Windows Actions


This action triggers an alarm on the device, even when the device is set to silent. To stop the alarm push the hardware power button on the device.

Deploy app

If you want to deploy an app from the Relution Enterprise App Store to a device select the desired app from the list. Please note that in order to see the app in the list, you first need to upload it to the Relution Enterprise App Store.

Only app versions in state “release” are visible inside the list and downloadable by the device. It is not possible to deploy app versions in state review or development.

Please be aware that apps can be installed only, if the appropriate certificate (so called AET or token) is deployed to the device prio to app installation.

Lock Device

This action will send a command to the device to turn off the display and lock itself. To unlock the device, the user has to authenticate themself with the configured authentication method (passcode, pin, pattern, …). If no authentication method is set, the “lock device” action will fail.

Refresh Device Information

This action sends a command to the device to refresh the information about itself. The device then gathers all relevent information which can be seen in the device’s detail page and sends it to the server.

Remove App

This action allows you to remotely remove an application which is installed on the device. In order to enable the device identifying the correct app, the interna name of the app which should be removed must be provided. The package name can be found by browsing the “Installed apps” tab in the device’s details or by looking the internal name up in the Relution Enterprise App Store.

Wipe device

This action will reset the device to its factory settings causing all data and configuration to be erased.

Once executed, the data cannot be restored and the device can’t be controlled by Relution anymore!