Adding a new language

You are in the group “Administrator”, “Appstore Manager” or “Device Manager”.

How to add an additonal language for support information and app meta data (such as the app name and description):

  1. Navigate to Settings > Languages.

  2. Press the Add button and select the language you want to add. Confirm your selection by pressing Save.


  3. Check that the added language appears in the list.


  4. If you want to set the new language as default language, press the Make default button.

  5. Update the meta data of your existing apps for the new language.

    1. Navigate to Apps > App Store > Your App > Edit and select the tab for the new language.

    2. Enter the missing data into the fields for the new language.

  6. Update the support information for the new language.

    1. Navigate to Settings > Support.

    2. Follow the instructions in the chapter Customizing support data.