

  • NEW: DEP - It is now possible to require user authentication to enroll a device for improved security

  • NEW: It is now possible to re-apply a policy that failed to apply

  • NEW: New view in certificate settings that shows certificates issued by the configured Certificate Authority (CA)

  • NEW: Device history now shows information for administrators if CA connection fails or devices fail to get certificates

  • FIX: Removal of policies fails in some cases

  • FIX: App compliance configuration not applied when restrictions configuration is disabled

Changelog 4.47 (2019-06-25)

  • NEW: Collectively arrange app release dates in the app review workflow

  • UPDATE: DEP devices will be made supervised by default

  • FIX: Server startup fails in rare cases

Changelog 4.46 (2019-06-13)

  • NEW: Configure Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) connections and templates in the organization settings and make use of them in the iOS Wi-Fi configuration

  • NEW: Prevent bypass of app release workflow steps

  • FIX: VPP license sync in clustered environments

  • FIX: Remove app action when apps with same internal name but different oeprating systems exist

  • FIX: Automatic release of an app version based on the go-live-date attribute

Changelog 4.45.2 (2019-06-11)

  • FIX: Fixed a server side crash that could occur when Exchange proxy clients repeatedly sent an empty content type header

Changelog 4.45 (2019-05-28)

  • NEW: Can now configure default permissions for new apps (who can see the app) that are set on upload

  • UPDATE: Improved error messages when attempting to use Android Enterprise features when it has not been configured

  • FIX: Android Enterprise device not shown in the inventory after successful enrollment in some cases

  • FIX: Update script can not restart Relution service after successful update in some cases

Changelog 4.44 (2019-05-14)

  • UPDATE: Improved handling of Android Enterprise configurations

  • UPDATE: Improved selection of Android Enterprise permissions in the Manage work apps configuration

  • UPDATE: Extended logs in case of database errors, to allow administrators to fix them more easily

Changelog 4.43 (2019-04-26)

  • NEW: Support for Android Enterprise Work Profile (beta)

  • NEW: Remove VPP licenses when removing VPP apps via Relution Shared Device Mode, app compliance policy and auto deployments

  • UPDATE: All scheduled rules of no longer active rule are cancelled

  • UPDATE: Adding the settings app to the iOS app compliance or restriction blacklist is now forbidden

  • FIX: Inactive Android devices

  • FIX: Removal of the restrictions configuration when a Relution Shared Device policy is removed

  • FIX: Quotes in the relution-foreground batch file to save log files correctly

  • FIX: Saving developer information while editing apps

Changelog 4.42 (2019-04-09)

  • UPDATE: Renewed iOS Client Push Certificates

  • UPDATE: Deploy managed app configs during the MDM app installation on iOS

  • UPDATE: Support phone number and email are no longer required

  • FIX: Running VPP sync in clustered server setups

  • FIX: Installation and removal of required apps for some configurations with Shared Device mode

Changelog 4.41 (2019-03-20)

  • UPDATE: New MDM certificates

  • FIX: In multi-tenancy environments the system organization is selectable in the organization switcher, even when the user has no permission

Changelog 4.40 (2019-03-13)

  • UPDATE: Improve automatic conversion of iOS app icons to PNGs

  • UPDATE: Creation and restoration of required system roles, groups and users on startup

  • FIX: Docker-compose setup update instructions

  • FIX: Aborted database migration can be restarted without cleanup after unlocking the database

  • FIX: DEP certificate creation cache

  • FIX: Auto enrollment filter

Changelog 4.39 (2019-02-27)

  • UPDATE: No more compliance violations shown for whitelisted apps in the iOS compliance configuration which the user cannot fix on his own

  • UPDATE: Performance improvements for switching between tenants/organizations

  • FIX: Honor organization’s "mail from" setting for user invitations

  • FIX: Manual app re-signing

  • FIX: iOS Global HTTP Proxy configuration now supports IP addresses

  • FIX: Accessing apps when a user/assignee is removed from a step in the app review process

  • FIX: Knox Mobile Enrollments (KME) via bluetooth

Changelog 4.38 (2019-02-15)

  • NEW: Copy iOS policies from a store organization to target organizations

  • NEW: Added option to Relution Shared Device mode to define which apps should be deleted on user logout

  • NEW: New option in DEP profiles to activate Apple’s Shared iPad mode (Apple School Manager necessary)

  • UPDATE: The iOS app compliance configuration now validates that required apps are on the whitelist

  • UPDATE: The iOS app compliance configuration now uninstalls required apps from the device when it is removed

  • UPDATE: Corrected the availability of apps on devices when using combinations of Relution Shared Device mode, auto-deployments and the app compliance configuration

  • FIX: iOS compliance violations

  • FIX: Accessing the correct workflow step in app review workflow scenarios

  • FIX: iOS app compliance configuration while updating Relution

Changelog 4.37 (2019-02-05)

  • NEW: New attributes in the iOS Exchange configuration (OAuth & SMIME)

  • NEW: New attributes in the iOS restrictions configuration (Date & Time, Password, Keyboard, Auto correction, Dictation, Managed app permissions, eSIM)

  • NEW: Switching between iOS policies no longer intermittently removes the VPN if both policies contain an identical VPN configuration

  • NEW: Apps in the iOS app compliance configuration that were automatically installed are now uninstalled when the policy is removed

  • UPDATE: Switching between users in Relution’s Shared Device Mode no longer removes apps that are part of the required apps configuration

  • UPDATE: Auto-Deploy apps which are added to users/groups in the Relution Shared Device Mode for iOS are installed and visible for the user

  • FIX: iOS Wallpaper configuration

  • FIX: Compliance violations view for unsupervised devices

Changelog 4.36.1 (2019-02-04)

  • FIX: Policy update on iOS devices with an Exchange account configuration that was created by a previous server version

Changelog 4.36 (2019-01-22)

  • NEW: Face recognition option in Android passcode configuration

  • NEW: Support for Android devices with multiple SIM cards

  • NEW: When a device is reset or removed from Relution, the VPP licenses assigned to it are removed

  • NEW: Wi-Fi Whitelisting option in the iOS restrictions

  • UPDATE: Optimized handling of iOS policy update order (Wi-Fi and Exchange are not re-applied)

  • FIX: Device details and Secure Mail Gateway for devices with multiple SIM cards

  • FIX: Re-apply of policies after user change

Changelog 4.35.1 (2019-01-16)

  • UPDATE: Organization admins are now allowed to publish to MQTT topics within their organization

  • FIX: Stability improvements when devices reconnect to MQTT

Changelog 4.35 (2019-01-08)

  • NEW: Manual design of the iOS Home Screen Layout

  • NEW: iOS wallpaper configuration

  • NEW: iOS update state in device details

  • NEW: VPP app licenses are revoked on device deletion and factory reset

  • UPDATE: Optimized handling of iOS policy update order

  • UPDATE: Moved iOS app white-/blacklist from restritions to app compliance configurations for new policies

  • UPDATE: Automatic updates of VPP apps on devices are now only performed if a VPP license for the app has been assigned to the device

  • FIX: Enrollments with user placeholders

  • FIX: Workflow step references when moving app versions to the archive

  • FIX: Deletion of FAQ entries

  • FIX: Auto-Enrollment view in Firefox

  • FIX: Expiration date settings for enrollment if notifications are disabled

  • FIX: Refresh view after app review step approval

  • FIX: Change user of enrolled devices

  • FIX: DEP Account singularity

  • FIX: Rate public apps

Changelog 4.34 (2018-12-30)

  • NEW: Keystores can be configured with environment variables.

  • NEW: Storage provider can be configured with environment variables.

Changelog 4.33 (2018-12-04)

  • NEW: Enable placeholders in enrollments

  • NEW: Enroll MacOS devices (beta) via Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

  • New: Enrollment page displays the default policies and rulesets, if nothing is selected

  • UPDATE: Automatic updates of VPP apps are now based on assigned licenses

  • UPDATE: Updates of group members will update the Apple Classroom education configuration on the device

  • UPDATE: A newly enrolled device with a student assigned to a class will automatically receive the Apple Classroom education configuration

  • FIX: fails on Linux systems that do not use systemd

  • FIX: Apple Classroom configuration for Classroom version 2.3.1

    • To make use of the fix, please go to “Education” and save every class again

    • If the Classroom app is stuck on a device, please restart the device

    • Please be aware that updating the Relution server to version 4.33 can take longer than usual

  • FIX: Apple Classroom students offline issue if in multiple classes

  • FIX: Apple Classroom assigning groups to classes

  • FIX: App installations with the app compliance configuration

Changelog 4.32 (2018-11-20)

  • NEW: iOS Home Screen Layout configuration now considers webclips, required and auto-deploy apps

  • NEW: Delete DEP profiles

  • UPDATE: iOS Home Screen Layout configuration groups all system apps in the first folder

  • FIX: Several parameters of the iOS Wi-Fi configuration

  • FIX: Relution app updates for Device Users

  • FIX: Policy links in device details if policy version is not present

  • FIX: Default policy deletion

  • FIX: Rule Set deletion

Changelog 4.31 (2018-11-08)

