Managing enrollment notifications

You are in the group “Administrator” or “Device Manager”.

This page allows you to enable/disable and configure the enrollment notifications. A user will receive a notification if a new enrollment is created for their account and the checkbox within the enrollment creation for notifying them via email or SMS is checked.

In this setting, you can define a template for each notification type (email/SMS) and each localization of each type (currently DE/EN).


Notification placeholders

Within the notification template textbox, you can use special placeholders which are used to dynamically fill in user specific data. (e.g. surname, email, enrollment link, etc.)

Once you enter the edit template area, a list of available placeholders will be available under the template text filed. You can use any of the placeholders in your template.

Please note that providing the link for the enrollment is indispensable. Therefore you should always use the placeholder ${landingPageUrl}.

In order to guarantee a failsafe enrollment procedure, it is recommended to also use the placeholder ${passcode} to give the user the ability to enroll their device even if the automatic enrollment fails.