Update Relution

Follow these steps to update your Relution installation.

Docker installation

Edit the docker-compose.yml file and replace

  image: relution/relution:xxx


  image: relution/relution:latest

Updating Relution is then as simple as:

cd /opt/relution/
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up --detach
Make sure to replace docker_relution with the name of the Relution container (“container_name”) you’ve specified in your docker-compose.yml if the name deviates from our template.

This will pull the latest docker image for each container before restarting the containers. The Relution service will be unavailable for a minute or two until the containers have finished rebooting.

Native installation

  1. Download the latest Relution package

  2. Stop the Relution service

  3. Backup your Relution database

  4. Backup the installation directory

    • e.g. mv <INSTALL_DIR> <INSTALL_DIR>.bak

  5. Extract the ZIP archive to <INSTALL_DIR>

  6. Copy <INSTALL_DIR>.bak/application.yml to <INSTALL_DIR>/application.yml

  7. Start the Relution service

  8. Wait for the Relution service to start

    • The database is migrated to the latest version

Checklist after an update

  • Do Relution apps on mobile devices need an update?

  • Do custom CSS files need an update?

  • Do enrolled devices still respond? (Send a “refresh device info” action)

  • Does enrollment for each platform still work?

Update from Version 4.x to Relution 5

To upgrade the software to version 5.x, the version 4.79.5 must be installed first, because the database migration scripts have been adjusted.

We recommend to create a database backup before the updating the software.

Update Docker installation to version 5

To update the docker environment, please edit the docker-compose.yml file and set the image tag to 4.79.5

  image: relution/relution:4.79.5

Start the docker environment and shutdown the running server. The revert the image tag back to latest in your docker-compose.yml file.

  image: relution/relution:latest

Update Native installation to version 5

Install first the 4.79.5 version package by using the update guide above.

After updating to 4.79.5 you are able to update to version 5 by installing the latest package.