  • NEW: Webclips, required & auto-deploy apps are considered when using the automatic home screen layout configuration

  • NEW: Set a refresh intervall in Android Kiosk Mode configuration

  • NEW: Possibility to clean up KME auto enrollments during .csv file upload

  • NEW: Dropdown to switch between organizations shows also the unique names in multi-tenant environments

  • NEW: iOS update action shows the OS versions in device details

  • NEW: App history entries for nightly public app updates

  • NEW: Proxy support for the DEP synchronization

  • FIX: Shared Device Mode user switching

  • FIX: Unknown policy delivery date

  • FIX: Nightly public app updater

Changelog 4.30 (2018-10-25)

  • NEW: Automatically update deployed VPP apps on managed devices. This can be configured in “Settings” - “Volume Purchase Program”

  • NEW: The list of a device’s installed apps shows additional information like size, distribution or update status

  • NEW: Approximate download sizes of apps are shown in the iOS “App Compliance” configuration

  • NEW: Columns for “Supervision” and “Wi-Fi MAC” in device inventory

  • NEW: Improve displaying of error messages for MDM actions with multiple commands on iOS, e.g. applying a policy

  • UPDATE: Log out user on device when applying Relution Shared Device configuration

  • UPDATE: Improved reliability and error handling of Relution installation and update scripts

  • UPDATE: Show correct user names in device inventory after the name has been changed

  • UPDATE: Improved DEP synchronization error messages

  • UPDATE: Allow user email addresses with only three or four characters

  • UPDATE: Multi selection of devices in device inventory for iOS update actions

  • FIX: DEP synchronization fails in certain use cases

  • FIX: Deleting policies fails in certain use cases

  • FIX: Saving enrollments where the email notification could not be sent

  • FIX: Automatically deployed apps no longer disappearing after installation on Relution Shared Devices when a restrictions configuration is applied

  • FIX: Ensure that users assigned to managed devices have at least the role “Device User”

  • FIX: Devices in status “Deletion pending” cannot be (auto-)enrolled

  • FIX: Previously updated iOS device stuck in update status “Downloading” or “Installing”

  • FIX: Selecting groups of teachers in the education configuration

  • FIX: Error if policy name is not present

  • FIX: Menu bar sorting slowly

  • FIX: Screenshot upload

Changelog 4.29.1 (2018-10-16)

  • FIX: Combination of Auto-deployments, Shared Device Mode and restriction configuration

Changelog 4.29 (2018-09-28)

  • NEW: Automatically update iOS at a certain weekday/time with the new iOS Updates configurations

  • NEW: Reboot Samsung devices with a new action

  • NEW: Device history entries for user login & logout

  • NEW: Installation checklist available under

  • FIX: Validation problems of organizations with special characters

  • FIX: Creating groups in system organization

  • FIX: Purchased Apps view crash

  • FIX: Device inventory crash because of iOS version updates

  • FIX: Missing app name in the Deploy App from Apple App Store action

  • FIX: Adding additional configurations to shared device mode configurations

  • FIX: Devices in status Deletiion pending cannot be (auto-)enrolled

  • FIX: Education configuration

Changelog 4.28 (2018-09-23)

  • FIX: Sometimes not all ios details were displayed

  • FIX: Parsing of available os update actions

Changelog 4.27 (2018-09-21)

  • NEW: Action for iOS to install available OS updates

  • NEW: Action for Samsung devices for remote reboot

  • NEW: Action for Android to ask users to install certain Play Store apps

  • NEW: File upload for Android can now automatically extract ZIP files

  • UPDATE: Improved search in online documentation

Changelog 4.26 (2018-09-11)

  • NEW: Relution Shared Device (beta)

    • Requirements: iOS 9.3+ supervised, Relution iOS app version 4.4+

    • Provide different apps for multiple students using the same device by defining auto-deployments

    • Enable a login/logout possibility on the iOS device

    • After a login on the device the assigned apps are deployed to the device

    • After a logout on the device all assigned or managed apps are removed from the device

  • NEW: Auto-Deployments

    • Define which apps should be deployed after a user logs in

    • Define the apps which are automatically deployed in the app settings and in the user’s edit view

  • NEW: Device enrollments are now possible without choosing a user

  • NEW: Change the user of an enrolled device

  • NEW: Show current (iOS, Android) and available (iOS) operating system versions in device inventory and details

  • NEW: Added new DEP profile steps which can be skipped (Software Update, Screen Time, iMessage and Facetime and Lock Screen appearance)

  • NEW: Placeholders can be used in the Lock Screen Message configuration

  • NEW: Organization unique names are shown in the filters for system administrators

  • NEW: Color scheme for auto-enrollment states

  • NEW: Next button in the search bar of the documentation

  • UPDATE: Purchase App button in the purchased app view leads to Apple Business or Apple School depending on the Relution license

  • UPDATE: New imprint version

Changelog 4.25 (2018-09-07)

  • FIX: Secure Mail Gateway handling of HTTP Headers is now case-insensitive

Changelog 4.24 (2018-08-29)

  • NEW: Extended the Android Kiosk Mode with a Single App Mode

    • Requirement: Relution app version 3.68+

  • NEW: VPN configurations can be deployed to Samsung devices (Relution app version 3.68+ required)

  • NEW: Can now group apps by category in the Android Kiosk mode (Relution app version 3.68+ required)

    • Apps that are in a single category are in a folder named like the category

    • Apps in more than one category are in the first folder (alphabetically)

    • Apps without category are positioned after the folders

  • NEW: Login as organization administrator for system administrators

  • UPDATE: Consistent versioning scheme for Samsung Knox versions

  • UPDATE: The default in app compliance configurations was changed to Blacklist

  • FIX: Inconsistent locale in dates of enrollments

  • FIX: Missing translations in action and policy views

  • FIX: iOS Refresh device info actions are stuck

Changelog 4.23 (2018-08-24)

  • FIX: MDM Actions are stuck in pending state

Changelog 4.22 (2018-08-14)

  • NEW: Android Wi-Fi configuration now supports configuration of proxy settings (Android 4.2.2 - 7.1.2 and Relution app version 3.67+ required)

  • NEW: Invite users to your organization (now available for on-premise installations)

  • NEW: DEP support for MacOS (MacOS support is in beta)

  • UPDATE: Telephone number validation now allows slashes, dashes and brackets

  • UPDATE: Web API documentation is now also available to organization administrators

  • UPDATE: Access to 3rd party licenses has been limited to system administrators

  • UPDATE: Clickable areas of radio buttons are now larger

  • FIX: VPP license sync after location de-assignment in Apple school/business manager hangs indefinitely

  • FIX: VPP automatic license association for device users

  • FIX: Rule set execution for device users

  • FIX: Terms and conditions are not shown in the user’s language

  • FIX: Kiosk image upload does not work

  • FIX: Clicking the search icon results in an error with no search term

  • FIX: Spacing issues between labels and tags

Changelog 4.21 (2018-08-02)

  • FIX: Repeating device name change actions

Changelog 4.20 (2018-07-31)

  • NEW: Group app icons of one category into a folder on the home screen on iOS (supervised)

    • Apps that are in a single category are in a folder named like the category

    • Apps in more than one category are in the first folder (alphabetically)

    • Apps without category are positioned behind the folders

    • The files app, settings, safari and the Relution app are in the dock

  • NEW: Filter for unpublished policies and rule sets

  • NEW: Placeholders available in the DEP inventory’s device name field

  • NEW: Adapt KME enrollment process to Samsung API changes

  • UPDATE: The bundle version is shown in iOS app version details

  • UPDATE: Delete button for released app versions for App Reviewer is disabled

  • UPDATE: Making apps managed on iOS devices simplified

  • FIX: VPP synchronization process never finishes for certain VPP tokens

  • FIX: Performance issues, due to too many change device name actions

  • FIX: Inconsistent locale in expiration date of enrollments

  • FIX: Back buttons for the imprint and app requests pages

  • FIX: Order of release states when creating an app

  • FIX: Enrollment creation does not reload the whole portal anymore

  • FIX: Archived apps are hidden for app reviewers

  • FIX: Inconsistent locale in date of enrollment

  • FIX: Bug in passwort reset functionality

  • Fix: KME database migration on Oracle databases

  • FIX: Enrollments can be created even if the QR code creation is not available

  • FIX: App signing service input of short versions

  • FIX: Saving developer details attributes for new weblinks

Changelog 4.19 (2018-07-17)

  • NEW: The device name entered in (Auto-)Enrollments will be set on the device (iOS supervised only)

  • NEW: First beta of MacOS support (open a ticket if you want this enabled on your system to test it)

  • NEW: Faster VPP sync algorithm, supports Apple changes in VPP API

  • UPDATE: Improved documentation available in the portal (4 languages)

  • UPDATE: Make documentation responsive (works on mobile devices now)

  • FIX: Database support for Oracle improved

Changelog 4.18 (2018-07-05)

  • NEW: Possibility to accept privacy policy for invited users and enrollments

  • NEW: View the VPP synchronization status and history in the VPP settings

  • NEW: Filter for OS version, model, device status, ownership, policies and rule sets in the app license view

  • NEW: View the creation & deletion state of VPP tokens

  • UPDATE: Show customer name in custom portal widget

  • UPDATE: Improved the organization creation speed

  • UPDATE: Changed the SMS originator length to 10

  • FIX: Blocked VPP synchronisation

  • FIX: Deleting VPP tokens

  • FIX: VPP synchronization, if the Relution service is restarted during a synchronization

  • FIX: Data loss while cloning the Kiosk Mode configuration

  • FIX: Icon position on login screen

  • FIX: Sending enrollment SMS with too long originator

  • FIX: Ruleset execution problems

Changelog 4.17 (2018-06-22)

  • UPDATE: New button labels in the auto enrollment view

  • FIX: VPP connection reset error

  • FIX: Autocompletion for input fields

Changelog 4.16 (2018-06-18)

  • UPDATE: The install app action for iOS .ipa files, performed on an already installed app, makes the app managed

Changelog 4.15 (2018-06-12)

  • UPDATE: Installation documentation

  • FIX: Apple classroom configuration error

  • FIX: Relution service start when VPP is not available

  • FIX: Adjusted limits in the iOS password configuration

  • FIX: SMS originator field length

Changelog 4.14 (2018-06-05)

  • NEW: App reports in the store organization for multi-tenant configurations

  • NEW: Configure multi-tenant users

  • UPDATE: Installation documentation

Changelog 4.13 (2018-05-29)

  • NEW: Added possibilities to use the automatic enrollment view more efficient

    • Select Profile

    • Select User

    • Select/Remove Policy

    • Select/Remove Rule Set

  • NEW: Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)

    • NEW: Automatically created KME users are now visible and editable to prevent license violations

    • UPDATE: Re-usage of autoenrollments and automatically created users

    • FIX: Upload of certain .csv files

    • FIX: Missing data while importing certain .csv file

    • FIX: Invalid reported states of bluetooth enrolled devices

    • FIX: Generation of too many automatically created KME users

  • NEW: Added app history entries for several app publishing events

  • NEW: Additional warning before a device is deleted from automatically enrolled devices

  • FIX: Multi-tenancy switcher when logging in and out

  • FIX: DHCP value in Androids device details can be null

  • FIX: Show the correct domain in the Secure Mail Gateway settings

Changelog 4.12 (2018-05-22)

  • NEW: GDPR / DSGVO compliance

    • Added a new privacy policy, which is editable by organization administrators

    • Added export of user data for organization administrators in user details

    • Privacy policy is now shown on first login or after changes if enabled

  • NEW: Improved HTML documentation styling for better readability

  • FIX: Tab titles in web portal

  • FIX: User links in app workflow

  • FIX: Long certificate names on the dashboard

Changelog 4.11 (2018-05-08)

  • NEW: Support for deploying managed apps to enrolled iOS devices via the Relution iOS app (starting with version 4.1 of the app)

  • FIX: Handling of SMTP server connections without authentication

  • FIX: Settings for branch protection in GitLab repositories created by Relution

Changelog 4.10 (2018-04-25)

  • UPDATE: Improved app installation from Relution Enterprise App Store via AirWatch

  • FIX: Links in generated app re-signing emails

  • FIX: Name limit of apps which are uploaded to the Apple App Store

Changelog 4.9 (2018-04-18)

  • NEW: Trigger Airwatch MDM actions for app installations from the iOS Relution Enterprise App Store app

  • UPDATE: New layout for the restriction configuration for iOS and Android

  • UPDATE: Support for uploading Android P (preview) apps

  • FIX: Upload of certain Android app files (*.apk)

Changelog 4.8 (2018-04-10)

  • UPDATE: Tooltips and badges for iOS restrictions

  • FIX: Uploading problematic Android app files (*.apk)

  • FIX: Enrollment links are not clickable anymore on Desktop Browsers

  • FIX: Enrollment list view filtered by deletd state

  • FIX: Browser back functionality in settings

  • FIX: Missing back buttons

  • FIX: Access from 3rd party services via access tokens

  • FIX: Knox Mobile Enrollment

  • FIX: Connection to Airwatch servers

Changelog 4.7 (2018-03-27)

  • NEW: iOS actions Shutdown, Reboot and Stop Mirroring for supervised devices, Request Mirroring for all devices

  • UPDATE: iOS devices where the user is Device User only, is compliant even though the Relution app is not opened

  • FIX: Double open buttons for public apps and weblinks

  • FIX: Missing badges for iOS actions which are available for supervised and lost mode devices

Changelog 4.6 (2018-03-20)

  • FIX: Disable autodeployment checkbox for public android apps

  • FIX: Fix directory check and improve configuration file handling in bin/

  • FIX: App download whitelisting in App Store settings

  • FIX: Upload of certificates during app signing

  • FIX: Potential server start issue

Changelog 4.5 (2018-03-14)

  • NEW: Samsung Knox Deploy app enrollment

  • UPDATE: Handling iOS policy changes including Wi-Fi configurations has been changed to avoid in between Wi-Fi loss

  • UPDATE: AirWatch Smartgroup synchronization are filtered by AirWatch organization ID

  • UPDATE: VPP license synchronization is now asynchronous and capable to run in clustered mode

  • UPDATE: New loading indicators for long running requests

  • UPDATE: New implementation of the Secure Mail Gateway

  • FIX: Character limit for iOS managed app configurations removed

  • FIX: Clear multitenancy parameters on logout

  • FIX: Remember me function on login screen

  • FIX: Navigation bar menu highlighting

Changelog 4.4 (2018-03-06)

  • UPDATE: Server administration interface is available under ${hostname}/system/portal/ for the system administrator

  • FIX: iOS MDM action errors

  • FIX: Currencies for apps from Google Play Store

  • FIX: AirWatch app publishing can use unavailable review steps

Changelog 4.3 (2018-02-27)

  • NEW: Relution API reference can be accessed via the help menu as system administrator

  • UPDATE: All configurations moved from gofer/gui to application.yml

  • UPDATE: Refresh button moved to top right corner

  • UPDATE: MongoDB configuration is no longer mandatory

  • FIX: LDAP configuration migration from Relution 3.x to 4.x

  • FIX: Relution server start if server port is set

  • FIX: Forgot your password functionality

  • FIX: VPP license tab shows up for all public apps

  • FIX: DEP profile creation with emojis as name or department name

  • FIX: DEP profile assignment not shown in auto enrollment list

  • FIX: Localisation handling for app names

  • FIX: Error message on final action retry

  • FIX: Multiple creation of policy configurations

  • FIX: Disabled app compliance configuration pushing apps

  • FIX: Error codes

Changelog 4.2 (2018-02-06)

  • NEW: New server administration interface for local administrators available via http://localhost:8099 (accessible only from the server host)

  • NEW: In case of recoverable errors, app install actions are retried up to three times (once per minute)

  • FIX: Optimized dashboard widget performance and fixed widget behaviour for new organizations

  • FIX: App redirects during app upload

Changelog 4.1 (2018-01-30)

  • UPDATE: Find all used 3rd party licenses under ${hostURL}/licenses.json

  • UPDATE: Ctrl-C handling to gracefully shutdown the server

  • FIX: Performance of dashboard widgets

  • FIX: Performance of classroom configurations

  • FIX: Error messages in app publishing to AirWatch

  • FIX: VPP license association

  • FIX: Saving a new app publishing target

  • FIX: Deleting organizations with user data

  • FIX: Links in the reset password mail are now clickable

Changelog 4.0 (2018-01-09)

  • Introducing Relution 4 built on Spring Boot (Learn more about the Spring Framework)

    • Main changes

      • Configurations moved from ${hostname}/gofer/gui/ to application.yml file in the installation folder

      • Setup and update process documented in the installguide

      • Server administration interface available under ${hostname}/system/portal/ for system administrators

      • No changes of requirements or compatibilities

  • FIX: DEP device synchronisation in multi-tenant environments

  • FIX: E-mail templates sent to Windows phones

Changelog 3.117 (2018-01-23)

  • NEW: On every VPP synchronization, all public apps are added to Relution automatically

  • NEW: The “Purchased Apps” view shows additional information

  • NEW: The “Licenses” tab in the “App” view shows additional information

  • NEW: VPP license information has been added to the iOS app compliance configration

  • NEW: Automatic assignment of available VPP app licenses to devices when deploying public iOS AppStore apps via MDM

  • UPDATE: VPP synchronization only enabled when not already in progress

  • UPDATE: VPP synchroization is done in the background to avoid timoeout errors

  • FIX: VPP dissacotiation and re-association

Changelog 3.116 (2018-01-16)

  • FIX: Disappearing devices while DEP synchronization if a DEP device gets removed and directly readded to the organization

  • FIX: DEP synchronization result if multiple DEP accounts are configured on one server

  • FIX: VPP license assignment if a license is already assigned to the same device in a different organzation

