Automatic App Deployments


The App-Deployments function allows the assignment of apps to users and vice versa.

It is meant to be used in an MDM scenario where no App Store (Relution or public) is allowed on the mobile device and all apps are to be auto-assigned (pushed).

This feature is extremely useful in a Relution Shared Device environment, where apps can be dynamically installed and removed based on the current user login.

In an App Store scenario, where users are allowed to download their own apps, this feature is not required.

Assigning apps to a user or group

To assign apps to a user or group, there is a new tab called “Auto-Deployments” in any user’s and group’s details view:


In this view, you can add apps by clicking the “Add” button. A list of available apps (that have previously been added to the Relution App Store as either native or VPP/public apps) is shown. Select the desired app(s) and click “Ok” to save your selection:


To remove these app assignments from the user or group, select the app(s) from the list and click “Delete”:


Assigning users or groups to an app

To assign users or groups to an app, there is a setting called “Auto Deployments” on the Settings page of any app’s details view:


To assign a user or group to this app, click the pen icon under “Auto Deployments” and the following list appears:


Select the user(s) and/or group(s) you want to assign and click “Ok”.