iOS devices

As an administrator

  1. Navigate to Devices and click on Enrollment.

  2. Click on the Enroll button.

  3. In this enrollment view choose the user the device belongs to.

  4. Click on the Select User button.

  5. In the window which appears, search for the desired user via the search field on top, or by manually looking.

  6. Click the Ok button.

  7. Enter the device’s phone number if you want to send an enrollment SMS to the user.

  8. (Optional) Choose a device name, the platform and ownership.

  9. Decide how you want to notify the user about their new enrollment.


  • The search bar used when selecting a user is case sensitive. It can be used to search by either username or email.

  • An expiration date for the enrollment can be set at the very bottom of the page. If this value is not set, the enrollment is valid for seven days.

As a user

  1. Click on the link provided you via e-mail or sms or scan the QR code from the e-mail and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Use the iOS Camera app to scan the QR code.
  1. Confirm the profile installation several times.


  1. After the profile installation, the Relution app is pushed to your device. Confirm the installation of the app when the popup appears.

  2. Open the Relution app and confirm, that relution is allowed to send push messages.

If the user is only in the Device User group but not in the AppStore User group, the activation of push messages is not necessary.

You are now successfully enrolled.