  • FIX: Choosing apps in the app compliance configation

  • FIX: Checkbox for deploying apps automatically in the app compliance confiration

Changelog 3.115 (2017-12-21)

  • NEW: Manage student and teacher iPads with the Apple Classroom configuration for iOS devices (education license required)

  • NEW: Publish iOS apps automatically to iTunes Connect

Changelog 3.114 (2017-12-12)

  • UPDATE: Improved app category handling when the feature is disabled

  • UPDATE: Improved usability of the Organization Group ID in the Airwatch app publishing settings

  • FIX: Icons in Exchange configurations

  • FIX: Issue which occurred when deleting certain organizations

  • FIX: Issue which occurred when changing the default organization language

Changelog 3.113 (2017-12-05)

  • UPDATE: New view and workflows for apps and versions

  • FIX: Secure Mail Gateway for several Samsung, Huawei and Motorola devices

  • FIX: Syncing DEP devices

  • FIX: Saving enrollments

  • FIX: App version view

Changelog 3.112 (2017-11-29)

  • UPDATE: New view and workflows for apps and versions (beta)

  • UPDATE: Re-Sign apps for the Apple App Store (iTunes Connect)

  • FIX: Error codes for auto-enrollments and DEP

  • FIX: App download button in Firefox

Changelog 3.111 (2017-11-22)

  • NEW: VPN type Cisco AnyConnect in iOS policies

  • NEW: Possibility to adjust organization wide notification settings

  • NEW: Added icons to menu

  • UPDATE: Tracking of installed apps on iOS devices if devices are not enrolled

  • FIX: Double click on add app

  • FIX: Changing API key of AirWatch connections

  • FIX: App re-signing started twice

Changelog 3.110 (2017-11-14)

  • UPDATE: Default position on map of located devices

  • UPDATE: Development environments can be deleted even if the linked repository is no longer accessible

  • FIX: Clean up created users in managed development environments upon deletion of a Relution user

  • FIX: Count of devices in auto enrollment views

Changelog 3.109 (2017-11-07)

  • NEW: App Signing Services creates app history entries for created push certificates

  • NEW: App Signing Services settings show the Team identifier

  • UPDATE: App signing service creates push certificates only for apps which require them

  • UPDATE: General portal improvements

  • FIX: VPP refunded licenses bug

  • FIX: Loading the app version view with dublicate attributes

Changelog 3.108 (2017-11-04)

  • UPDATE: Build Template for GitLab CI

  • FIX: Deletion of inactive DEP Accounts

Changelog 3.107 (2017-10-25)

  • NEW: Add Airwatch Smart Groups to automatically uploaded apps

  • UPDATE: Several improvements for the GitLab integration

  • FIX: New and improved error messages for the App Signing Service and Development Hub

  • FIX: Session handling

  • FIX: Handling of VPP license status “refunded”

Changelog 3.106 (2017-10-17)

  • NEW: Connect your GitLab repositories and CI jobs to the Relution Development Hub

  • NEW: Android Kiosk mode option to show apps installed by administrators

  • NEW: Android GPS and date settings restrictions

  • NEW: Automatic saving of customized columns

  • UPDATE: Removed disown DEP device button

  • UPDATE: Improved performance of compliance violations

  • FIX: App selector in the app store settings

  • FIX: Session handling after session has expired

  • FIX: Validation of email adresses containing + and umlauts

  • FIX: Several fixes for the usage of oracle databases

Changelog 3.105 (2017-10-12)

  • NEW: Publish enterprise apps automatically to Airwatch

  • UPDATE: UI improvements for app review workflows and license view

  • FIX: Optimize performance when updating public apps

  • FIX: Locales for Auto enrollment

Changelog 3.104 (2017-09-29)

  • NEW: Added support for KNOX mobile enrollment (KME)

  • NEW: Add push notification support to automatic signing

  • NEW: Blackberry Push is no longer supported

Changelog 3.103 (2017-09-19)

  • NEW: Relution generates push certificates automatically when it re-signs apps automatically

  • NEW: Customize columns in apps, public store search, VPP purchased apps, devices, enrollments, bulk enrollments, policies and rule-sets views

  • FIX: Parse app names and icons for some Android apps

  • FIX: Update automatic signing configuration

  • FIX: Added missing translations

  • FIX: Push Relution app after DEP enrollment

Changelog 3.102 (2017-09-12)

  • FIX: Bulk association and disassociation of VPP licenses

  • FIX: Assigning a group as reviewer

  • FIX: Certificate changes in app signing service

  • FIX: Compliance violation selection in rule sets

  • NEW: MariaDB driver update and support for emojis

  • NEW: Tooltips for app publishing and app signing

Changelog 3.101 (2017-09-05)

  • NEW: Sign iOS apps manually in the Relution Portal by using the automatic signing settings

  • UPDATE: Require system administrator permissions for system information endpoint

  • FIX: VPP batch license association

  • FIX: Automatic deployment checkbox in App Compliance configuration for Android

Changelog 3.100 (2017-08-29)

  • FIX: DEP profile creation in invalid cases

  • FIX: DEP profile pagination

  • FIX: App Signing Service developer account handling

  • FIX: Notes check for app owners in app version details

  • FIX: MobileIron Connected Cloud connection

Changelog 3.99 (2017-08-22)

  • NEW: Automatic app signing is available for all on-premise servers

  • NEW: New entries in the app history are created when apps are automatically signed

  • UPDATE: New versions and metadata of the sample apps which are prefilled for every new organization

  • FIX: Bugs in crashreporting feature

  • FIX: User interface for automatic signing configuration

  • FIX: German translations in Relution Portal

  • FIX: File picker for app upload does not cache former files

Changelog 3.98 (2017-08-15)

  • UPDATE: No notifications sent for automatic review steps

  • UPDATE: New Windows Phone Application Enrollment token

  • UPDATE: Re-Signing app versions with same internal name and version code will replace all app metadata

  • NEW: It is now possible to configure the BYOD settings in the Device Management view

  • FIX: Go-Live date gets lost when changing App data

Changelog 3.97 (2017-08-08)

  • NEW: User profile page to manage user details, access tokens and SSH keys from main menu

  • NEW: Define your Relution Portal start page from the main menu

  • UPDATE: Upload app versions with expired provisioning profiles to DEVELOPMENT or REVIEW state

  • UPDATE: The map in the device location view is back

  • FIX: MDM policy sorting

  • FIX: Wording in Relution Portal for categories, rules, app owners and certificates

  • FIX: Adjusted background color for Windows Phone apps

  • FIX: Promote button in store organization is no longer shown

  • FIX: User setting an assignee to an app review step

  • FIX: Password reset in public store view

  • FIX: Extend target provider settings for MobileIron to differentiate between Connected Cloud and Core Server

  • FIX: Display app names based on current active locale

  • FIX: Custom CSS navigation bar

  • FIX: Creating users from the enrollment view

  • FIX: AppConnect information in app version detail view

  • FIX: HTTPS for shortened enrollment URLs enabled

  • FIX: GitLab repositories

  • FIX: Saving publishing targets when an app is updated

Changelog 3.96 (2017-07-28)

  • NEW: Automatic re-signing of new iOS app versions on upload to Relution

  • NEW: Publish enterprise apps automatically to MobileIron including MobileIron labels

  • NEW: The App Release Workflow allows automatic app releases on a specified point in time

  • NEW: Automatic assignment of app owners to app review steps if no assignee is chosen

  • NEW: Enable a public app store view for users without login to browse released enterprise apps and request apps from public stores

  • NEW: Placeholders are now available in iOS managed app configurations

  • UPDATE: New mechanism for importing apps from the Google Play Store to reduce errors

  • UPDATE: While adding public apps from the Google Play Store the country needs to be selected

  • UPDATE: App history extended with entries for automatic app uploads to MobileIron

  • UPDATE: New format for placeholders for MDM policies

  • UPDATE: Allow usage of all available AWS Regions for the App Signing Service

  • UPDATE: Removed organization configurations as superuser from Admin portal (gofer/gui)

  • FIX: GZIP encoding when accessing REST resources via Firefox address bar

  • FIX: Re-Enrollment problems with older iOS devices

  • FIX: Wrong error codes on saving Development Hub settings

  • FIX: Applying an empty policies with disabled condifuration does not produce an error anymore

Changelog 3.95 (2017-07-24)

  • NEW: Every new organization is prefilled with a sample app with three versions

  • NEW: iOS managed app configuration now supports placeholders

  • NEW: Improved overall performance

  • UPDATE: Only one SMS and SMTP configuration per server possible

  • FIX: Missing settings in some organizations

  • FIX: Error messages for app uploads aborted by proxy servers

  • FIX: Google Play Store search

Changelog 3.94 (2017-07-11)

  • FIX: Added a loading indicator on saving app versions

  • FIX: Web Content Filter policy configuration for iOS

  • FIX: Client app is reset to public app in organization settings when the currently selected app is deleted

  • FIX: App details page

  • FIX: Deleting users

Changelog 3.93 (2017-07-04)

  • NEW: iOS Single App Mode - Lock your supervised iOS device to only one app, which cannot be left

