How to install Relution on Windows Server

Follow these instructions to set up Relution 5 on Windows Server 2019. This guide uses MariaDB for data storage and nginx as reverse proxy.

For added security and performance we recommend to install Relution, MariaDB and nginx on separate machines. Installation on a single machine or installation on one or more virtual machines is also possible.

These instructions cover installation and configuration of a basic Relution instance.


Before you start, ensure that:

  • The machines can connect to the Internet

  • You have administrator permission

  • You have a valid SSL certificate for your external host name

Self signed certificates will not work, because mobile devices do not trust them. You can manually install your root certificate on a device to get it to trust your certificate, but this takes a lot of work and is not recommended. Certificates from Let’s Encrypt have been known to work. Be aware that older devices may not trust these certificates, as they were established as a Certificate Authority (CA) fairly recently.


The Relution installation consists of setting up the following components: