Rules are little helpers which let the Device Administrator define automatic actions based on defined events. Basically rulesets and rules they are build on the same concept as policies and configuration. You can define a ruleset which consists of single rules and apply the ruleset to one or multiple devices. A rule can consist of a range of attributes which are described below:


Here you can define rules like “If event then action executed in duration from the event occurence”.

Possible Events

Name - The name of this rule

Event type: Action status - If an action is in this state, the defined actio will be triggered

Event type: Device status - If a device changs its state to this device status, the defined action will be triggered.

Event type: Compliance violations - If device status NONCOMPLIANT is chosen before, it is possible to define only one commpliance violations as event

Action type: Perform action on device - This action automatically wipes or locks the device, based on the defined event

Action type: Notify administrators - This action automatically informs the administrator via email based on the defined event

User or Group - Choose the administrators to be informed

E-Mail - Adjust the e-mail template which is used to inform the administrators and users

Action type: Notify user - This action automatically informs the user via push message on their device based on the defined event

Execute in - Time when the action will be executed after event occurence (from 9 months to 0 seconds(immediately)