  • NEW: Whenever app metadata is changed in the store organization it will be applied to all organizations

  • NEW: Improved performance of the app inventory view in the portal

  • FIX: Creating development environments with the same name in different organizations

Changelog 3.92 (2017-06-27)

  • NEW: Ability to map app permissions into several child organization from the store organization

  • FIX: Creating groups as super user

  • FIX: Portal no longer only shows a maximum of 30 development environments or app projects

  • FIX: Updated crypto modules configuration

Changelog 3.91 (2017-06-23)

  • FIX: App Permissions could not be set for newly uploaded apps

Changelog 3.90 (2017-06-20)

  • NEW: Option to deactivate the group synchronization in the LDAP/AD connector

  • FIX: GitLab projects in the Development Hub

Changelog 3.89 (2017-06-13)

  • NEW: Search for users and groups from LDAP or AD without the need to synchronize them

  • NEW: Added how-to for Development Hub GitLab projects

  • FIX: Rejection e-mail notifications

  • FIX: Dashboard display error on reload

  • FIX: Layout of app history

  • FIX: Sort order of app requests by price

  • FIX: Organization creation with validation errors

  • FIX: Adding a user to a new group as organization administrator

  • FIX: Development Hub validations

  • FIX: Positioning of icons in enrollment view

  • FIX: Docker setup

  • FIX: Problem while reading compliance violations

  • FIX: Problem when querying for device policy

Changelog 3.88 (2017-06-06)

  • NEW: iOS 9.3 supports a feature called Managed Lost Mode. This allows you to put a supervised device in lost mode via MDM without the need for an Apple ID. Also supported is location tracking and play an alarm sound while the device is in lost mode.

  • NEW: Extended app information from provisioning profiles and restrictions

  • FIX: Device details serialization

  • FIX: Retry Google acount login to get public apps

  • FIX: Long comments in workflow steps

  • FIX: Development Hub settings fail on saving

Changelog 3.87 (2017-06-01)

  • NEW: Filter and search for new attributes in the device inventory like IMEI or model

  • NEW: Invite users to join your team (this feature can be activated individually per server)

  • NEW: Notifications and coachmarks

  • NEW: Disable root detection for Android devices from the restrictions configurations

  • NEW: Added possibility to use an on-premise app signing service

  • NEW: Support information attributes for apps

  • NEW: Additional app restrictions are shown per app version

  • NEW: Tutorial information is now displayed

  • FIX: Deletion of app projects and development environments

  • FIX: Missing translations in app history

  • FIX: E-Mail validation during organization creation

  • FIX: Devices not reporting device details

  • FIX: FIX: DEP inventory filters

  • FIX: DEP inventory sorting

  • FIX: DEP inventory search

  • FIX: DEP profiles filters

  • FIX: DEP profiles sorting

  • FIX: DEP profiles search

  • FIX: Login with iOS client

  • FIX: Device location view error

  • FIX: Applying policies to devices

  • FIX: Filter used by iOS client to filter apps by OS

  • FIX: App review workflow steps

  • FIX: Fixed an issue that allowed users without any groups to log in.

Changelog 3.86 (2017-05-19)

  • NEW: Search for more attributes in the device inventory like IMEI or device model

  • NEW: Create public filters for other users of the Relution Portal

  • FIX: Validation of email attribute in the organization creation screen

  • FIX: Push required apps on iOS devices

  • FIX: Web content filter configuration for iOS devices

  • FIX: Native app upload when using MongoDB

  • FIX: Request apps

  • FIX: Sending policies to Windows Phone 10 devices

Changelog 3.85 (2017-05-09)

  • NEW: Add a whitelist of non downloadable apps in appstore settings

  • NEW: Added noindex, nofollow, nosnippet and noarchive parameter to index.html

  • NEW: Updated default MDM Push and APNS certifactes

  • FIX: Login performance when using Azure AD

  • FIX: iOS devices do not ask for exchange password when using Secure Mail Gateway

  • FIX: Security improvement of diverse endpoints

  • FIX: LDAP/AD group synchronization

  • FIX: Pricetype filter in app requests view

  • FIX: Open apps as system admin

  • FIX: User selection in new enrollment view

  • FIX: Web content filter configuration for iOS supervised devices

  • FIX: Deactivation of the app request feature

  • FIX: Image sizes in html documentation

  • FIX: App version relations when using store organization

Changelog 3.84 (2017-05-02)

  • FIX: Global HTTP Proxy configuration for supervised iOS devices

  • FIX: Translations in MDM policies

  • FIX: App inventory and enrollments filters

  • FIX: Certificate file picker in Firefox

  • FIX: Added user/group type information to authentication endpoint

Changelog 3.83 (2017-04-26)

  • NEW: Global HTTP Proxy configuration for supervised iOS devices

  • NEW: Lock Screen Message configuration for supervised iOS devices

  • NEW: Mulitple internal improvements

Changelog 3.82 (2017-04-18)

  • NEW: Updated to use utf8mb4

  • FIX: Secure Mail Gateway to support Lotus Notes SP6

  • FIX: Migration scripts for MS-SQL installations

  • NEW: The App Security Center is no longer available

Changelog 3.81 (2017-04-04)

  • NEW: Change order of authentication methods: Relution device key, Session cookie, Basic authentication

  • FIX: Translations of configurations

Changelog 3.80 (2017-03-29)

  • FIX: sorting for organizations as system admin

  • FIX: VPP license status check while pushing public apps

  • FIX: Link in app approval email

  • FIX: Enrolled iOS client loses auth aufter pushing another client to the device

Changelog 3.79 (2017-03-22)

  • UPDATE: Adjusted the font of enrollment links for better readability

  • FIX: Handling high load situations

  • FIX: Permission handling which caused problems while creating a user or organization

Changelog 3.78 (2017-03-17)

  • NEW: DEP and Crashreporting features are now available to everybody

  • FIX: Creating weblinks

  • FIX: Deploying apps from a store organization to default organizations

  • FIX: Imprint default language

  • FIX: Displaying bundle information of iOS apps

  • FIX: Platform choice while defining a review workflow

  • FIX: Show correct available placeholders

  • FIX: Platform icons in app details view

  • FIX: Show correct amount of apps in store organization

  • FIX: Default Relution app settings in organization settings

  • FIX: Missing translations

  • FIX: 404 page session handling

  • NEW: Improvements for organization creating performance

Changelog 3.77 (2017-03-08)

  • NEW: Improved app update detection for iOS clients

  • NEW: Improved organization settings management

  • UPDATE: Remove deprecated user management dashboard widget

  • FIX: Organization switcher for large numbers of organization

Changelog 3.76 (2017-03-06)

  • FIX: Performance issue in special data constellations

Changelog 3.75 (2017-02-28)

  • NEW: Device Enrollment Program: The Device Enrollment Program provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned iOS devices, whether purchased directly from Apple or through participating Apple Authorized Resellers.

  • NEW: Deploy public iOS apps to Apple devices without the need of Apple IDs with the new Volume Purchase Program

  • NEW: Crashreporting with Hockeyapp and Apteligent (former Crittercism)

    • Connect your crash reporting account to get all crash reports and exceptions of your apps in Relution

  • NEW: Create objects like policies or enrollments from empty lists in the Relution Portal

  • FIX: Refresh device information

  • FIX: First login after creating an organization

  • FIX: DEP settings view as system admin

  • FIX: DEP missing accounts

  • FIX: VPP app revoking label

  • FIX: iOS version filter for VPP device selection

  • FIX: VPP license association

  • FIX: Organization switcher if a user is in different organizations

  • FIX: Platform chooser on enrollment view

  • FIX: User filter in enrollment view

  • FIX: Configuration notifications

  • FIX: Device availability check

  • FIX: License checker

  • FIX: SQL migration

  • FIX: Authentication, when the organization name gets modified by backend

  • UPDATE: Improved speed of app inventory

Changelog 3.74 (2017-02-17)

  • FIX: Displaying certificate errors on Android enrollment page

  • FIX: Changing settings for secondary organizations

  • FIX: Organization switching for LDAP users

Changelog 3.73 (2017-02-07)

  • NEW: Saving expired apps is possible now

  • NEW: Preparation for assignment of VPP apps to devices

  • FIX: Switching the Relution client apps for primary organization also affects secondary organization and vice-versa

  • FIX: LDAP attributes

  • FIX: Broken ACL entries

  • FIX: Finding Google Play apps like Snapchat

  • FIX: (De)activation of DEP accounts

  • FIX: App search while filters are used

  • FIX: Deactivation of app downloads in the portal

Changelog 3.72 (2017-01-31)

  • NEW: Added device assignability information to purchased app view for VPP

  • FIX: Portal does not show app download buttons if app downloads are disabled in the settings

  • FIX: Sending device compliance history to the server

  • FIX: Development Hub clone URL of the Git repository is shown even if user is not a developer

Changelog 3.71 (2017-01-24)

  • UPDATE: Extended logging functionality to provide more information

  • UPDATE: Improvements for the app signing service

  • UPDATE: Internal improvements

Changelog 3.70 (2017-01-18)

  • FIX: Fixed problem with deleting multiple apps at once on oracle databases

  • FIX: Fixed problems with the Google Play Store importer

Changelog 3.69 (2017-01-11)

  • FIX: Portal bug after error in Re-Sign dialog

  • UPDATE: Internal improvements

Changelog 3.68 (2017-01-03)

  • UPDATE: Serial number of VPP licenses is shown

  • UPDATE: App signing requests are validated now

  • FIX: Device details of iOS devices

  • FIX: App search in app inventory

  • FIX: Actions while selecting multiple devices

  • FIX: Reopening new app dialog

  • FIX: VPP license syncronization

  • FIX: Login of users in mutliple organizations

Changelog 3.67 (2016-12-20)

  • NEW: Launchpad (replaces product tour)

  • NEW: Apple Device Enrollment Progran (in Beta, not on SaaS)

  • FIX: Some iOS 10 devices were shown as incompliant because of missing push service (APNS)

  • FIX: Release status for web links could not be selected

  • FIX: Various UI fixes when using filters

  • FIX: Oracle database problems with upper case characters

  • FIX: Too many App expiration e-mails sent

  • FIX: Some Apps could not be found in Google Play Store

  • FIX: Missing icons for Windows public apps

Changelog 3.66 (2016-12-07)

  • NEW: iOS Enterprise App Re-Signing

    • Re-sign your iOS apps in Relution without the need of XCode.

    • To re-sign an app just select a version of an app, click on Re-Sign and provide a certificate and provisioning profile.

    • You will be informed via e-mail about the re-signed app version or possible problems.

  • UPDATE: Support info is dynamically added to the email notifications, only if it is configured

  • FIX: Fixes for the app signing service

  • FIX: Fixed search for Google Play Store apps with numbers

Changelog 3.65 (2016-11-30)

  • Fixed empty support informations in e-mails

  • Fixed an LDAP issue where users where not synced

  • Encoded umlaut characters in e-mail templates

  • Fixed app siging upload as appstore user

  • New error codes for authentication

  • Fixed an error on saving settings

Changelog 3.64 (2016-11-22)

  • Added failure reporting for the app signing service

  • Adjusted e-mail templates

  • Fixed a bug at deleting SSH keys

  • Fixed a HTTP error code in BaaS environments

  • Fixed a bug on saving users

  • Fixed a bug on signing apps

  • Fixed a bug on accessing the Development Hub

Changelog 3.63 (2016-11-15)

  • App Signing Service: App Reviewer are allowed sign apps

  • Possibility to set Oracle databases to be case sensitive

  • Set version to RELASE in developer organaizations, if the version was approved in store organization

  • Fixed response codes for SSH Key deletion

  • Fixed promotion of apps from the store organization

  • Fixed persistence exceptions in LDAP connector

  • Fixed LiveData exception

Changelog 3.62 (2016-11-08)

  • Improved performance of creating new organizations

  • Fixed a bug while uploading an app to a users second organization

  • Introduced new error codes

  • Security improvements for the app signing service

  • Improved e-mail templates

Changelog 3.61 (2016-11-02)

  • Improved texts in e-mail templates

  • Fixed a bug when deleting apps as developer

  • Possibility to disallow app downloads from Portal

  • Use environment variables to set bug reporter email address

Changelog 3.60 (2016-10-26)

  • Fixed a bug on non existing Development Environments

  • Fixed environment variables when stopping the server

  • Fixed e-mail templates for app reviews

  • Fixed cluster setups

  • Fixed notifications when requesting already requested apps

  • Fixed password expiration issue for Relution users

  • Fixed Docker container stop

  • Fixed a bug with custom attributes of users

  • Jgroup hostname can be configured with an environment variable

Changelog 3.59 (2016-10-18)

  • Improved error messages for LDAP problems

  • Fixed bug in app categories

  • Fixed e-mail templates

  • Fixed bugs in app promotion

  • Fixed bugs in the app signing service

Changelog 3.58 (2016-10-11)

  • Preparation for the launch of the Relution App Signing Service

  • Possibility to disable system apps in the Android app compliance configuration

  • Fixed an LDAP race condition issue

  • Fixed Secure Mail Gateway for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Changelog 3.57 (2016-10-04)

  • Fixed: HTTP status code for unknown enumerables is now 404 instead of 204

  • Fixed: LiveData sync waits indefinitely when read callback yields duplicates

Changelog 3.56 (2016-09-27)

  • Layout changes for Android Kiosk Policy

  • New public store notifications when apps are released / rejected

  • Fixed: Memory leak when groups with many members are loaded

Changelog 3.55 (2016-09-21)

  • New attributes for developer information

  • New Android policy flag to show installed apps only in kiosk mode

  • Allow weak passwords when Android device encryption is enforced

  • Fixed: License info on enterprise servers

Changelog 3.54 (2016-09-14)

  • EULA is now split between English and localized versions

  • Tooltips for app permissions have been extended

  • Fixed: HTTP status code for session expiration is now 401

Changelog 3.53 (2016-09-07)

  • Extended public appstore feature (only for selected environments)

  • Added support for SuSE Linux to installation scripts

  • Multi-organization enhancements of the administrator portal

  • Fixed: LDAP connector backwards compatibility issues

  • Fixed: User and group handling (save error)

  • Fixed: HTTP error codes for user authentication. Server now sends 401 instead of 403 if user is not logged in

Changelog 3.52 (2016-08-25)

  • Added support for user permissions on a per app basis

  • LDAP connector can now handle multiple organizations

  • Relution can now act as a `public' app store between organizations

  • Silent enrollment of Android clients in selected scenarios

  • E-mails with certificate expiration notifications now contain the organization name

  • GZIP compression enabled

Changelog 3.51 (2016-08-10)

  • Relution will now restart automatically if an OutOfMemoryError occurs

  • Update of jgroups library for clustering.

  • Update protection for read-only attributes like createdDate, createdBy added.

  • Security during iOS ipa installation improved.

  • Fixed: Application ACL for anonymous users.

Changelog 3.50 (2016-08-02)

  • Development Hub: AWS credential verification check is performed on saving Development Hub settings

  • Development Hub: An SSH public key has to be unique on the whole system to guarantee security

  • Development Hub: Saving a development environemnt does not send a mail to owner if he already was one

  • Removed default notification recipients in Common Relution configuration

  • Log optimizations

  • Style fixes in the Portal

Changelog 3.49 (2016-07-26)

  • Restructured Development Environment detail view

  • Fixed: E-Mail templates for update app notifications

  • Fixed: SOAP service HTTP connector on postal methods

Changelog 3.48 (2016-07-19)

  • New Windows AETX token provided. Already enrolled Windows devices receive an update and new enrollments are possible again.

  • Deleting a user, also deletes him from development environments and repositories

  • Only notify new developers of a development environment about assignment

  • Added a link to Google Maps, instead of showing a map in Android device details location view.

  • Fixed: Applications can not be loaded from GridFS after MongoDB driver update

  • Fixed: Custom user attributes now will be ignored if the value is null

Changelog 3.47 (2016-07-12)

  • Added information about organization to keystore notifications

  • Extended apps endpoint to support description

  • Fixed saving custom user attributes

Changelog 3.46 (2016-07-05)

  • Auto deploy apps on iOS devices after enrollment with the App Compliance configuration

  • Add multiple SSH Public Keys as developer to use the Development Hub

  • Add new possibility to the Android passcode policy that allow to enable and disable Biometric Authentication on Samsung devices

  • All logged in users now can access the documentation from the menu bar in the Portal

  • New animation on creating organizations after registration (only

  • Fix: Windows passcode configuration supports characters between 2-4 and removed option Defined by User

  • Fix: Only Developers can be assigned to a Development Environment

  • Fix: Success message on applying policies or rulesets to multiple devices

  • Fix: Adding web links to Relution

  • Fix: Editing Development Environment description as App Owner

  • Fix: Required attributes marked correctly now

  • Fix: Custom user attributes can now be filled

Changelog 3.45 (2016-06-28)

  • New feature: Custom attributes let you define your own user attributes. In the next Relution version the attributes can be used in MDM policies as placeholders.

  • Added support for multiple SSH keys for developers using the Development Hub

  • BaaS: Fixed errors on WADL generation

  • BaaS: Fixed errors on deloyment of connectors

Changelog 3.44 (2016-06-21)

  • Deploy multiple iOS apps after enrollment automatically by using the new app compliance configuration

  • Development Hub now support proxies

  • Fixes for Swagger API, MongoDB and Development Hub

Changelog 3.43 (2016-06-16)

  • New feature: Development Hub: Request and approve Development Environments, which create a Git repository (AWS CodeCommit) and connect to your continuous integration server (Jenkins). After a Development Environment is approved, a git repository is created. The assigned developers can check in source code which will be automatically build and uploaded to Relution by the continuous integration server. Requirements: AWS Account (CodeCommit) and a Jenkins Server

  • Android Kiosk mode extended with option to keep screen on while charging

  • Android Kiosk mode extended with option to disable S-Voice

  • Fixed Android restrictions option to deny USB tethering

Changelog 3.42 (2016-06-13)

  • Renewal of iOS APNS and Apple MDM vendor certificates

Changelog 3.41 (2016-06-07)

  • Removed wizards which are not needed anymore (SMTP, SMS, Organization, User, HTTPS, Relution)

  • Set default encoding for the JVM to UTF-8 to get rid of some umlaut problems

  • Fixed synchronization problems of the Secure Mail Gateway in new organizations

  • Fixed enrollments with broken e-mail templates

  • Fixed processing of offset query parameter in LiveData endpoints

  • Improved logging and error messages for authentication

Changelog 3.40 (2016-05-31)

  • Fix for Windows Passcode Reset Action

  • Improved footer in Portal

  • Preperations for our next big feature release - stay tuned for the Development Hub

Changelog 3.39 (2016-05-24)

  • Relution wizard now supports BaaS roles

  • New action for Windows Phone to reset lock passcode

  • Fixed license handshake problem after server restart

  • Fixed a problem with image URLs in custom portals

Changelog 3.38 (2016-05-17)

  • Fixed Windows password configuration where only numeric passwords were possible despite a different character set was chosen

  • Fixed the Allow Simple Password flag in the Windows password configuration

  • Fixed a problem with image URLs in custom portals

Changelog 3.37 (2016-05-10)

  • Fixed installation script on Windows Server. It enables installation in Program Files folder

  • Fixed bug with the nginx configuration where all clients have to reconnect their websockets after 90 seconds

Changelog 3.36 (2016-05-03)

  • New iOS configurations: AirPrint and Airplay

  • Fixed license handshake problem with Relution versions between 3.25 and 3.28

  • Fixed logo appearence in e-mail templates

  • Fixed problem with validation on replyto e-mail addresses

  • Fixed Wi-Fi configuration password validation

  • Fixed client widget on Windows Mobile devices

  • Portal UX improvements

Changelog 3.35 (2016-04-26)

  • Added validation to email addresses during organization creation

  • Ability to set the mailFrom setting in the Reset Password Configuration

  • Improved license handling

Changelog 3.34 (2016-04-19)

  • New REST endpoint to upload and create an app in one step

  • Default bug reporter recipient changed to

  • Fix for uploading APK files

  • Fix for license synchronisation and view

  • Fix for bulk enrollments with phone numbers

Changelog 3.33 (2016-04-12)

  • Improved layout for HTML documentation (manual, installguide and changelog)

  • Improved license page and license checks

  • Clickable certificates in the certificate widget on the dashboard

  • Default Mail from address changed to for new organizations

  • Fixed change password functionality

  • Fixed forgotten password validation

  • Fixed search bar in portal modals on enter press

  • Fixed filters in portal

  • Fixed released apps widget on dashboard

  • Fixed screenshot import for iPad apps

  • Fixed breadcrumbs in portal device details

  • Fixed bug reporter

  • Fixed drag and drop feature

  • Improved validation in Relution Wizard

  • Internal improvements and bugfixes

Changelog 3.32 (2016-03-22)

  • Added Update script for easy updating of Relution instances

  • Allow empty app compliance configuration for Windows Phone

  • Improved Windows Phone action and compliance violation error messages

  • Android passcode configuration supports now type Something

  • iOS native app versions show iOS schemas

  • Maximum heap space is now configurable via environment variables

  • Portal fix: License page

  • Portal fix: Quick Filter

  • Portal: UI improvements

  • Fix: Improved HTTP status codes

  • Diverse internal bugfixes

Changelog 3.31 (2016-03-16)

  • Minor bugfix in release process

Changelog 3.30 (2016-03-15)

  • License status page with possibility to update license status accesible from Portal footer

  • Updated Portal to Angular 1.5

  • Added menu entry to access the helpdesk

  • Added tooltip for the Android Wi-Fi priority

  • Default redirect URL set to Relution Portal

  • Client widget shows Relution Windows Phone App on Windows Phones

  • Portal fix for pagination of organization filters in users & groups view

  • Portal fix for installed app search for iOS devices

  • Hide product tour on small screens

  • Use proxy settings if authenticator is needed

  • MADP bugfixes

  • MADP: Support for comments in JSON files written by MADP developers such as connections, models, or mcap.json metadata.

Changelog 3.29 (2016-03-01)

  • Fixed device statistics on dashboard (deleted devices are not counted anymore)

  • Improved error messages for Windows actions

  • Fixes for License Management

  • Fix: LiveData message aggregation

  • Fix: MADP saving Applications with ACLs

  • MADP: New field definitions for maxSize, minSize and label

Changelog 3.28 (2016-02-23)

  • Added gzip compression in nginx proxy for faster Portal access

  • Support for Relution in docker environment

  • Extended license information view in Relution Portal

  • Removed duplicate placeholder

  • Fix passcode policy description for Windows devices

  • Fix for LiveData

Changelog 3.27 (2016-02-16)

  • Improved iOS enrollment. No more delay before Relution app deployment - it is triggered directly after device details are available

  • User manual and installation guide documentation is now split into two parts

  • View and refresh your license information from the Relution Portal

  • Cleanup temp resources to prevent disk flooding

  • Auto deletion of PING actions, to prevent a big action queue

  • Add organization for a user created by the superuser in the Relution Portal

  • Policies and rulesets cannot be published if all configurations or rules are disabled

  • Fix: LDAP Groups are now marked as readonly

  • Fix: Placeholder exception for Windows Phone rulesets

  • Fix: Clear policy badge information, if the change policy action is cancelled

  • Fix: Cleanup of duplicated compliance violations

  • MADP: Use proxy when internet access requires a proxy and authentication for public internet service

  • MADP: Offload algorithm of LiveData server code to worker threads to free up JavaScript execution thread

  • MADP fix: On timeout HTTP status code 503 is delivered

  • MADP fix: SOAP connector fails converting EWS additional properties

Changelog 3.26 (2016-02-08)

  • Check your license status in Relution Portal

  • New EULA and privacy policy in docs folder

  • Fix for deploy app action for Windows Phone devices

  • Withdraw history entry creates device history entry when user withdraws his device

  • A default SMS service is automatically chosen when creating new organizations

  • Fix for OutOfMemory exceptions when HTTP Response becomes excessively large

Version 3.25 (2016-02-02)

  • Secure Mail Gateway URL now does not contain the organization name, to support Windows devices. A Relution organization has to be mapped to an Exchange domain. All changes are backward compatible.

  • Secure Mail Gateway can be easily used in Exchange policies

  • Nginx configuration includes port in host header to support non standard ports

  • Decreased maximum memory to 1GB, to prevent memory errors on small instances

  • Optionally configure database via environment variables

  • Preparation for connection to the license server. MAKE SURE THE RELUTION SERVER CAN ACCESS

  • LDAP Groups can now automatically be added to system groups

  • Fix: Rules inform about withdrawn devices

  • Fix: Group memberships are updated when deleting users

  • Add expiration date to enrollment notifications

  • MADP: Allow accessing backbone model and options from livedata

  • MADP: JavaScript API to get the current application

Version 3.24 (2016-01-26)

  • Automatic migration from iOS APN to Cellular configurations

  • MADP: Changing the primary ID of a LiveData record is now possible

  • Fix: Synchronization of cache in clustered environments

  • Fix: Apply ruleset button is not disabled if 3 platforms are selected

Version 3.23 (2016-01-19)

  • Delete organizations with all references from Relution Portal

  • Removed “show advanced” button in Configurations

  • External server URL can be set in setup process

  • Check for SELinux configuration

  • View creation date of organizations in Relution Portal

  • MADP: Improved performance for LiveData

  • Fix: Mobile Network configuration

  • Fix: Create organizations from Relution Portal

  • Fix for MADP - Encoding of JSON to BSON

  • Fix for MADP - Access Java object properties having integral keys

  • Fix for MADP - Convert of input to BigInteger for Double values

  • Fix for MADP - Check for user data in LiveData

Version 3.22 (2016-01-12)

  • Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile configurations are now available

  • Manage organizations, users and groups as superuser for all organizations in the Relution Portal

  • MADP calls and models of a connector are now displayed sorted

  • Socket timeout configuration for the HTTP connector

  • The only SMTP server is chosen automatically when running the Relution wizard via REST call

  • When configuring an HTTP proxy via system properties the HTTP connector should bypass it, when a direct connection is configured

  • Relution setup on Windows servers now uses NSSM (the NON-Sucking Service Manager) and does not require .net anymore

  • Fix: iOS wipe actions are not marked as cancelled after execution

  • Fix: MDM Policy handling after corrupt actions for Windows Phones

  • Fix: Windows Notification Service for new organizations

  • Fix: Relution wizard attribute validation

  • Fix: MongoDB credentials in setup-cli

Version 3.21 (2015-12-22)

  • Possibility to store ressources like apps in Amazon S3 instead of local database

  • New EULA available in documentation folder

  • Empty string will be used if enrollment notification placeholder has no mapping

  • Wipe action is marked as executed if successfull

  • LDAP connector improvements

  • Fix: Changing device name does no trigger a change policy action anymore

  • Fix: Enrollment landing page

  • Fix: Updating Windows Notification Server provider

Version 3.20 (2015-12-15)

  • Windows Phone 8.1 MDM policies (E-Mail, Passcode, Restrictions, Wi-Fi)

  • Windows Phone 8.1 MDM compliance violations

  • BETA: Windows 10 Mobile MDM policies and compliance violations, because Windows 10 Mobile itself is not released by Microsoft

  • Setup an organization wide password policy for local users (LDAP/AD user are not considered)

  • Possibility to use MongoDB/GridFS for resource storage

  • Expiration date can be added to device enrollments

  • Add ability to clean devices in state DELETE PENDING

  • Deleted policies are now deleted and not more marked as deleted

  • JavaScript operator delete

  • Fix: Several display issues in Firefox

  • Fix: Roles for organization administrator

  • Fix: ACL adjustments

  • Fix: Dashboard widgets

  • Fix: Sort order in LiveData

  • Fix: Appstore lookup

  • Fix: Devices in state DELETE PENDING

  • Fix: LDAP login with organization

  • Fix: Group member roles

Version 3.19 (2015-12-07)

  • Clean up of iOS device information after device deletion

  • SOAP, REST and ODATA connectors can make use of HTTP proxies

  • Improved internal ping action cleanup

  • Improved HTTP request handling for MADP

Version 3.18 (2015-12-03)

  • Improved performance of LiveData

  • Improvement for offline devices which are deleted

  • Fix: Public apps from Google Play Store can be added again

Version 3.17 (2015-12-01)

  • Improve handling when multiple LDAP providers are configured

  • Setup can now create database and user when admin credentials are provided

  • Increased verbosity of nginx proxy log configuration

  • LiveData now supports multi tenancy

Version 3.16 (2015-11-25)

  • Groups created by the Relution Wizard can not be deleted anymore

  • Automatic update of push tokens for enrolled Windows Phone devices

  • Cancel all unprocessed actions if devices are deleted and withdrawn

  • Improved error logging for app downloads

  • Fix: Secure Mail Gateway can handle unique organization names with whitespaces

Version 3.15 (2015-11-20)

  • LiveData does no longer store changes for updates which do not modify data.

  • Fix: Group loses members if member is changed

  • Fix: iOS enrollment

Version 3.14 (2015-11-13)

  • Windows Phone devices can now create compliance violations

  • Cleanup database with historic unneeded tables

  • Fix: Downloading apps from Android devices, because of checksum generation

  • Fix: Migration on Oracle databases

  • Fix: Fixed problems in updating iOS Policies

Version 3.13 (2015-11-11)

  • MongoDB connection and databases configuration are now merged into one configuration

  • Manual and changelog are now available via web endpoints on the server

  • Fix: Download of native apps on Android devices

  • Fix: Filtering of devices by groups

Version 3.12 (2015-11-08)

  • Password Policy available: The password policy minimizes the risks of unsecure passwords. All passwords must have a minimun length of 8 characters. User defined configuration will be available in a next version.

  • The default password after setup has been changed. This is displayed in the cli after installation.

  • Redefinition of WITHDRAWN & DELETE state: WITHDRAWN means that the user removes the mdm control. DELETE means that the mdm control was removed from MDM Administrator.

  • BETA: Filter management. Custom Filter can be defined. Be aware that this feature is in beta state. All persistent filters can be removed in a later version.

  • Search bar is moved to the header.

  • REST API: Servers sends 422 for validation exceptions.

  • New client certificate for windows phone

  • Nginx cluster sample config uses now sticky session

  • MD5 Checksum added to iOS App Downloads

  • Improvement of LDAP login performance

  • User and organization selection from relution wizard removed

  • USB restrictions for Android available

  • LDAP auto-configuration for Microsoft Active Directory and FreeIPA

  • Portal framework updated to AngularJS 1.4.7

  • Fix: Secure Mail Gateway content encoding

  • Fix: Sending push messages for iOS Devices

  • Fix: Sort app list by name

Version 3.11 (2015-10-27)

  • Fix: Missing icons in prefilled weblinks

  • Fix: Filter in app request view

Version 3.10 (2015-10-27)

  • Improved the Relution Wizard

  • Improvements to Windows Phone support

  • Remove “HTTPS Keystore” from the “System certificates” widget

  • Fix: behaviour on missing icons

  • Fix: database migration error

Version 3.9 (2015-10-22)

  • Support for uploading large applications

  • Extend Windows Phone MDM to be able to manage apps on devices

  • Optimized outputs and diagnostics when consuming SOAP services exported from SAP

  • Possibility to set custom properties for an organization in classic administrative UI

  • Bulk import of users now can compute password hashes to store when given plain passwords

  • Documented process for migrating MySQL database to multi-byte UTF-8 required for emojis in the manual

  • Fix: Secure mail gateway on iOS devices

  • Fix: Improved security of XML processing protecting against entity expansion based attacks

Version 3.8 (2015-10-16)

  • Improvements to Windows Phone support

  • Compliance violations are cleaned after device has been withdrawn/deleted

  • JCE Unlimited Strength Policy files are now an additional requirement

  • Fix: LDAP sync problems

  • Fix: ACL templates for Relution groups

Version 3.7 (2015-10-12)

  • Add Windows Phone in Dashboard statistic windows

  • Username and passwords are no longer allowed to contain  and :

  • Add compliance violation for iOS jailbroken & Android rooted devices

  • Set default max memory from 1GB to 2GB

  • Relution Setup Wizard can be automated via rest calls

  • MADP: Improve javascript debugger regarding autocompletion and display of variables

  • Fix: Add user to group in portal

  • Fix: Creating acl entries for new ldap users

  • Fix: Login with usernames containing @

  • Fix: Database migration scripts

Version 3.6 (2015-10-01)

  • iOS APN Configuration is replaced with iOS Celluar Configuration

  • Phone numbers from ldap are now normalized

  • App Security Center is documented in manual

  • Fix: Storing native MongoDB data in relution live data

  • Fix: Storing user license to vpp token

  • Fix: VPP User invitation template

  • Fix: Password change

Version 3.5 (2015-09-23)

  • User gets a push notification if a new relution client is available

  • The icon for an app is now optional

  • Fix: App upload via jenkins plugin

  • Fix: Reset password

  • Fix: Group selector

Version 3.4 (2015-09-11)

License check is now enabled. Make sure that host is accesible from your Relution server.
  • MDM Windows Phone 8.1 BETA: Device enrollment and device details are available. Windows Phone policies will be available in a next version.

  • New MAM dashboard widget for most downloaded apps

  • New installation guide in the manual

  • Jetty webserver updated to a newer version

  • Default session timeout is set to 60 min

  • Simplification of the Relution wizard

  • MDM_MANAGER role is split to MDM_EDITOR and MDM_CREATOR

  • CORSOrigins can be defined in new webserver configuration

  • MySQL connector supports uft8_mb4 collation (emoji support)

  • Improvement of LDAP login performance

  • SLES12 is now supported

  • Fix: Random user login with similar credentials

  • Fix: Certificate upload

  • Fix: VPP e-mail template

Version 3.3 (2015-08-24)

Database migration scripts have been refactored. Please make sure that version 3.2 is installed before installing 3.3. If you install version 3.3. on an older version than 3.2 the migration will fail.
  • Portal is now served from filesystem

  • Organization on login screen is now optional

  • PDF Documentation now included in every installation

  • Display notification when server is not available anymore

  • Display notification when update for portal is available

  • Selection saved when changing filters in portal

  • Remove Device User

  • Add SAP connector libraries

  • Add additional restrictions to the Kiosk mode on Samsung Android devices

  • Add dashboard notification if LDAP is not working

  • Add Push notification for VPP invitiation

  • Fix: Change username keeps password

  • Fix: REST filters are now able to work with LDAP connector

  • Fix: Adding a public iOS app

  • Fix: Password reset in cluster environment

  • Fix: User count

  • Fix: LDAP filter on login was slow

  • Fix: Validation of Exchange server address

Version 3.2 (2015-07-24)

  • SMS/SMTP are required in Relution wizard

  • Flooding protection for auto-updater towards Google Play Store

  • Error Handling for App Store responses

  • Push notifications for new organizations is now enabled

  • Fix: Database migration with old metamodel tables

  • Fix: Data type in security tables.

Version 3.1 (2015-07-16)

  • Nginx configuration updated

  • All iOS certificates updated, valid 1 year from now

  • Prefilled apps for added

  • Installer directory is no longer bounded to /opt/relution

  • Installer checks now prerequisites

  • App security is now configured by default

  • Fix: password reset

  • Fix: installed jce dependencies

Version 3.0 (2015-07-09)

  • New LDAP Connector

  • Secure Browser

  • Update to Java 8 (required)

  • SSL Support removed. Ngnix is now required

  • Start with continuous delivery

  • Documentation is now part of the release